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  1. Well im runing the pc for 11 hours now. 5 hours was prime95 and now black ops 4 on max.. it works flawlesly.. i dont want to restart it maybe itll set it to 4.2 again
  2. Im all awake and turned on the pc. Well suprisingly it all works and i did nothing. Its overclocked as its supposed to be and it didnt drop any % of speed during prime95. I dont know what to do if it happens again that it wont go up 4.2ghz.
  3. If u dont mind. Im going to sleep atm. Its past 1 morning XD here in slovenia. Im gona message u again tomorow. I will try to overclock it to 4.3 and 4.5 and send u the results. Best regards and thanks for now
  4. Corsair vs550? U think the cpu and gpu are draining to much wattage ? and it wont overclock my cpu ?
  5. Hi, im here for the first time and with a extremely anoying problem. Till today i had my i7-7700k overclocked at 4.8 ghz. Today i changed my GPU from gtx 1060 6gb to rtx 2060 super. And after playing for a while i saw my CPU wont speed up above 4.18 ghz, but in the bios it was overclocked at 4.8 ghz??? I run several benchmarks and it made 100% utilization and droped the speed instead of going to 4.8 ghz. It went down to 3.8ghz. It never happend before. The speed was always as much as i set it in bios. It was 4.79 or 4.8 solid. And now it wont go up 4.2ghz and it even drops belov 4.0ghz. I