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    Music, Anime, Violin, Japan, Tech
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    I really don't know...
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    Logitech G703 Lightspeed
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    HP Pavilion 13-s122nr x360 - i3-6100U 2.3GHz Dual Core, 4GB DDR3L, Intel HD Graphics 520, 500GB HDD

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  1. Supplies that school sent finally arrived

    1. Macbook Air (Slightly used)

    2. iPad 7th gen (New Condition)

    3. TI-84 (New Condition) 



  2. IMG_0023.thumb.JPG.093325f6cdeb82b54d09e36147166b75.JPG

    I will never know why I need this many USB ports...

  3. I bought a weeb phone...


    Model: SH-n01 

    I bought it used off a friend for 80 bucks but realized that it doesn't work with my carrier, I'm planning to change carriers soon.

    There are quite some signs of wear but still for $80 I think it's still worth it. (compared to the $300 original price tag) 

  4. how come I never knew about this OS-tan stuff... ㅠㅠ
  5. I like J-pop but I rarely listen to vocaloid for some reason...
  6. We like to show what we are interested in
  7. perhaps, ect is a common error https://www.btb.termiumplus.gc.ca/tpv2guides/guides/wrtps/index-eng.html?lang=eng&lettr=indx_catlog_e&page=9qbnz5ZJv1tw.html#:~:text=The Latin term et cetera,. is a common error.)
  8. Hmm... I guess this place is nice
  9. Radwimps's music brings me heavy nostalgia