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  1. So I figured it out on my part... apparently I had two steam accounts forever. I used my Gmail for my actual steam account, and Yahoo for the one that I got spammed about. I never realize this cuz I barely get steam notifications on gmail. So I just deleted the un-used steam account and have not gotten any more messages. There deff was a data breach, I never get emails on my gmail cuz thats the account I changed the pw for multiple times.
  2. I've been having the same issues with Steam honestly. Changed the pw 3 times and I always get the notification. Nothing changes internally on my account. I always get 2FA emails, so I just made my email account much more protected. Idk what to do about steam honestly.
  3. that finally makes some sense. This was related to my class im taking and unfortunately all my hw is due on Codelab which doesnt explain anything like you just did. Thanks!
  4. I'm super confused by this. my very first test was a user input, compiled correctly but didn't sprint anything out. So I wanted to hard code in some values and see if that would work, but it just made things much worse. import java.util.Scanner; public class lastNameTest { public static String lastFirst() { Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); String First,Last; First = sc.next(); Last = sc.next(); return Last + ", " + First; } public static void main(String [] args) { lastFirst(); } }
  5. I'm trying to better understand static methods by coding testing out code. In this case I want to print last name first... Ex: "Gates, Bill". Can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. public class lastNameTest { public static String lastFirst(String first, String last) { first = Paul; last = Walker; System.out.println(last + ", " + first); } public static void main(String [] args) { lastFirst(); } }
  6. Yea its a conditional statement, kinda like an If statement but condensed. So in this case the n input is either being subtracted or added by either 1 or 2. How would I change it so it does it in intervals automatically? like what if I want to count every second odd number or something like that?
  7. This has been puzzling me for a month. All my HW is due on codelab and so it has to be very specific in what its asking. I dont conceptually understand how I can have a user input a number, and then have Java count up or down to the next odd number... or just count in odds or even in general. The code I have provided is from Chegg, but they failed to explain anything, and so I'm lost. * keep in mind, I can't use arrays, or if statements because we havent learned that yet.* Heres the code so you can copy and paste. import java.util.Scanner; public class OddPredecessor {
  8. So I will be starting a class soon where the prof will basically send 20 emails a week. I made a folder labeled for the specific class. I basically want to make Windows Mail automatically populate that folder from the sender. Is this possible?
  9. Oh thanks for the super heads up. I went to Home Depot and was about to buy tubing but didn't like that it had wording all along the tube. Now I know not to do it.
  10. So the issue is that Microcenter is the only Watercooling store near me, and all online shops have super delayed shipping, and Micro doesnt have the correct size for soft tubing, only hard tubing lol
  11. So I am doing a build for a friend, and he got 1/2'' ID, and 3/4'' OD fittings for his build, and due to COVID I don't want to go exchange them in the store. I have 1/2'' ID and 5/8'' OD tubing laying around, is that possible to use in compression fittings, or should I get the same sized tubing labeled on the fittings (1/2'' ID, 3/4'' OD)? Heres the fittings i'm using btw: https://www.microcenter.com/product/486938/bitspower-g-1-4-straight-compression-fitting---white
  12. I thought the context of my backstory was enough to point out that the cpu is an i7-2600 since i didnt upgrade for years, but yea I think I do need to wait. It feels like 7nm has been coming for years but never comes.
  13. I also have a Kraken X61, so I can use that as well. I was always under the impression that air coolers were better than AIO, so that's why I didn't mention it.
  14. I personally won't overclock that thing on my own, I know it will not work best because I want ITX FF. But I just want a cooler that will let the CPU boost when the temps are capable of making it do so.
  15. I do video and photo production. Also gaming, and I really want a small FF pc this time because i am space constrained. This cpu can last me with everything I need to do on my pc for years to come. I have the budget for it. The reason why I don't wanna get AMD is because their ITX boards aren't as good right now, and I want thunderbolt 3 output.