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  1. Thanks for the replies and information. I thought it was funny that I didn't notice anything bad thermally with my current 1060,but on hard fourms, a ft-02 owner was crying that their stirx 3080 was throttling with the case in its normal orientation, but when turned on its back, to mimic a normal case, the card had a 10°c difference. Maybe user error or just convictions
  2. I have a silverstone ft-02 case that rotates the motherboard 90° so the io shield points up at the top of the case, rather than out of the back of the case. Anyway, I've heard tell that some heatpipes don't like vertical orientations. Even silverstones documentation says so. My current 1060 doesn't seem to mind, maybe the heatpipes are the variety where they are not bothered by gravity, or maybe the 3 180mm penetrator fans in the case can keep the case cool enough that the heatpipes work well even handycapped. I will be upgrading my system but I will still be using my
  3. Luckily they are very helpful and said I can cancel my order any time without penalty, if I can find one before they ship it
  4. Definitely do not do a pre-order from b&h. Unless you treat it like the initial rush on newegg and the like. All the bots and other people will be trying to pre-order it too at midnight. Unless you pre-order it precisely then, you'll be waiting a really long time to get that order filled. I wish I knew that when I tried to buy my 5900x. I pre-ordered mine 3 or 4 hours after the pre-order went live and my order will not be fulfilled until march...
  5. I think this time there is a genuine need for the product and many people are buying it for that. But because of the nvidia fiasco, many scalpers jumped on this as they could smell the blood in the water... It's sickening really and retailers and suppliers should really rethink how products are released
  6. I just got an email stating that there was higher than expected demand for the 5000 series release and their pre-orders highly exceed their allotted shipment from amd. So my pre-order placed above 2 hours before launch will not be fulfilled until the end of March, at the latest... Anyone know the best way to buy one for retail prices? This new culture of buying shit that you don't plan to use and resell at a higher prices is complete bullshit
  7. It was only up for a short time before launch. I guess they got too many orders and took it down even before launch went live.
  8. I, like a lot of you guys, bought a ryzen 5000 cpu yesterday. I pre-ordered mine though B&H so I didn't have to try and fight to get one at launch. I was wondering who else preordered one through B&H and what kind of message are you getting from them? I pre-ordered mine, a 5900x, 2 or 3 hours before launch. After launch I looked at my order and it said back ordered. I Emailed B&H to ask them about when the order is expected to come back in stock. They mailed back and said that the item is new and not in stock yet so they have no idea of a timetable. So that sounds reall
  9. Wow, B&H just got back to me, in good time too. But they said it's a new product that isn't in stock yet... So I guess everyone who ordered one through B&H get a backorder message?
  10. There are also new mobos coming out with the 5000 series in mind. At least two asus models, dark hero and the b550-xe. Asrock razer series and a new asrock x570 was just announced today too
  11. That's what everyone says. And that's why I chose to pre-order it instead of trying to fight bots and other people the second after launch. But if that's true, I'd also have expected the pre-order to not go on back order.
  12. That's what I was thinking too. But I also thought it wouldn't hurt to ask either. Having said that, it really doesn't bother me if it takes another week or two anyway. I have to build this new system from scratch. The only part I'm reusing is my ft02 silverstone case as I'm waiting for the alta s1 to be released. And before I can use the cpu, I'll need a new motherboard and the ones from asus and asrock I have been itching to take a look at haven't been released yet. I'm just worrying that it might turn into another nvidia fiasco and I'd have to wait months for one
  13. I pre-ordered a 5900x through b&h, but after launch I checked my order and it was listed as backordered. I emailed b&h to see where I am fell in fulfillment and about how long they expected the wait to be. But of course, no response. Yet, anyway...