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  1. smoke rdna erryday. looks pretty good but they need to deliver on fideltyfx supersampling and fix/optimize RT both of which WILL happen. Looking to make a 6900xt scream for it's life at 2.5GHz as I waterboard watercool it but if nvidia could still make me change my mind if they do a 3080ti
  2. shout out to the 6ix for keeping it real. fuck the scalpers
  3. Xe-LP only exists on 10nm afaik. Where did YOU get 14nm from?
  4. Imagine hoping to see the "4 tile" HPC design and then you see this frakenstein of 4 igpus
  5. Are they though? If everyone had I what I have (asymmetrical gigabit 1000/30) I'm pretty sure it would instantly cripple every CDN and gigabit really isnt that fast when you consider how fast the storage can write in comparison. Damn, if everyone even had a solid 100mbps connection it would break them I think
  6. Fun Fact: Pegatron is ASUS's oem/manufacturing division it spun off
  7. I went with a 1000W PSU for my 5950x + GPU watercooled build so yea should be good. 650W is too low for reasonableness sake even though it would probably work. 850 minimum imo
  8. I've heard that Gigabyte's "launch" BIOS for Ryzen 5000 is just about the worst so I'm hoping that this fixes when on bios update. I'm also planning on switch to an asus dark hero long term anyways so lets hope it's the shit bios.
  9. I am STRUGGLING with my 5950x. Aorus Master didnt release a new bios for launch yet but it's the same AGESA patch that ASUS just released Patch C but from October. Mine gets whea errors at 1867 and cant do 1900 even with tons of soc/vddp/vddg voltage. I'm getting pretty salty
  10. The Pro was just released and should probably have BIOS 1607 or w/e was the first one to support Zen 3. Even the plus I bought last night probably does, but Im going to ask them to flash in case as the plus is much older.
  11. Behind how exactly? Unless you mean memory clocks over 3600mhz in 1:2 mode?
  12. I have the patriot 4400 kit myself and I managed to grab a 5950x today. I did consider the aorus master and I think the patriot kit is actually on the QVL for the Aorus as well but I went with Asus TUF Plus Wifi for now, will likely look at a Dark Hero, but overall I would get the patriot I think. Buildzoid has made videos about the patriot kit because it's his fave and although he just said fclock couldnt do 2000mhz for a 4000mhz mem clock at 1:1 mode, der8auer just countered saying AMD themselves told him it's possible, likely on the finest chips. Buildzoid just confi
  13. The Asus pro is gonna be a fine choice. I had one (not the pro, just the plus actually and I killed it by fucking up the socket, my mistake) with a 3600x, I just bought one one as a temporary home for my 5950x i got today but it could be it's permanent home, most of the x570 boards are high quality. The pro is the tuf gaming plus with better lan and heatsinks and is newer so I'd probably just grab it if that what you can get. Edit: Just read OP again, sounds like the Asus pro is hard to get? The TUF gaming plus and plus wif are basically the same like I said, or grab the MSI it won