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  1. Asrock X99 Taichi. Very decent board with a very good feuture set. And also pretty reliable. Pretty much from 2014 till now Asrock X99 boards seem to have been the least troublesome of them all. Msi X99 boards aren't really that great either tbh..
  2. If they want to do cpu performance compairisson tests in gaming. Why are they doing those tests in 4K then? I know that a Titan XP is concidered being a 4K card. But yeah, if they did these tests at lower resolutions like 1440p or 1080p. Then it would give us a better image of the relative cpu performance in this particular game. AOTS is still pretty core clock speed demending, unless i missed something?
  3. Lol and there are still people that defend all this Microsoft sheninigans bullshit.
  4. Yeah Skype is pretty crap. Thats one of the reasons why i still use WLM regardless. But interesting to see what this is exally going to mean for my workarround to get wlm working. Fingers crossed lol
  5. Well the memory vrm is sepperate basicly. Its most likely 4 phases doubled to 8 for main v core, on those particular boards.
  6. The Z270 chipset provides 20 / 24 lanes, which are connected to the cpu over a dmi3.0 4x interface.
  7. 10 phase power design hmm interesting. I'm currious to what AMD exally mean by that. Because there are no true 10 phase pwm´s used on modern boards today. But i suppose this will mean 4 phases doubled to 8 for main vcore.
  8. Cool. I have to say that i´m personally not really blown away by the specs of the am4 chipsets in general. However i can´t wait to take a closer look to these new boards, and doin some vrm circuitry analytics on them. I´m pretty much more interested in that. The feutures of the am4 platform in general arent really that innovative.
  9. Well basiclly X99 isnt really better for pure gaming atm. Unless you go crazy on triple gpu setups. There might be a very few games that might run better on a 6800K. But in most of the gaming benchmarks arround the board the 7700K will be at the top of the list. I personally think that the time that we really gonne see a benefit in having a cpu with more the 4 core + HT in gaming is still a pretty long way ahead on us. But in the future maybe. X99 is definitelly not a bad choice what so ever. But its just unessesary for gaming. And as far as overclocking is concerned, The 7700K will also overclock better. I'm personally in the works for an upgrade to X99. But i exally have the workload that benefits from having more physical cores,I run virtual machines. But if the only thing i do would be gaming and browsing the web. Then i would go Kabylake without a single doubt.
  10. I have not really seen that much in most DX12 and Vulkan benchmarks untill now. So unless i did miss something?
  11. And why would that be better for gaming specificly? Because i personally think that X99 is unessesary for gaming.
  12. For mainly gaming i would go with Kabylake 7700K. They have a higher overclock potential. And overall they are the better chips for gaming usually.
  13. I have seen great reviews on the coolers from the Asus RX480 Strix OC. Next to that the Strix has the best pcb quality wise, and decent temperatures. I dont really think that its up to any argument. How high it will overclock will be depending on the actual chip used on the card. Fan noise on the strix seems doesnt seem that bad to me, according to reviews i have seen. One source doesnt tell the whole story of course. The XFX might have have more silent fans, thats of course not that strange with 2 fans compaired to 3. The main thing i personally like less on the XFX card is the weaker memory vrm mainly. But thats just personal. I know someone who had bad luck with overclocking 3 XFX RX480 cards in a row, crashing at 1400mhz. But yeah thats of course a matter of silicon lottery loss. And doesnt really reprisent anything, like pretty much any overclocked gpu review. I did not said that the XFX card is bad. I also did not say that the Gcore vrm is bad. I just say that its not the best one out there. To me its the second best card, But in the end its just my personal opinion, based on pcb analytics.