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  1. Anti union ads? Well, that sounds like a particularly unpleasant hellscape.
  2. The official Star Trek page, along with George Takei's page got caught in their zuccening. Never mind that they killed Indigenous health pages, regional fire services pages or coronavirus info and mental health support pages. THEY TOOK AWAY THAT MOST IMPORTANT AMERICAN SCIFI PAGE THAT SURELY LOTS OF AUSTRALIANS NEED
  3. Lots of people all like 'I want this in cyberpunk' No, you super really don't. This is a full on tool for character creation, not a 'character creator'. Being able to sculpt a characters face to the level of detail it looks like this thing'll provide is just... Do you want your audience to be completely lost? Because that's more or less what you'll get. It looks fantastic, and the iphone depth cam integration is... A bit special. But it looks to be more of a professional tool than something you might find actually in a game.
  4. Was having a lot of 'you can't save that' going on when I first got my 3090 in photoshop too. Adobe really is industry standard garbage.
  5. As with everything LNP, one wonders as to the impetus set forth by Murdoch with regards to this, even if it does appear to be rational on its face. It'll be interesting to see if they really do push it through. Dunno if they're really capable of the level of 'trillion dollar corps bad' that'll be required to win a PR war. Guess it'll come down to which Aussies like less. The LNP or some multinational.
  6. Hey, Yeah look... I'm still on my second one of these. Its got similar issues, but nowhere near the level of permanence of the first one. At the same time, I've been incredibly careful to minimise the static shapes that get left on it where I can. Its just a permanent state of paranoia about burn in. Including the use of an animated background to keep things fluid when I'm using the PC but not the main monitor. At this stage, it'd have to be a pretty big discount to make me consider buying one, if I were considering doing it again. The HDR is brilliant for games like Horizon Zero
  7. Good bloody on em! America's workers 'rights' are friggen terrifying to look at from this vantage point, in that they pretty much don't exist. Good luck to them all, every one!
  8. This gets me too. It adds precisely nothing to the world, and costs a whole helluva lot. So bizarre.
  9. Just quietly amusing myself over the fact that we can't even get founders 30 series cards here in Australia. Of course, he'll have an international audience that likely outsizes his Aussie audience, but still. "We won't be sending you a card to review that you and your countrymen can't even friggen buy without importing." Well the frak done, Nvidia. What the hell.
  10. The physical shapes of the card are really cool. But uh... I have some news about who giant-boobed anime girls are for.
  11. The trick is how you design the benchmarks for things that are perhaps a little more interesting than raw rendering power. They'd likely have to hire a vfx artist to create meaningful tests for most of this stuff. I'd add viewport playback framerate and baking to the list. And probably a really stupidly high poly scene performance. 10/10 would like to see at least some of this stuff though.
  12. If true, it'll be a real shame for the non-commercial vfx artists and beginners.
  13. As with everything this year, its gotta be a mix of both - but heavily skewed towards the enormous spike in demand. Y'see it everywhere.
  14. Oh god. Oh god. My face is on the techlinked video for this.