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  1. That's why I embedded those screens, depending on what OP expects they might be fine with 4k 120 Hz 8 bit 4:2:0, or they might require 10 bit HDR 4:4:4 and miss out even on 60Hz.
  2. Basically laptops usually have high temperature limits and when they're reached the clocks fall, but where the frequency lands depends on how good the cooling is. It's not unheard of to clock to fall below base clock, which is in my eyes throttling, the temps being over 90'C is also a thing that nearly doesn't happen in desktops. I think a big air cooler is a good idea, lower temps for your mind and you should be able to use it on you next CPU too.
  3. No! Not exactly... 2.0 has half the bandwidth of 120Hz 8bit signal and has to use 4:2:2 subsampling on 4k 60Hz 10 bit. There is no 4k 120Hz 10 bit on HDMI 2.0. Unfortunately there's no DSC for HDMI 2.0 and it's the most popular connection type in TVs, so new consoles will have to deal with this issue a lot.
  4. Is there no way to get only half of the additional memory? I guess going for 15GB in 3080 would mean ending up with 75% of the memory bus width, ending up with worse performance than the smaller card? I believe some of this is purposefully planned by manufacturers, 6 core CPUs being best bang/$ so when 8 core become needed because of new consoles you have to upgrade, insufficient GPU memory, it sucks when people can buy hardware and use it for years without encountering major bottlenecks. If memory is the problem, than yes, you can produce only half as many of the bigger versions, if something else is(namely GPU core?), then bigger memory only gives more choice. There is a conspiracy theory that Nvidia has stocked on GDDR6X making it hard for others to get supply for 30 series GPUs and plans to release what they have in November. I'm interested in seeing if there's anything to it.
  5. I heard somewhere that the first RDNA cards (5700 etc.) had hardware-level bugs that they needed to work around, if that really were the case, it would explain the problems. Is RX 570/580 level of stability acceptable? For driver optimisations you just get lower scores, but most buy GPUs based on those scores so if the drivers are bad in that way it can only improve. Stability is another kind of a problem because games could be benchmarked but then crash when playing, making people actually sell the GPU and go for Nvidia.
  6. Is TGP for any clock, or the base clock? Here they say that XSX peaked at 211W https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-xbox-series-x-power-consumption-and-heat-analysis Due to binning and being a newer design, I can believe that big navi consumes at 2GHz what Xbox does at 1825MHz, if you then remove power supply efficiency and other elements, and then extrapolate from 52 CUs to 80*, you could fit in 250W TGP, now as for the boost... It's hard to imagine, but not impossible. * I just assumed that from those 211W 150 were used by GPU, including memory, 61W for CPU, efficiency, storage etc. seems like going low even, then if you multiply by 1.5 it's 225W for 78CUs I think someone could come up with those numbers based on what we know so far, I am not advocating for this leak being true, just wondering if we can write it off so easily.
  7. May I ask what is the date when independent reviews of them can be published? Is it before or after they get into shops? I've been telling my friend wait wait and wait for the past two months and after RTX3000 premiere he's thinking of going for Navi cards on the premiere day, whereas I strongly hope they will have much better availability and Nvidia is going to put out much more of their cards too.
  8. Ah yes, I looked at those offers few years ago and they just had storage, now just clicked the first link under my mouse, but I recall FTP being there and assumed it still is available.
  9. Assuming your network is good enough and you can be accessible, core2duo will be enough. Is it 2tb daily transfer, or 2tb of space with smaller transfers? Hetzner offers https://www.hetzner.com/storage/storage-share 2tb at ~$10 + tax with 10TB of monthly transfer, you could also get a dedi from them for ~$28/month right now and it'd be 2x3TB drives with unlimited megabit line. It's just an example, but in my case looking for a hosting solution is cheaper than setting up a fast internet connection at my place.
  10. Yeah, I admit I am fed up wit xxxpocalypses in media because every time I open such news it turns out to have been a clickbait. Just from this thread I assumed some hacker with a login bjblazkowicz found a vulnerability that can destroy data on HDDs from both manufacturers as that would truly be an HDDpocalypse. In the end we just get a confirmation that what was assumed to start happening after new consoles are out is in fact starting to happen.
  11. I am picking a bone with 'HDDpocalypse' and the justification that HDDs becoming even worse primary storage for games is something with big influence over HDDs relevance in general. imo it's another nail, but nothing that's able to make a big dent on its own. Games are not everything.
