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  1. Got it, event manager is what i was looking for. Also they close occasionally when putting slightly more load on, but nothing that should be that serious/result in a crash
  2. running 44C right now, games at 50C. The stock one was the 100C one. yeah i probably did, But doesnt matter to me as its compatible and does the job.
  3. Idk, heard it was good. And got it, was desperate cause I was running at 100C. I just wanted a good cheap cooler. No I cant return it. Why do you ask?
  4. First picture shows a thing on my motherboard that blocks it from being turned like that https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CMyLmk
  5. It was supposed to be installed sideways. It 100% wouldnt fit that way. Ended up installing it in a sub-optimal way. This way I at least have 2 ram slots my sticks can fit in, instead of 0
  6. Many applications constantly crashing after i installed new CPU cooler and moved a ram stick to single channel instead of dual channel. Would appreciate any help. Getting tired of discord and chrome just crashing and my entire pc freezing sometimes.
  7. Thank you! Im finally running normal temps instead of 100C !!