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  1. I’d say buy a pixel 4a or iPhone se because pixels and iPhones have the best support for smartphones
  2. What is the Subforum for building new PCs called
  3. Pixel 5. I don't want to recommend a Samsung phone right now because I don't know if they will keep there promise of 3 years of software support and I won't know until 2023 because the farthest they are going back is the Galaxy S10 series.
  4. I want a key switch that is low latency and quiet.
  5. I want one that's low latency and quiet.
  6. What is the best keyboard for gaming.
  7. What is the best keyboard for typing
  8. The motherboard is an ATX motherboard
  9. I think we need an app for the forum on Google Play and the App Store so people can get notifications on there .
  10. What is the best bang for the buck case.
  11. What is the best bang for the buck cooler for a 10700k?
  12. What is the best bang for the buck 359+ W power supply.
  13. How much memory and at what speed will be enough for video editing and gaming?