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    JRPG, RPG, Action RPG, MMORPG and any other RPG that you could think off.
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    Mysterious character that have been active on posting and arguing w/ everyone since the birth of this forum but lately decided to stay in the shadows and watch and read everyone's comment. *Ninja Mode*


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    Pentium G1610
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    Gigabye GA-H61M-DS2 rev. 3
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    Kingston Value RAM 4GB CL9 1333MHz
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    Powercolor Radeon HD 7750 1GB/GDDR5
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    Fractal Design Core 1000
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    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB
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    Corsair VS 450

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  1. Hey, guys! Sorry for the very late reply but here's my answer to your questions: (BTW, guys. Don't mind the link for the equipment. I don't know why their not working even thought I set them up correctly) I'm a student and I'm currently pretty tight on budget (Budget is somewhere around Php 5,000 *around 101usd, I know living in a 3rd world country sucks donkey balls FeelsBadMan* from my part time job. Can you even believe that's already a month's worth salary here? LUL) so I really can't afford any expensive equipment. And, my shop option is only limited to one. I'm going to buy on th
  2. Hey, guys! I'm pretty new to networking so please be easy on me. This is my very first time on setting up a network since my router/modem is getting choke by too many devices connected to it via WiFi. So, my solution is to set up at least 2 AP (sitting next to each other on separate channels as seen on my "Awesome Paint Skillz Bruh" Diagram below). Will this network set-up work? (BTW, AP 1 will be on Ch. 1 and AP 2 will be on Ch. 6)
  3. It looks like it slip from everyone's radar but Valve has revive the Paid Mods starting with DotA 2. I was scrolling down my facebook news feed when I saw an article on Kotaku that a mod creator apologizes for using someones mod assets for his own paid mod. This could be the beginning of another dramatic event in the PC platform. I think it won't be long for Valve to also implement this on other popular games like TES, Fallout, and many more. Here's a quote about the article: Source: http://steamed.kotaku.com/creator-of-dota-2s-first-paid-custom-game-apologizes-fo-1766279745?utm_campai
  4. I think it's their answer to Blizzard because Overwatch will be coming soon in the next few months or so.
  5. http://esports.inquirer.net/13542/team-fortress-2-officially-launches-competitive-beta-group-on-steam Comment: What do you guys think about competitive TF2? I personally think it's a great idea because Valve will now take TF2 more seriously and add more contents in the near future.
  6. Guys, don't be rude to him. He's trying hard to speak English so please don't be rude to him. Anyway, Core 2 Duo is good enough if the games you're playing are not too heavy on the CPU side. Just have at least a GTX 750 or the AMD Counterpart of that kind of video card. There might be a slight bottleneck, but that's okay.
  7. Better give the damn game a good review on Steam or get smack by the developers Ban Hammer.
  8. Source: http://www.eteknix.com/paid-mod-complaints-have-cost-valve-1-million/ Comment: *Will add later*
  9. Take this silver coin *gives to Gabe Newell*. Guess that's thirty-one silvers you've got now, huh? Sleep well, JUDAS... I SOOOO wanna freakin' do that on Gabe's face right now...
  10. Source: http://www.kitguru.net/channel/generaltech/matthew-wilson/toshiba-starts-making-cameras-for-project-ara/ (Will add comment later after I'm done playing Year Beast Match)