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  1. Okay thank you guys so much!!!! Y’all are awesome
  2. The old ones should have been installed cause the amd control catalyst shows up
  3. I’m very sorry I’m just trying to communicate and I understand the frustration my friend is very mad at me and I’m very disappointed in myself
  4. Before his computer would crash now he is getting very low FPS do you think if I gave him two of my 8 gb sticks and took his 16 stick I would see a downgrade in performance myself? I have three sticks of 8gb ram two Corsair sticks and one hyperX
  5. Specs motherboard: ASRock Bm450M Processor: Ryzen 5 1600 6 core graphics Card: previously was a scammed eBay card that would constantly crash his computer (amd sapphire) but now is a GTX 1050 ti single fan Memory: one stick of 16gb Ddr4 ram by hyperX power supply: 650 watt hard drive: sea gate 250 gbs no solid state drive. my friends abs are are trying to play 7 days to die but the computer I built for him doesn’t have good FPS please help!!!