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  1. So, I am watching this video now and the screen (that is covered by the video) flicks green some times, I don't think it is constant but each some minutes it happens, never happened before, is this bad? my pc is the dell precision m6600
  2. Basara IS A MAN, NO ONE ELSE IS; CHANGE MY MIND you can't Well maybe Kirito too, don't really know that much shows
  3. Ecchi shows MC's don't do nothing, don't know what ya talking about
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TcLxlkc2pA that wasn't from a hentai?
  5. Hello, with the latest windows 10 update it doesn't let me turn on DTS sound unbound or windows sonic for headphones or whatever, does anybody have any idea about what could be happening and how to solve it? thank you in advance
  6. And for the AI, the mechanics and the control scheme, I understand that it would be hard to pull off these days I guess
  7. Well you don't need to use all the options to play the game right, you just can go the way you want, having a lot of ways and tools to do things doesn't mean that you need to do them in every way possible using every tool you have, just that you different ways to perform X thing, I don't see how can that add difficulty to the game
  8. I like more now that you made me think about it the idea of the MC dying in the "real world" then reincarnating in the demon realm or world, then by living ther as a peasant or a poor citizen realizes and dislikes more and more how things are for the people there and embarks in its journey to change everything for the good of the people and become the ruler there himself. Also I'd like a really cool looking MC, unique... In all the isekais there's just this common looking that barely have a personality and do anything by themsleves, thats bullshit, if I were to make an anime the MC would not b
  9. And if other races see them as a threat just because they are demons and attack them then he(the MC) would need to resolve that situation and that could lead to more plot and stuff
  10. But my guy would not turn evil, as I said he would want to help the demon race and if he goes to the other would it would not be to conquer it by the force, just to make contact in order to make possible relationships with other nations with his
  11. Or you can go too still with the double isekai, and make the MC like live like, couple years in this fantasy earth, make a life have friends and stuff, then he at some point dies and gets isekaid to the demon realm but, in the demon realm time passes diferently so, he sets himself as an objective get back to the "fantasy earth" where his friends are if possible when he is finished with his journey in the demon realm, to discover that not much time have passed since he left and his friends and everything could be still alive, so goes on to settle down in "fantasy earth" to keep going his plans
  12. Could be that he still dies but in the real world instead and then gets isekaid to the demon world/realm
  13. Well the MC could go directly to the demonic realm, not needing to pass through the other one, as I said it is just bare ideas, anything can be changed/improved
  14. What do you mean by having an "use" to it? and what's LN