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  1. So, I saw this CPU (A8-5600k) and I thought that is pretty poweful and stuff, and just for curiosity I decided to compare it with my processor in a page called "technical city" and it said that my CPU (i7-2860QM) were "65% faster in synthetic tests", how could this be? is the page just wrong or bad? thank you in advance. It should be obvious but the i7 its a mobile cpu and the A8 a desktop one that consumes more than the double of power than the i7
  2. Grab a large stick, make a hole in the wall, and use the stick to press the power button
  3. Yeah as you say on paper seems pretty powerful, the only thing that i saw is that the power consumption of it is 100 W and it could be kinda hot
  4. But what do you think about the A8? the frequency seems pretty high and its a quad core
  5. An ahtlon 3000g costs $ 80 in my country. There's a deal for an used PC with monitor, it has the A8-5600k with 6GB ram, costs $ 223, what do you think about that?
  6. Budget (including currency): $ 200 usd translated to my country currency, you can google it easly Country: Uruguay Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: LoL, youtube Other details No existing parts, peripherals needed: keyboard, monitor Well there is existing parts, i have storange, i have one 2.5 ssd and one hdd, i'm wondering what could i build in the case something happened to my current laptop, thats it
  7. Yeah but my budget is really limited and i would need to buy the PC and monitor
  8. I probably would have the money to buy a desktop, with like a dual core and 4gb of ram maybe, i'm not saying that i want to, but in the worst case i think i could do that, because of that i'm waiting and not doing anything for now, because i'm not sure
  9. yeah could be but trying to open the laptop and move it even more and realize that I am still unable to unscrew the screws would be even worse no?
  10. I've been using the laptop till now and the screw is still inside i think
  11. So i was unscrewing it or whatever and it was close to an open zone on the laptop and it bounced inside, i think they are called "philips screws" you can google images of them. I think the screw driver may be part of the problem because it seems that it could be sliping off when I try to unscrew a screw but in general they just don't move when I try to unscrew them.