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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    MSI B450I Gaming Plus Max Wifi
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    G Skill Aegis 16GB (2x8)
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    Gigabyte Radeon RX 5600XT 6GB
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    NXZT H210
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    Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2
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    Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W
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    AOC C32G2 32"
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    Dark Rock Pro 4
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    Razer Black Widow Ultimate
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    Razer Naga Epic
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    Old Crackly Trash
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    Windows 10

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  1. Have any recommendations if I went down to 2560x1080?
  2. So I got a great job this year and for the first time I can sink some dough into a really good monitor. I'll be using it for gaming and I really want to experience Ultrawide greater than 32", 1440p, freesync, and a refresh rate of over 100hz. With those features, is $500 too little? Will I end up with a crappy panel if I don't spend more to tick all of those boxes? What do you suggest? I watched Linus' monitor buying guide from last year and the Ultrawide he recommended in that video is about 1k. Do I need to spend that much to get Ultrawide 1440 freesync high refresh rate?
  3. Hi friends! Just built myself a new PC and I'm very excited! Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte RX 5600 XT 6GB MSI B450I Gaming Plus Wifi G. Skill Aegis 16GB (2x8) DDR4 3000 Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 1TB Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 NZXT H210 The Graphics Card came about 2 weeks after everything else, so I built it with my old PNY GTX 780 to get me up and running. Everything worked perfectly including being able to get into the UEFI. My 5600 XT came yesterday. When I installed it, my monitor gave me the
  4. Oof. Edit- wait that's a 5500xt. I got a 5600xt Yup as long as it will give me >100hz and possibly run 1440p I'm gonna just be happy with it. And if not, I'll put it in my gf's rig and get myself something better when more things are in stock.
  5. I am building 2 gaming rigs right now (perfect time for it huh?). One for my girlfriend and one to replace the one I built for myself in 2013. For mine I got a Ryzen 5 2600 for $150 on sale which I'm hoping will be an upgrade from my old FX8350. Today I spotted This Gigabyte 5600xt 6gb and impulsively ordered it. I'm hoping this will also be an upgrade from ye olde PNY GTX780 3GB. Given the current scarcity of gpus it seemed like a good buy at $350. I plan on playing games at 1920x1080 at >100hz, maybe 2560x1440 if I can upgrade my monitor soon. Will this rig accom
  6. I'm working on a new build myself and noticed that no newer nvidia gpus are even available. I spotted the PNY GTX 780 for $450 ON NEWEGG TODAY. THAT'S WHAT I BOUGHT IT FOR 7 YEARS AGO. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING.
  7. Hey fam, I rarely look for a group of people to play a game with, think the last time I did was for Star Citizen (go UOLTT...), but anyway I've started playing an FPS called insurgency and I freaking love it. Anyone wanna be commander to my recon or vice versa to get those artillery calls going?
  8. I'll let ya know in about a week! Also I'll edit a google docs link in I'm actually not sure on that and I may change it come to think of it. I used citationmachine.net to create the citation
  9. I've been a fan a long time but I never thought I'd have this opportunity lol! I did it mostly for the luls and because my professor is a nerd who will probably get a kick out of it. It's for a grade, not an academic journal, but still I thought it was funny. Also it was just weird to me that I happened to be researching net neutrality all day and then in the middle of the WAN show the guys are talking about the thing I was reading about all day? Edit: link to entire paper. Don't judge too harshly I put about a B effort into it lol https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Nf1JHEJsnv8ZAR3mEzd
  10. Been runnin this baby on my 8350 since 2013 and I still get 120+ fps in CS:GO so what the hell. Anyway like the title says the led works sometimes but mostly doesn't. How long can I run this thing? Actually on a possibly related note- my corsair void pro rgbs don't rgb. I don't care much cause I can't see them but hey, I did pay for it...
  11. Derkoli thanks for the suggestions! I'm actually looking into grabbing a really good dac because I wanna spend about $150 on some new cans for music as well. No Idea which headphones I'm going with yet but they've gotta be over the ear and be great at bass so probably closed back but not a requirement. Have any suggestions based upon this change of plans? Edit: I just saw the Audio board's suggestion section *facepalm* lol I'll do some readin there
  12. You weren't kidding lol! Thanks for the suggestion I'll definitely keep those in mind. I mean Sound is really subjective and I have been punishing my ears with this old logitech 7.1 of which I have been using 3.1 for a long time. When I hear good speakers though I wanna cry lol It kinda makes me think you get what you pay for.
  13. I've had my eye on the Klipsch pro media 2.1 speaker system for a while as I used to work at Best Buy and stocked them every week. I went to purchase one at my local Best Buy today to discover that the Pro Media 2.1 has been discontinued? It's probable that someone here has a better suggestion anyway. Uses: Music, Gaming. Music quality is important because I use Music Therapy (The music just has to sound beautiful basically). They don't need to be overpowering just sound good. Music Genres: Mostly EDM, but acoustic, speed metal, classical, house, this and that... you
  14. Gotcha thanks. Sometimes I wonder how I ever built this thing lol oh yeah. with LTT videos.<3
  15. hmm. I'll have to do some reading on hardware acceleration. Didn't know chrome could use the gpu. I've actually never done this but If I uninstall the audio driver will it be available to download again right there in device manager?