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    I7-8700(non k)
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    2400mhz 16gb
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    gtx 1660 super
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    3tb hdd 128gb ssd

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  1. So I've gotten a good case, aluminum board, keycaps, switches, stabilizers, usb c to usb a, and a gk61x pcb. Is there anything else I would need or should check? Trying to keep my build cheap, as well as nice looking. Thanks everyone!
  2. yeah after testing ive got a 5mb/s download
  3. it's on wifi but i was thinking maybe a wifi extender wuld help, what do you think about them?
  4. So where my setup is currently located my pc says i get 800/400 up and down and when im downloading anything off of steam or anything in general my wifi is an absolute F*CK POS. I get like 200kb/s when im download stuff. i have no clue what it is! Please help me because i want to play amung us before 2033.
  5. ok, do you have any good wifi extenders you know of also my wifi is pretty bad where i have my pc and i just feel like it would be a smoother experiance than the wifi i have that will even run at up to 120 ping stable, usually at about 50 ping.
  6. Thanks, have you seen if the wifi is good or not yet? I'm trying to get good wifi board because the one i have maxes out at 150mb/s also ill be sticking with ryzen for this build
  7. so with the motherboards that have the wifi antennas do they come with the motherboard? im waiting for zen 3 also before i do this build. my budget is something like 1.4k i dont really like intel because of some bad experiances ive had in the past with overclocking, i just feel like they are to much money and that ryzen would just be better. i usually play some pretty demanding games like battlefield and rainbow six and a bunch of other comp shooter games. also my dad likes to play flight sim so i thought i could try to get a cpu that can handle it. i also am going to stream with this new pc b
  8. Thats pretty bad, laptops are known for bad temps so its just kinda something you have to deal with. also have you downloaded any things that you dont really need? they could be sucking up your cpu and it could be some of the cause of the heat.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm going to probably get a 3700x when zen 3 launches. also a 3070. any motherboard suggestions? b450 or b550 under 150? how do you tell if a motherboard has m.2 wifi also? whats a good 750/850 watt psu?
  10. Yeah i've been waiting for the 3000 series and the zen 3, i'm just going to wait until black friday or wait for good deals to pop up and ill start buying parts
  11. Thanks for the help on that, Have you tried out m.2 wifi cards? Also do you know a way of knowing if a motherboard can support wifi? I'm still deciding weather i want to get a 3600x or 3700x, id get the 3600x because of the inflation of the 3600 price and the 3600x is about 14 dollars more. i'd probably do some overclocking on the 3600x so id need a cooler but if i got the 3700x i wouldnt really oc. just as the 3070 is kinda restricted by the 3600 and i dont want any of my performance going down the drain.
  12. I want a good budget build but also something that looks pretty good. I’m trying to fit everything in and I can’t seem to find a good motherboard under 180 with WiFi and up to 3600mhz ram. If built in Wi-Fi isn’t something I should go for what m.2 card should I get and how do I know if a motherboard supports it?
  13. So I’m looking to build a pc at around 1.3k, I was wondering if it’s really worth it to get a Ryzen 7 3700x or should I just get a 3600x and save some money and overclock it? Also does anyone know of any good motherboards with WiFi for those processors? Also what do you guys think about WiFi cards? Are they really worth it or should I get a usb WiFi adapter? This will be my first full build as i have a pc now that I’ve just replaced a couple parts from the original prebuilt. Thank you for your time!