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  1. Okay, no worries. I don't want to offend anyone. It's just in fun. I'll stick with "humper". :0) Thanks for the input, I hope the process might have had some value, and that the humour isn't lost in the translation. ;0)
  2. Awesome, thanks. So you couldn't just put "er" on the end and make it a noun? i.e. "vögelner" Also, yeah, hump is as far from a strong vulgar form as you can get; it's a slang used in place of regular formal descriptive terms because sometimes even they are too strong to use. "Hump" is the kind of word that even children might use to describe a dog's behaviour. We have "bang" ("vögeln") as a slang term for sex but that one's really fallen out of usage. It became a popular slang term for a short while but it would sound odd if used today. Also, I'm getting weird results fr
  3. Upgrade complete... ...finally I can relax and move on to other stuff...
  4. Thanks And just to add a bit more detail to this weird topic... :0P "humping" in English can refer to people too, although it's fallen out of usage. It was popular for a short while but now it's generally only really used to describe that behaviour in a dog, and mainly when it's trying to mount a human's leg. If a dog tries to mount another dog and is unsuccessful then the word "mount" is generally used, as in "He tried to mount their dog" or "[name of dog] tried to mount [name of dog]" or you might say "He's trying to hump their dog" but that's more informal. If the dog is succes
  5. Lol, thanks for responding, it's most appreciated, I'm looking more for a close translation of that original phrase (because for some reason I think that matters )
  6. Thanks so much for responding, it's really appreciated. :0) And yeah, it's a crazy topic, sorry about that I'm interested in linguistics; I studied a little in academia. The stress timing of the term "early humper" made me think of German, and it was a Dackel (which, if you believe wikipedia, is a German breed bread to hunt badgers) so, er...yeah... It's surprising to hear they're not called Dachshund's in Germany; I think probably all (?) of the English speaking world calls them Dachshunds. Dackel's much easier to pronounce. Also thanks for the translations, that's
  7. Hi. I have to admit I don't speak German but I was hoping that you guys might be able to help me with something? I'm looking for the German translation of an English slang term and thought you guys might be able to help...? In English when a dog mounts another dog or tries to mount a persons leg it's termed "humping", e.g. "he's humping my leg" or "he tried to hump that other boy dog". I'm basically looking for the equivalent to the word "humper" in German. Is there an equivalent or the closest equivalent to the word "humper"? i.e. 'one who humps': "humper" ?
  8. I was hoping it might not be that. I've got my GPU in the lower slot because it's modded with fins on the back of the card. I'll try pulling it.
  9. I think it conflicts with one or two of the sata ports but I've not got anything plugged into them.
  10. I've juts put together my new P.C. but the M.2 drive isn't showing up in the BIOS. It's a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo The motherboard is a Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Elite AC Not sure what to do other than trying to re-seat it. Worried it might be a bad socket.
  11. To be honest that's kind of beyond my understanding, but hopefully someone else can chime in. What I would say is maybe balance speed with capacity, depending on what's more important to you. It's easier to find faster RAM of smaller capacity. Also, mixing RAM might screw up whatever XMP you might be hoping for. If you manually overclock it might make things extra fiddly.
  12. Personally I wouldn't. The components might not be perfectly level and so you might not have good contact on a few to quite a few of them if you're using a perfectly straight heatsink. I might be wrong and if so maybe other members can chime in but I think that might be problematic. If you wanted to improve cooling I'd just go for a more expensive / premium thermal pad/pads of the same thickness as the ones that were already on the board. Also, generally speaking, VRM's don't really need that much cooling, but better they have the stock configuration than a configuration that's going
  13. Yeah, a 4790k would get you more threads but as above it's not that cost effective measured against new CPU's. But yeah, the problem is you'd need a new motherboard and therefore new RAM (DDR4) also. I'm just upgrading from a 4790k at the moment and I'd recommend an 10600k, which is what I've gone for: I found a great deal at Amazon.co.uk for a Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Elite AC ATX Motherboard which has a powerful enough VRM to support a 10600k overclock and high speed memory.