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    Been Born... huh... i started play games once... uuuh. Yeah
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    Ryzen 7 3800x
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    Aorus b450 elite
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    Corsair 32GB 3000
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    Nvidia GeForce 2060super
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    Corsair 200t icue
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    Corsair Force MP510 480GB
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    Corsair tx-m series tx650m (650 gold)
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    Dell-S2721DGF 27"
    (Optix MAG271CR)
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    Be quiet! Dark rock slim
    (Wraith (stock))
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    Razer Blackwidow Eliter (Yellow switches)
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    Razer Naga v2
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    Speaker Edifier R2730DB Black
    sony wh-1000xm3
    AudioQuest Dragonfly black
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    Windows. Android
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    Oneplus 7

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  1. I needed to reinstall windows 2 times after a faulty update. Also it happened many times that a USB os install gone wrong. So I don't give a fuck about fronts Microsoft, most of them do not support my language anyway
  2. (I don't take the part of anyone here) If I would be on the market for a laptops that costs about 1500€ on my country, I d like a comparison of M1 vs a similar priced laptop that has a GPU in it, even a 1650. CPU vs arm CPU is not really useful for me
  3. well ram speed is "up-to" That reminds me the first gen ryzen that couldnt run RAM as fast as the maximum of the written specs Even intel's 10th can't run extrem ram speeds as 11th gen But again, maybe they' ll find a way to use it, it's new architechture as i said. Also i guess we ll have to wait for the 2nd or 3rd generation to gain full benefits
  4. Well when an architecture of mobo and CPU changes, you can't really judge the new RAM by today's standards. Ddr3 had lower cl but it's slower and incomparable. Also not all Rams ate the same. There are 2200mhz and 5000mhz on ddr4 and also cl22 and cl14, but I think that cl will be a higher number, not that it will mean anything, because in the end, we will have better results in the system
  5. The latency is going on higher numbers. On that advertising, it was cl40. And it's not easy to run ddr4 at above 3600 mhz on even the latest generations of CPU. Hope that new generation cpuz will run them easily above 5000 without crashes, that's the ecc memory for
  6. Not to kill you, everyone has an opinion. Just note that he kinda created PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and a few more companies
  7. Elon against the lockdown said: "Is people stop go to work and produce things, we'll not have things" sounds so simple and stupid, but it's so true!
  8. I m using windows since 1999, and I have never used that store. I tried and failed. I can't find almost anything and most of what I found over the years, do not even work on PC. Compare to android or iOS stores, it's a tragedy
  9. To be fair to msi, it's good that they change their design. After 6 months they have enough data of what went wrong so they can improve/ enhance their GPU line. A pre-order is a pre-order, but as a customer you also need the newest design. BTW, yes they could just send the new gaming cards to the old pre-orders, but they will have different serial number, so there's that
  10. The boiling at 50°C, means that the temperature of that liquid, can't go above that. Luke had a submerged PC on mineral oil. I just need an aquarium like that. A motherboard on the bottom and hard drives floating, and an RGB strip somewhere
  11. Well, you can't really suggest Anything without knowing your current financial state. But you can point to them that the current tech that you have, is not really covering your family needs. If you want to have a chance with them, make an affordable list of items, for example a macbook m1 for you, and a used iMac for him, if you are not into win10. Do your research, don't just complain to them
  12. The same people, six months ago, couldn't predict the shortage of today, so read with a grain of salt. As a Danish saying: predictions aren't trustworthy, especially for the future
  13. Can you test the integrated graphics? They supposed to have make improvements from past gen. I know they won't be awesome, but on the current market state, people consider them
  14. That's the theory, but their speed and direction varies. If you have seen the boring movie gravity, you know. They smash to one another and create bullets that just go crazy. If they were on the same speed and direction, it wouldn't be a problem
  15. Cleaning means precious metals. So that cleaning will be a self sustainable, if not profitable business. Thing is that orbit is bigger area that earth itself. Can you release one vehicle to gather junk on earth that is even smaller? Not to mention that that junk moves really really fast!