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  1. I use this: https://www.den4b.com/products/renamer
  2. Kilrah

    LMG Space

    And I imagine it sure did, wise move, just didn't imagine you'd have been able to make it work at that time. Nice, everyone needs a bit of luck - they didn't have as much of it, but wise move again. I'll need to go back and watch videos from that era, that was before I found your channels. Anyway thanks for the content, and the WAN show chit chat mentioning the background and thoughts on random stuff is probably the most valuable in my eyes. ...and as an admirer of all things LTT for a few years I was pretty proud to unexpectedly see one of the projects I work on and some footage I shot shown in last Thursday's TL
  3. Kilrah

    LMG Space

    Wow crazy, didn't know you owned the space but it of course makes sense.
  4. The rig looks pretty balanced... as in everything needs updating.
  5. I aim for 8, but it often ends up being more like 6-7. If I wake up after 6 I find it better not to try to fall asleep again, unless I was REALLY exhausted when going to sleep, otherwise I'll feel worse. And it's all affected by what's going on in life, stressful or intense moments obviously lead to worse sleeping patterns but it's always temporary until things clear up.
  6. It's pretty likely that your K will be able to run at KS speeds, the KS is just guaranteed to. In any case you're only looking at a 6% difference, which may or may not be worth the extra expense to you if it wasn't.
  7. Interesting feedback, thought MW would have been just OK but it seems not Definitely very CPU-intensive.
  8. His brother sounds unfortunately not fixable indeed...
  9. PCIe is a point to point link, not the same lanes going to each device...
  10. Yup, have my HDDs in RAID0 for speed.
  11. The order/selection used to be different on both with Videos being chronological and Home kind of "popular right now", but it changed a couple of weeks ago for some reason...
  12. I mentioned my thoughts in that thread from there on:
  13. Remove 2 sticks of RAM so that you only have one channel populated. If it works move them to the other channel. If one of them doesn't boot it's likely either the CPU that has a bad memory channel or the mobo that has faulty connections/sockets.
  14. They can. That's why the current "base clock" and "turbo" specs make no sense especially with Intel.