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  1. Where have you been best friend? I miss you

  2. Ok .. simple question What data do they fill that RAM with? Just random junk? What you said is not true at all. Software will use as much memory as it is programmed to use. It will not take up memory unless it is instructed to take up memory. Every bit that is used is used for a reason.
  3. Also, a typical SSD will last at over 800TB written data. You would have to defrag the SSD tens of thousands of times to kill it. Get real.
  4. Yes, and because of this defraggler will not defrag and SSD. Pretty simple.
  5. Please explain how the act of defragging a SSD will in any way harm it. The reason people dont recommend it is because of the waste of write cycles, not because the act/concept of defragging causes any harm itself.
  6. Yes I also recommend defraggler 1. No it isnt 2. it wont defrag SSDs It is made by piriform just like Ccleaner. He more than likely has mechanical drives as well.
  7. Store the paths/urls in the database. You will find that storing the images themselves in the database is much more expensive. If you need to send aditional information then encode that data using XML/JSON in your applicaton and send it with the image URL/path.
  8. Some work I cant be bothered doing but am getting paid for tomororow morning. It is for a web based job application form.
  9. Paying £15 GBP per hour. Paypal/Bank transfer only. Should only take an hour. 2 at most. Need it done now.