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  1. Now only if he would stop being a traitor and open up shop here....
  2. I was so hyped when I thought Stadia was going to Xbox Game Pass + Geforce Now, it's just Geforce Now but maybe a little bit less of a meme. Oh well.
  3. Came in here looking for the "It always was" meme but this is close enough
  4. Say it with me: Bitcoin is a meme Now say this with me: real money is a meme Now know this to be true in your heart: all fiat currencies are a meme and the economy is a meme
  5. 921M for the most advanced robotics company on earth seems kind of cheap no?
  6. I would actually consider apple hardware if it was price/perf competitive, but I'm sure they would find a way to lock down a GPU to only apple approved games in the highly unlikely event they made and sold CPU/GPU for use with motherboards. As long as their hardware is locked to their OS, I'll pass.
  7. I and I'm sure many others before me remember having people literally telling us you would never make money playing video games. And now an 8 year old was signed to an esports team. We really got shafted as a generation huh?
  8. Not sure if ISO was set wrong or youtube being youtube but the set background behind Linus is horrendously noisy at 4K quality on a 4K screen. The 1080p setting seems to actually smooth it out in the compression. On further inspection, it seems like the finer grained compression of 4K youtube is crackling.
  9. Hoping AMD isnt trying to do too much at once with this coming after xilinx acquisition. They need to push Radeon hard and keep executing on time with Ryzen.
  10. promising news but we're still about 10 years from risc-v being a real thing probably
  11. Due to the current stock situation, even some zen 2 chips are selling out in some places. Intel may not lower prices much because "it just sells"
  12. Rocket Lake gonna need rocket level cooling just to keep up with AMD, we talking ablative heatsinks now?
  13. smoke rdna erryday. looks pretty good but they need to deliver on fideltyfx supersampling and fix/optimize RT both of which WILL happen. Looking to make a 6900xt scream for it's life at 2.5GHz as I waterboard watercool it but if nvidia could still make me change my mind if they do a 3080ti
  14. shout out to the 6ix for keeping it real. fuck the scalpers
  15. Xe-LP only exists on 10nm afaik. Where did YOU get 14nm from?
  16. Imagine hoping to see the "4 tile" HPC design and then you see this frakenstein of 4 igpus
  17. Are they though? If everyone had I what I have (asymmetrical gigabit 1000/30) I'm pretty sure it would instantly cripple every CDN and gigabit really isnt that fast when you consider how fast the storage can write in comparison. Damn, if everyone even had a solid 100mbps connection it would break them I think
  18. Fun Fact: Pegatron is ASUS's oem/manufacturing division it spun off
  19. I went with a 1000W PSU for my 5950x + GPU watercooled build so yea should be good. 650W is too low for reasonableness sake even though it would probably work. 850 minimum imo
  20. I've heard that Gigabyte's "launch" BIOS for Ryzen 5000 is just about the worst so I'm hoping that this fixes when on bios update. I'm also planning on switch to an asus dark hero long term anyways so lets hope it's the shit bios.
  21. I am STRUGGLING with my 5950x. Aorus Master didnt release a new bios for launch yet but it's the same AGESA patch that ASUS just released Patch C but from October. Mine gets whea errors at 1867 and cant do 1900 even with tons of soc/vddp/vddg voltage. I'm getting pretty salty
  22. The Pro was just released and should probably have BIOS 1607 or w/e was the first one to support Zen 3. Even the plus I bought last night probably does, but Im going to ask them to flash in case as the plus is much older.