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  1. Ear wax remove?

    I didn't know I had ear wax problems till I went to see a doctor for a checkup before a surgery. She checked my ear and said that I have a lot of ear wax in one ear. She asked if it ever affected my hearing and I said no... till she made a rubbing skin sound with her hands for each ear and asked if I can hear it correctly. My heart sunk in when I noticed the difference in hearing (I always had good hearing before this test). I still said I can hear it perfectly and saved this discussion for my primary doctor for the next time I see him. My doctor suggested a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide and to wash it out, but I found this kid on Amazon. Basically, when I step out the shower, I drip a few drops of that thing in my wet ears, then suck it out with that suction bottle (everything is gentle). Then I clean the bottle by suctioning water into it and out of it. Then I use the same bottle to spray water into my ear and let it wash out the oily residue from the chemical. This cleans my ear fully. As a last resort, I take a 1/4 piece of paper tower, roll it up into a tube thing like a quetip, and dry out my ear. Hope this helps, and the kit is cheap. I do it twice a month or so. I also don't follow the described instructions, and basically drip the bottle into my ears that are already wet, and use the bottle to suck out the water. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004BKP4A6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Messed Up Audio Config on Scarlett 6i6

    I got my audio interface + mic from my cousin back, and I set it up 2 weeks ago. This time I setup both output and input to go through the interface compared to only using a mic with it last time I had it (long time ago). It worked wonderfully, but I didn't know the mic is not working in windows. The Scarlett mix control picks up the signal, and the gain meter on the unit, and the software meter both display the mic working, but windows does not raise or lower its volume meter as if the device isn't plugged in. Windows sound recorder isn't able to record any audio, but Adobe Audition said that the "device isnt working" in the MME setting which has always been the default. BUT it works when changing the device class to ASIO. And I can't understand why or how. I also don't know how to change windows sound to record from the ASIO setting since I believe that MME is not working. Both "line out, and playback devices show "jack info not available" in the properties. Windows Sound Troubleshooter isn't helping either. Also the mix control "MIX" inputs changed from "left, and right" to "mono" on all 8 inputs, and there is no way to change them back. I've reset the defaults twice and they don't seem to do much. Basically I want my mic to be able to record audio as if I was buying a 30 dollar USB mic, and I also want to hear my PC as if I was plugging my speakers into the mobo. How can I go about fixing this issue? I am a complete noob who got this device for cheap and I don't know how to fully utilize it. I realize I am probably not making much sense since I barley know what I'm talking about, but if you have any questions, please let me know. Pictures:
  3. I Can't Find a Single GPU!

    Not bad for you, cuz you're buying the entire supply
  4. I Can't Find a Single GPU!

    Exactly! I love how everyone is putting their two cents into this situation, but don't actually realize how much of a problem this is. I literally can't build gaming computers for my customers anymore.
  5. I Can't Find a Single GPU!

    But I thought GPU mining wasn't profitable anymore?
  6. I Can't Find a Single GPU!

    After watching Jay's video today I Can't find a single GPU for sale that is not from private sellers, or for an astronomical price. I work in a computer shop and just built someone a PC with a 1070 last month. What happened so fast? Some pics of prices
  7. Where to get Z77 ITX Mobos?

    I'd love to do something with my atx board, but I live with my mom and she would kill me if I put a giant box around the living room TV (I have way too many consoles in my room already). I think I'm gonna build a decent storage/streaming server with my current board. Either way, my system is more than capable for the games I play (catching up with my library, currently playing games from 2014).
  8. Where to get Z77 ITX Mobos?

    I guess the smarter thing to do is upgrade the platform. I guess I'll use the components for something down the line.
  9. Anybody been following the Syrian Civil War?

    That is a very nice relation. I didn't even think about how similarly we are following the war compared to WW2.
  10. I'll be upgrading my PC in June, and using the old components (2600, and gtx 970) to build an HTPC for Dolphin and other emulators. The issue is that I can't find a single Z77 ITX motherboard. The ones I can find are crazy expensive to the pint where it's cheaper to buy a ryzen CPU and a AM4 mobo. Where can I find some z77 motherboards without spending 400 dollars on them?
  11. CES: Dell XPS 15 2 in 1 w/VEGA M

    Oh man that sucks. Can you order it online?
  12. CES: Dell XPS 15 2 in 1 w/VEGA M

    They are on great sales at Micro Center.
  13. Hi!

    Can't stop the power of inertia in space.
  14. Hi!

    Please join us in this space expedition!
  15. Car Sounds Like It's Dying?

    I should add that it was whining like that before the power steering issue happened. Its been doing it since beginning of November. It could be that the new pump is also bad, but I won't know for sure till this new one starts leaving oil residue around its fittings and gaskets, or if the reservoir starts to leak some oil out the cap.