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  1. Plug in play, but keep in mind I’m not actually going to be trying this anytime soon I just wanted to know how I could do it
  2. Duckster

    should i use Noctua as case fans?

    I’m not the person asking the question...
  3. Duckster

    Streaming with Elgato

    Just try to check the drivers for your things (and settings)
  4. Duckster

    Streaming with Elgato

    I don't have any other suggestions, sorry about that. Good luck though.
  5. Duckster

    Streaming with Elgato

    have you tried any other videos?
  6. Duckster

    Streaming with Elgato

  7. Duckster

    Streaming with Elgato

    The picture at the bottom of the sound tab says "configure"
  8. Duckster

    should i use Noctua as case fans?

    Just saying, that case looks super choked of air. As for your question, im not exactly sure, but I would change cases.
  9. Duckster

    Streaming with Elgato

    I'm not an expert or anything but I'm curious, what if you click configure?
  10. Hey, so I have a question that includes lights controlled by sound. Is there a way I could attach a mic onto these light strips and put it on an instrument so that when I (for example) strum a guitar it will change color or brightness?
  11. tbh I think that there's not a lot of difference that actually happens. correct me if im wrong*
  12. Quick question, what do you mean by "work"? like do you mean editing videos or something?
  13. Duckster

    1050Ti to RX480 worth it?

    You should verify everything works properly, if it does, it's an amazing deal. Where is the 480 being sold? (facebook marketplace?)
  14. Duckster

    Cleaning graphics card help

    Use canned air.