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  1. WTF so it is real, I didn't find it yesterday and I just ignored it, thinking something was wrong with the page at the moment. What's the point of removing something so useful.
  2. I logged in after awhile, now most of the old members I knew have thousands of posts. Also my old PC specs still in my signature lol Other than that forum still looks pretty active, maybe not as much as 3-4 years ago, but is not bad IMO.
  3. A 12k 32" monitor would be nice, I don't think we'll see something like that in the near future though.
  4. Dont worry, when the GTX 1170-1180 get released the 1080ti owners will also get their bad feeling.
  5. Pulmonary embolism IS actually pretty common in hospitals. As a respiratory therapist I see this every day. One of the most common causes of this is when a blood clot from the legs goes up to a lung artery causing stress and eventually death. This varies depending on how bad the situation is. People who sits all day have more chance of developing a blood clot in a leg. My aunt just recently survived one. While it can be treated, more than one death does happens every day in every country because of this. That common is.
  6. Maybe the old PSU damaged the mobo right? I posted the GPU info but now I'm not using the GPU. It is happening without it. Maybe I show buy another mobo again. Forgot to say that when it shuts down, I do the paper clip and the PSU does turn on and it turns on the system fans as well.
  7. I seriously need help, cause I keep spending money on new PC parts but nothing. Problem: ● 2 year old system stops booting. Mobo is dead, lighting storm happened by that time. ● Bought new mobo, CPU, RAM and kept the AX860i PSU from old build. ● New PC shuts down randomly and won't turn on unless I wait a couple of hours. PSU is thought to be faulty. ● Replaced the AX860i PSU with the EVGA G2 650 PSU(NEW). ● PC turns on with new PSU, but shuts down after awhile( anywhere from 10 min-2hrs) randomly. PC Specs: What I've done: ● Breadboard!
  8. Full modular AND Super Flower at that price? I already bought an EVGA G2
  9. Hey, I managed to get some extra bucks. Do you think it would be worth it to pay 89.99 for the 650 G2 instead over the GQ?
  10. Why and what happened? PC Specs: I don't like to cheap on the PSU that's why I kept the AX860i(from my older build) for this build. But $70 is all I got right now. I was checking the Tier list indicated on the forum and I thought I could stretch a few bucks to buy the EVGA GQ 650 since is $73 in Amazon and it appears on Tier 2 list. Also is modular, it helps on a small case like mine. Is there a better one for $70 in your opinion?
  11. and here I am with GTX780 3GB playing at 1440p lol what the hell are you guys arguing about 3gb being too low...
  12. I take it back... since the update my GPU idle temps always go up to 70c... I thought it was the driver and I updated it using DDU for a full clean but it keeps doing it...
  13. So far no issues whatsoever, I had to update my gpu drivers(they were old anyways). Nothing else.