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  1. Suggestions for our iMac Pro repair

    Just so we can save some people some effort, the cert program IS available now, it wasn't when we had shot the video/gone through this.
  2. Wan's Zotac jacket?

    Haha. Got it at CES from Zotac, I'm not sure if it's sold or not. Ask them on Twitter?
  3. Is it just me, or is the WAN show too green?

    Sure, we can look at it for next show. =P We literally put it together as soon as we could use the space. We can definitely improve on it.
  4. HARD DRIVE Mining? This is getting ridiculous...

    Haha, it was fiiine. I like to refer to NickyV's lifting tips.
  5. The G70 isn't out in NA yet. I think Canada's getting it before the US. Out in Korea though.
  6. Stinger vs Commodore SS-V = Stinger is faster and more agile. G70 is faster and more agile than the Stinger. G70 is smaller. Much smaller than the Stinger.
  7. G70 or Stinger?? Do I really need the cargo space of the Stinger??
  8. I'm aiming for the G70. I don't want to go with the German brands out of principle. Charging for every little thing? The G70 and Stinger have most of it standard and they're faster! And cheaper!
  9. One issue is that most of the G70 exposure so far has been with the Korean model which supposedly has a cushioer setup than what NA will get. So the NA version will be sportier than what the media has been exposed to so far.
  10. The question is... Which one's which? Stinger seems pretty luxurious but is more of a grand tourer. The G70 is apparently more zippy but has that last bit of fanciness to it. To me, they both fit into what I want.
  11. I don't want to deal with a KIA dealership and the G70 is smaller and faster. Otherwise, I actually really like the Stinger too. I'm leaning towards the G70 but the Stinger is an option.
  12. It's in the works! I currently have it for next week, so not this weekend.
  13. I'm aiming for one next year. Hopefully when pricing comes out I can swing it. The Stinger platform but lighter and firmer? G70, man.