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    I have explored the 7 realms.
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    core i7 2600
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    asus p8z77-V pro
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    8 gigs Kingston hyper X blue
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    Gigabyte GTX 970 G1
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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
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  1. Oh thanks for the super heads up. I went to Home Depot and was about to buy tubing but didn't like that it had wording all along the tube. Now I know not to do it.
  2. So the issue is that Microcenter is the only Watercooling store near me, and all online shops have super delayed shipping, and Micro doesnt have the correct size for soft tubing, only hard tubing lol
  3. So I am doing a build for a friend, and he got 1/2'' ID, and 3/4'' OD fittings for his build, and due to COVID I don't want to go exchange them in the store. I have 1/2'' ID and 5/8'' OD tubing laying around, is that possible to use in compression fittings, or should I get the same sized tubing labeled on the fittings (1/2'' ID, 3/4'' OD)? Heres the fittings i'm using btw: https://www.microcenter.com/product/486938/bitspower-g-1-4-straight-compression-fitting---white
  4. I thought the context of my backstory was enough to point out that the cpu is an i7-2600 since i didnt upgrade for years, but yea I think I do need to wait. It feels like 7nm has been coming for years but never comes.
  5. I also have a Kraken X61, so I can use that as well. I was always under the impression that air coolers were better than AIO, so that's why I didn't mention it.
  6. I personally won't overclock that thing on my own, I know it will not work best because I want ITX FF. But I just want a cooler that will let the CPU boost when the temps are capable of making it do so.
  7. I do video and photo production. Also gaming, and I really want a small FF pc this time because i am space constrained. This cpu can last me with everything I need to do on my pc for years to come. I have the budget for it. The reason why I don't wanna get AMD is because their ITX boards aren't as good right now, and I want thunderbolt 3 output.
  8. So I haven't upgraded my pc in 10 years, and saved money to build a new one. I strictly want an ITX pc this time (for space savings) and am thinking of building in this case. I'm going to put an I9-9900K in my system, and I know it runs hot!. I have a Be-Quiet Shadow Rock LP that I currently use for my 2600. Will that cooler be enough for my future build, and if not, what cooler would be good for that case? I can't seem to find one that would work. I know I can downgrade the CPU but I also want my pc to run another 10 years.
  9. Wanna trade for my 970? i'll even pay for shipping!
  10. It's actually the food plate now. or maybe its the food staircase, or maybe its the food circle, or.. I give up and so should the health department on these food structures.
  11. I thought you were joking, and then I turned off Ublock, and promptly turned it back on and ran Malwarebytes. Its like I was thrown in to the mid 2000s when banner ads didn't know if they were to be from professional companies, or "call 1800 for some nudes".
  12. I've seen more model 3's in NY in the last month than since they were released.
  13. you're right, I also detest the riced out STI's, and its true that they are very popular for that type of crowd. But most STI's in my area are all modified tastefully. And I'm not saying that you can't upgrade an Infiniti, but one car invites you to its engine, and the other has a giant plastic cover on it.
  14. I like the Subaru for its purely no frills straight forward sports car vibe. Its manual only, It doesn't have a luxury interior, but its very functional, and the upper tier models do have navi screens and the tech, and it has a big modding culture, which I'm a fan of (considering I also like to build my PCs and stuff). I drove the G37, and it apparently also has 4 wheel steering. But It's a lay back and enjoy the ride kind of car, while the STI is more enjoyment of the car itself. But he mainly thinks the Subaru (and all hatchbacks) looks ugly, while I think that the G37 (and most Nissan cars
  15. I wanted to keep this as unbiased as possible. I chose a bone stock STI, and a stock IPL, I chose the STI because that's what I was arguing for, and he chose the picture for the IPL. So We cancelled out all variables on our ends. Beauty really does depend on the individual.