  12. But HDDs are all about capacity, therefore things that aren't about it can't cause any sort of apocalypse for them.
  13. So, what's the HDDpocalypse about? Even before those changes QLC drives have become a good alternative for HDDs while the real use cases for them stay(backup space, offline storage that allows for random access when you need it, media storage). Are the small drives gamers buy a big part of the business? If HDDs continue to increase capacities at an acceptable pace and keep better prices, or I guess even if they don't I see this as a opportunity to use tiered storage, no matter if your big capacity drives are QLC or HDD, you can buy a smaller high quality drive and push most used files there, though that probably depends how many people have hoarding tendencies and how often will we see things you don't have on your disk disappear(cloud providers closing etc.).
  14. It's actually 8, but considering how short were they relevant, how often are servers replaced and how time consuming is the migration, they probably got most of clients who weren't bound by Intel by one reason or another. Intel still leads in many kinds of workloads, but Zen 3 should make AMD get another bite of them while increasing their advantages where they already win. A company may go for Intel if AMD is 10-20% more efficient, but what if it's 2x? They might've been reluctant because AMD didn't exist on the server market, but now they're probably at 10% and one of the fastest supercomputers is being built using their hardware, so it isn't an unknown either. Do you think Intel can increase the performance of their CPUs over the next year, or are they just going to use tricks to keep their customers?
  15. Adding to that: https://www.hardwaretimes.com/amd-server-market-share-grows-from-1-to-nearly-10-in-just-2-years/ The period of opening locks and proving themselves has only recently passed(mostly). That market moves very slowly, but it is turning towards AMD more and more. Milan is bound to make a big dent.
  16. Does anyone else cringe when in those vids Linus speaks directly to Intel/Jensen? I am actually underwhelmed, the technological improvements may or may not make a difference, but the cost is painfully increased. Even if it is as fast as they claim I'm going to be unhappy to have to spend more. I am aiming at 8/16 cpu because I bet on newer games using that many threads, but the 6/12 is much better value for now
  17. Think about how easy it is to subscribe again. Locally we have an equivalent of Amazon Prime with free shipping at the cost of x/month and 10x/year, but I get the monthly one 3 times/year buying things only in said months. I also learned that when I'm going to play a game for 3 days $5 for a weekly premium is cheaper than $8 for a monthly one. We have crazy cheap Internet compared to US, but when you do the math, putting optic fibre on my street is simply not a profitable idea, thus I don't expect to get it anytime soon.
  18. I am in the boat of wanting to get a new 8/16 CPU but with those prices I'm afraid 3700X and 10700K aren't going to drop much, I was hoping I'd either get a Zen 3, or Zen 2 will become significantly cheaper. It's the calculation mentioned above, I don't want to pay 60% extra for 20% performance. Might buy a used/discounted 2700x and 5800x(maybe 5700x, if it ever appears) a year or two from now, even without selling old parts it will most likely be cheaper than getting a 5800x n December and my needs aren't that high.
  19. More or less tech: 1. Security usually costs performance, but we're in times where you can't just trust nobody will try to do malicious things. 2. Highly personalised things are several orders of magnitude more expensive, or impossible. You can see a nearly perfect laptop but just adding that OLED screen is simply impossible(or but the company and make the produce it for you possible). 3. Marketing makes us waste resources on worthless numbers/whatever new thing they try to sell us. 4. Patents drive the industry and obstruct it at the same time. 5. Safety reasons make us not have nice things.
  20. Do you need more memory? Can you sell your old sticks and buy 16GB modules? Is that difference important? You're performing better than the table suggests, but as you can see more sticks = lower frequency.
  21. https://source.android.com/devices/storage/traditional?hl=en Android 4.2 is older than Pixel and it's just the lowest ver. number that I found, but it mentions quite interesting feature related to storage, not just the existence of it. A popular theory is, you don't get SD card slots so you have to upgrade when your memory is full, also, not many people use it.
  22. Nah, if the relation OS - GPU stays without change, it should be fine, but please do it if you encounter any errors. I actually have AMD and Nvidia drivers on my PC right now and it's fine, but other times I had to use DDU and perform a clean install even though I didn't do anything I can think of that'd cause problems.
  23. https://www.intel.pl/content/www/pl/pl/support/articles/000024132/server-products.html it isn't an obvious one, you have to check if your enclosure supports it