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  1. 'k, so... ...apologies for the double post but: For just under £15 extra I can get a WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe SSD, which seems to be quite a bit faster than even the retail version of the SSD I'm looking at (according to Anandtech https://www.anandtech.com/show/16505/the-western-digital-wd-black-sn850-ssd-review/3 ) Also, it means I don't have to buy right now, which is a help.
  2. It's got the same TBW and the guy selling it says he pulled it from a laptop more or less as soon as he bought it to replace it with a higher capacity drive. He says it's basically unused. So yeah, I guess it's a good deal?
  3. Thanks, I'm thinking I might. Just not sure as the 20% reduction works out to about £30 Not sure if it's worth the saving. I think it probably is, but unless someone can show me otherwise, I think I might just purchase it.
  4. Is Random Write speed important for a gaming PC? If so, how important is it? Is it worth buying an M.2 SSD drive at a 20% discount if it has 85% random-write speed of a full price SSD? It's basically a choice between an OEM version of a retail SSD, Vs the retail version. The OEM version is 20% cheaper but it only has 85% the random-write speed. Is that a good deal? How much difference to performance would the 15% slower random-write speed make?
  5. Yeah, I'm delighted, I really thought I'd damaged it when I fitted the radiator. I'm hoping it should be okay...I think I most likely dislodged it when I removed the cover; I'd imagine, if anything, the radiator should help to hold it in place but I guess I'll have to see. It did make me think of adding a card for WiFi but I don't really fully understand PCI-E lanes and I'm not sure if it'd interfere with the functioning of my graphics card.
  6. Okay, so...just to interject and get things moving in more fun direction... ...I got the WiFi back!! I thought I must have scraped a wire or cracked a solder but then it occurred to me that the module is probably a small daughter board which probably just got unseated...so... ...the solution was actually pretty simple (<-- click link) (there's not a grin cheesy enough)
  7. It's looking like I might not have to...?...it turns out it's not the biggest obstruction; it's the wifi module that's stopping the radiator being seated, and somehow seating the radiator seems to have broken it; the board's wifi functionality just basically vanished... ...that might mean I could maybe try and remove a portion of the housing for the wifi module but it looks like the RAM might still be a bit of an issue too, even after I've machined off the heatsink fins. I should be able to get a little more clearance if I drill new mount holes in the top of the case but hoping it
  8. So it seems I've actually damaged the wifi module on my motherboard. I no longer have Wifi after installing the board into the new PC case with the radiators... ...it's a shame because it was useful not having to trail a wire to the back of the case. I've tried re-booting the router, in case it might have been a coincidental router issue but, it seems the wifi module is broken. I tried to find something that looks like a wifi device in the control panel also, and under View Network Connections, with no luck. It seems my rad jamming up against the motherboard wifi module housing ha
  9. Okay, so...I think it must be faulty...?...unless it's configured not to run with aftermarket fans...? I installed an older version of the software that let me access 'Devices' and 'Performance', found a very well hidden fun curve adjustment by clicking on a plus icon, but no matter what I do to the curve or what settings I choose nothing happens to the fan speed... ...I've tried it with the header running from the pump assembly plugged into CPU, CPU_Opt and unplugged and I've tried it with both PWM and DC fans but nothing works. The fans just run at a single high speed with no varia
  10. Any idea about what I can do about the fans? I'm tempted to break out the stock fans to troubleshoot but I want to put them on eBay.
  11. Wow, really...? I guess I'm just going to go back to using the bios.
  12. I've never used the stock fans on my h115i pro, they're still unused in the box it came in... ...I swapped them the day it arrived with after market PWM fans and powered them via the motherboard, regulated by the CPU temp sensor. Today I read that you can control the fans on the H115i pro based on coolant temperature (it has a coolant temp sensor), so I've plugged my fans into the sockets running from the h115i pro pump (the first time I've ever used those sockets)...but the replacement fans are just running at full speed all the time. Is it because they're PWM fans...?...is it
  13. Thanks, but it seems the radiator in the top of the case is butting up against the wi-fi module rather than the VRM heatsink. I've decided I'm going to Dremel the fins off of the RAM heatsink, if it's not enough I'll have to drill out the top of the case a little to slide the radiator over a few millimetres.