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    Vancouver, BC
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    Walmart Canada Deli Associate

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  1. DarkShame2

    POLL: What CPU + GPU combination do YOU have?

    Team Yellow. Intel i5-2320k @ 3.3 GHZ Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 It's probably getting dated, but can likely handle new games if I wanted to play on medium settings or so.
  2. DarkShame2

    What is your sexuality?

    Pretty much the same here.
  3. DarkShame2

    Xbox project scarlett price

    Project Scarlet is being powered by AMD, so 499 is probably the average price point, but we'll have to wait till E3 2020 if any of our estimates are accurate.
  4. DarkShame2

    Free Alternatives to Teamviewer?

    Check here to see any you like: https://alternativeto.net/software/teamviewer/?license=free
  5. DarkShame2

    Nintendo switch lite or nintendo 2ds x2?

    The 3DS/2DS can play DS games.
  6. DarkShame2

    Are you always the best player in every match ?

    In any FPS games; not really, but it depend on the opponents I guess.
  7. DarkShame2


    I currently work as Walmart Canada Deli Associate since Oct 2016. I previous worked a few jobs since 2006 (a couple were only seasonal or so and the other from 2009-2016 had its location closed for redevelopment.)
  8. DarkShame2

    Wish Smash would come to PC

    Emulator is the way to go, since Nintendo published games have never been ported to PC ever as far as I'm aware/know.
  9. DarkShame2

    Best free anti-virus?

    Kaspersky Free Antivirus (uses the same engine as its paid versions). There is also BitDefender Free Anitvirus as well.
  10. DarkShame2

    What games do you play on mobile?

    Mainly Fate/Grand Order, although I have Brave Frontier , Final Fantasy Brave Exvius , Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow , Clash of Clans, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff , Puzzle & Dragons and The Simpsons: Tapped Out as well as Pokemon Go and Hearthstone.
  11. DarkShame2

    Which mobile web browser do you use.

    Just Chrome ever since I started using Android (Nexus days).