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  1. I think they were testing a new set up they have going for a future video/stream and forgot to make the test stream private. Here's a screenshot.
  2. I remember I came real close to getting a ho. mobile SIM but ended up with Vodafone proper in the end. I guess discount prices also mean discount security measures. Do we know if Vodafone proper users have been affected?
  3. Hey everyone, I've run into and issue trying to sign-up to floatplane. I like having separate accounts for everything so I tried signing up with my email and choosing my username. Problem is, I never received the confirmation email (checked every folder and the address I used is correct). I tried signing in with my forum account and that worked just fine, but I'd like to keep the two separate as I mentioned earlier. Should I send an email to the address mentioned at the front page? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
  4. Intel just tweeted this out. Looks like it's official. They are integrating their Coffee Lake laptop CPUs with AMD HBM2 graphics in one package. The press release does not mention whether it's Vega or not, just that it uses HBM2 memory. According to the press release we should be hearing more during Q1 2018 The GPU design is a custom one made in collaboration with Intel, and as the quote above mentions the two are connected through the use of a custom interface named EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge). They are touting it as a high
  5. I LOVE the look of the Aria Headset!
  6. Whenever I hear people talk about Samsung and batteries in the same sentence it's usually about their 18650 batteries, so when I read the title I thought they were coming up with a successor to their 25R 18650 batteries and got excited for a second. Then I read the actual post, still cool but not what I was expecting
  7. @LinusTech Someone ripped the episode from vessel and uploaded it on Mega and is sharing it on a piracy page. Message me and I will send you the link to report them and have it taken down. I am not sharing the link in public for obvious reasons.
  8. About damn time, if you ask me. Also, they could not have found a better guy to "steal" footage from, let's see if this can set a precedent in favor of YouTube content creators. I wish it were Fox News though... Maybe next time
  9. I am hoping the retail pricing is going to be like windows 8 when it first launched. That is one thing that is going to make many pirates convert.
  10. They said they would be removable when they first showed them on one of their event previews (crystal cove I believe)
  11. Being nice to CS actually goes a long way to solving your problem. I remember calling CS for something (not Nvidia) and being put on hold a couple of times while my issue was being sorted out, which I did not really mind. At the end of the call the rep on the other end of the line was like "Sir, because you were the most kind person I talked to today here's a 5$ coupon for your next purchase." I also got free shipping out of it since it was their mistake.
  12. I was actually invited to go by the Italian Google Group but opted not to. Fuck my life, I could have seen this up close...
  13. up to episode 7 are apparently on private trackers according to reddit.
  14. I am in that exact position. Not only is it not releasing here on the same day, it's also dubbed and I am an English mothertongue. Meaning, I couldn't watch it either way until the BluRays come out... Watching the whole season in one go without having to wait a week in between is a bonus. Also, word is that they will be uploading the whole season. So far it's been an episode every hour.