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  1. It's cool, just like I am not entitled to force them to sell it on all platforms they are not entitled to my money. Seems good to me
  2. CDPR is part of the company that owns GOG so they would never ever sellout to epic exclusivity.
  3. S w a t s o n

    GTX 1160Ti release date 22/02/2019

    How the fuck did they even decide on 16 series, we went from 10 series to 20 series, how did we get to 16?
  4. Well there's always the "alternate" method of acquiring games when you dont want to buy them, been quite some time since I did that but I might make an exception here.
  5. Yea I saw that comment and they walked it back the next day. If they dont make metro games for pc, well metro may as well not exist.
  6. I have been frothing at the mouth for this game and yet I am not buying it today because of their decision to move the game off of steam to epic exclusively. Had they sold it on both epic and steam they could have avoided this. We need to ensure the signing bonus is not worth it. I'll get it for cheap when they put it on the store after the 1 year or when they crack under the pressure. glhf 4AGames/THQNordic
  7. Youtube is the worst. This guy is the worst. Not only did he give in he actually legally changed his fucking name because of the fact that other people created a different and unreleated word that means a slur. He's empowering them. I have no sympathy for him at all.
  8. S w a t s o n

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    I used to consider the verge a semi-reliable source of decent quality articles. Are they asking to join the ranks of kotaku, polygon, and tom's hardware?
  9. S w a t s o n

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    Record revenues but not infinite revenues. Always more. Always growth. This is why the stock market has fucked everything. No one can infinitely grow.
  10. S w a t s o n

    Apple is being sued because 2FA "takes too long"

    Seems about par for the course with a typical Apple user, lmfao
  11. S w a t s o n

    What is wrong with AMD

    Yes it is actually. HBM and HBM2 was never supposed to cost what it does but it turns out it's not easy to make. Have you seen the DRAM market? Just because it's in mass production doesnt mean the price goes down.. *looks at DDR3 and DDR4 RAM pricing* If the supply is low and the demand is high they are going to keep prices high, and they might even restrict supply, you know like they are rumored to have done with RAM. Edit: Actually I should point out the DRAM makers have been already convicted MULTIPLE times of doing that, they are just being accused of it again recently.
  12. S w a t s o n

    What is wrong with AMD

    Actually we have no reason to believe that it's dropping that much with Nvidia also using HBM2 en masse for it's highest end cards (not turing because G6, I expect Ampere quadros to use hbm2 again). Literally every source I can find is saying it's near $300. Even the rumors from within AMD are saying they are making about $0 on the card. That's not because of the vega20 die, it's the HBM2
  13. S w a t s o n

    What is wrong with AMD

    Yea I dont think so, the 16GB of HBM2 is supposed to be something like $300 and I believe it. They can't make a vega20 with less hbm stacks and this entire thread is a meme. Everyone knew (or should have known) what to expect
  14. S w a t s o n

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Navi was already re-taped and should be in production. 7nm production capacity should be available as both apple and huawei lowered orders
  15. S w a t s o n

    AMD Radeon VII Benchmark/Launch Mega Thread