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  1. Thanks. I'll probably go that route as it looks like I'm going to be managing this stuff manually. I hadn't considered that the PC would still use the bad sectors At this point I'm probably going to just buy a 4TB drive and move the files over to that and have the old 4TB drive as the backup but if that program will let me avoid the bad sectors I think it's definitely worth looking at. Thanks.
  2. lol Upon closer examination I've deselected this as the solution as it has to be the most confusing thing I've ever seen. lol I'm just going to manage this stuff manually.
  3. Do you have a Windows disc? @StraightASlade Can you be more specific? Do you mean the best way to physically install it, or the best configuration for a gaming PC?
  4. That actually looks pretty good...I think it might be just what I need.
  5. I know, I'm not sure it'll do exactly what I'm looking for? I was hoping to mirror the smaller drive's to the partitions as you'd have with a RAID setup, so that both drives are updated simultaneously in real-time. I'm not sure this is going to do it for me, I think I'll need to look at other potential solutions, but thanks.
  6. But you need an existing RAID? It can't handle the process itself? If it comes to setting up RAID I'd only be working with Marvel 88SExxxx and I'm not sure it'll support Macrium Reflect? I'm in the process of installing Macrium Reflect. I've got an old, failing, 160GB server drive that I can partition and see if it'll show up as separate drives in RAID? If I can get the partitions to show up in Windows (using Windows to create the partitions) do you know if that would be enough for Macrium Reflect to work effectively?
  7. Okay, thanks but I was hoping to avoid using a single span in favour of partitions on the larger drive, mirrored to each of the smaller physical drives. I've used very basic home-user RAID software in the past but I don't remember if RAID solutions generally count partitions as separate drives.
  8. Thanks, it looks like that's the kind of thing I'm going to need. When you say, make sure it's identified as a single drive, is there a trick to creating a partition so that RAID will see it that way? When you put it like that it sounds like it might be a potential obstacle?
  9. Absolutely...just mirroring. It's just for storage drives so not something that's going to be making changes to my OS, so I probably don't really need to version it. I'll take a look at the software you linked to.
  10. I know, it's something I'd probably do if I had the energy for it. I just find myself getting into downward-spiralling, vicious cycles with a lot of this tech stuff so it's something I try and avoid going to deep on, for fear of spending a fortnight on something that empties my wallet and yields no results.
  11. I don't really understand what versioning is in this context? Essentially I just need those three physical drives to mirror three partitions on the 8GB drive. @M.Yurizaki Also, at a glance, it looks like Windows Storage Spaces can only mirror physical drives, so I'm not sure Shadow copy would be an option? Having said that, if I could do it all under windows it would probably be my preferred option. Thanks, I've just never used Linux so it would probably take me a week or so to get it installed and get acclimatised enough to it before I could even identify what I'd need to know to frame the questions I need to ask to get the job done. Do they actually support mirroring of partitions? I'll take a look at them.
  12. I want to backup an 8TB storage drive using 1 x 4TB HDD and 2 x 2TB HDDS. I want to create a 1 x 4TB partition and 2 x 2TB partitions on the 8TB HDD and mirror those partitions to 1 x 4TB HDD and 2 x 2TB HDDs I need them mirrored because I need to organise and update the data on the drives on an ongoing basis without having to keep re-writing the entire disc contents to the backups whenever changes are made. I should probably add that I can't span the lower-capacity drives because if there's a drive failure I'd loose the files that cross the span between the physical drives (the 4TB drive is showing bad sectors and needs to be backed up).
  13. GuruMeditationError

    PS4 vs PS3

    If you want to play online with your friends get the PS3. Otherwise, get the PS4.
  14. GuruMeditationError

    amiibo discussion thread...plus info on upcoming re-stocks...

    When I started this thread I thought it might be a fun thing to do... ...now it seems I've found my way into a shady world of diverted stock, artificial scarcity, strategic dead stocking and an insatiable demand for a product that would probably require an army of third-world sweat-shop workers to fulfil; for a product almost certainly produced to protect Nintendo's market sector control in the face of assault from other companies with their cheaper toys-to-life variants: Nintendo want's your toys to life money, and when Nintendo wants your money, you may as well just let them frisk you: Reggie's gonna come shake you down son. So...I've cancelled my hard-won pre-order with https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/ (who were very good about it, despite what it says in their user agreement) and I'm out of the amiibo market... ...sorry guys; I thought this would be fun; it was a horror-show. Scratching at the paint on his gold mario: "...the...uh...stuff that dreams are made of." "...forget it Guru', it's Chinatown."
  15. GuruMeditationError

    Serious reasons to buy a console

    Exclusives and to game online with friends, if they all use the same console. Also, controller support: it's good to play with the native controllers, especially if the games you're playing require a lot of very precise fast-twitch response and are tuned to the native controller. Also -- to really nit-pick -- sometimes the games themselves can differ from system to system depending on which platform they were primarily developed for. E.G.: I played through the race mode of SSX3 on the original Xbox with every character in the game and maxed all of them out, and in all of the time I spent doing that there was one rail in the game that I couldn't hit once. I'd try every time but I just couldn't hit it and eventually gave up on it. I later picked up the PS2 version (it was developed for PS2 as its primary platform) and in the first ten minutes of just loading it up to see how it played I hit that rail... ...I know it's nit-picky and stuff like that rail I'd overlook in favour of the Xbox's slightly better graphics (and because I prefer the xbox controller to the PS2's for that particular game and the game is very well tuned to the xbox controller in that particular case), but there is something to be said for playing on the native hardware the games were designed for, especially if they require a lot of precision and twitch response reactions. One of the reasons Nintendo's first party titles are often so good (e.g. Wii Sports, and Super Mario 3D Land probably being the prime example) is because they're developed in conjunction with the systems and there's a synergistic synthesis in the development...this is true to a lesser extent with most games, in as much as (I believe many of them) are generally developed primarily for one platform while being "ported" to the others during the development process... ...but yes, it's nit-picky, and given the choice I'd like to consolidate most of my games to a single platform, but when you're using a non-native controller for a game that's not running on the hardware it was developed for, things can start to feel a little woolly at times. One attractive features of the launch PS3 [edit: hang on, that was a different thread wasn't it...anyway...] is that it can play PS2 games in wide-screen and with anti-aliasing (although it's a bit like the image processing you get with the Gameboy player, in as much as the image is often softened a little too much for people's tastes (people generally think it looks terrible, or at least they used to when the launch PS3 was current) (also, on a side-note -- while we're on the topic -- the Gameboy player is very laggy, but you can get boot media that bypasses the Gameboy player boot disc and eliminates the image processing and the lag, making it a good method for running GBA games to larger screens, and for use with other controllers (primarily the Gamecube controller for stick-control (Kuru Kuru Kururin probably being the prime use-case), or to use an adaptor to play Super Circuit with a snes controller). But...having said all of that: I'm very interested in emulation and will definitely look at that stuff in the future, especially for PS3 (as all of the launch PS3's it seems are destined for an early departure to silicone heaven), although I have quite a few stereoscopic 3D games for the PS3 that I'm not sure I'd be able to run any other way than through a PS3 at this point, so...I guess I need to look into 3D compatibility with Sony's library...I've really not looked that far beyond PS2, Gamecube, 360 or Wii-U at this point (I'm working my way forward and still need to look at the online services).