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  1. I have thermal paste in my am4 socket lol
  2. He already built the rest of the computer, but I totally agree.
  3. maybe in 2 years (just a guess based on past releases)
  4. In general I'd say it's fine as long as you're not overclocking much.
  5. Q1: "idk what's wrong, all the rgb's working" A1: You're right, the RAM isn't working (or the ram slots). Just because the RGB works doesn't mean the ram does too. Q2: "What do I do?" A2: idk... all I can think of is trying slots 2 and 4, (you prob did already as you stated in the video) make sure the ram is seated properly into the slots, try the ram on your past machine, and if all else fails, you can try to rma the board and memory.
  6. I forgot to look at the title LMAO! it's def a ram problem alright. BTW, OP did it work?
  7. I guess both of your ram sticks have died.... unless I'm missing something Is there a way to test them in your other system?
  8. Look at the right of your motherboard (above the 24 pin). It tells you what in the system is messed up. If there are no lights on, then it's prob not your main components (pc has to be on btw) It should say right next to the light what the issue is (ex.PCIE)
  9. something about that statement is so wrong but so right at the same time....
  10. Duckster


    latency would prob be pretty bad... Good idea? what do you mean? Your 3080 is not going to explode your tv lol. If it's the only display you have that's alright.
  11. I would say it's rare, but I don't really know... I think @Voluspa is right. A 5600x is a hot commodity these days, it'll go real fast. At the end of the day it's your money so spend it however you like.
  12. I wouldn't buy it if you already have one. You can save it for someone who actually wants one....
  13. Please... Please... no matter if it's safe or not.... please buy windows legit......