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Edzel Yago

LinusMediaGroup Staff
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  1. Edzel Yago

    Employee profiles

    Yeah, it's being worked on and will be 'revamped' very soon.
  2. Edzel Yago

    Are PC Manufacturers Trying to Screw You??

    Since a few people have already asked: Yes. There will be follow-ups to this video with regards to the build/specs/value/and more customer support fun.
  3. Edzel Yago

    Dear Linus, The Chevy VOLT is being discontinued.

    If only you could buy cars used from the factory, then manufacturers would see more interest in these 'great' cars and continue to make them.
  4. Just wanted to jump in here out of the blue. Love my Genesis G70. Gone and done autocross. Is fun. More fun than the Stinger.
  5. Edzel Yago

    BAD Chroma Key in Techquikie

    Funny you should mention this now. I'm actually helping Dennis with the key this week.
  6. Edzel Yago

    Why doesn't LMG work in 720p

    We shoot in 8K and use the extra Ks to zoom/pan digitally. We've tried working with proxies but it's kind of a pain in the butt and with our hardware and turnaround times, it's easier to just work with the raw footage than to create and deal with proxies. We use cineform after editing so we can re-export with minor changes much faster.
  7. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    The colours and shapes immediately remind me of Firefox.
  8. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    Might bench it. Looks too much like Firefox.
  9. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    What about these?
  10. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    Like this?
  11. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    What's the biggest part?
  12. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    Thoughts? Just the Tide with stronger colours.
  13. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    One issue some people have noticed, and I agree with, is that the current refresh logo isn't strong enough when viewed as an icon alongside other channels/brands. When you look at a feed/list/wall of channel portrait icons, it doesn't stand out. It's important to be able to filter out the useful feedback and not just dismiss negative reactions as just being blind hate.
  14. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    I was thinking that too.
  15. Edzel Yago

    New LTT Branding

    Yeah. =P I'll tell him to check this thread and get into the conversation more.