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  1. I don't want to push my chip too much to be honest. I also want this chip to last me a long time.
  2. I will have a look when I get back. Do you think it will make much of a difference when doing rendering for videos.
  3. my ambient is about 25 and those are the temps reported by overdrive
  4. I have my FX 8350 @ 4.7Ghz with a voltage of 1.45 volts. Load line calibration is at ultra high. I have the cpu on a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 with it being cooed by a H100i. My temps are about 57 degrees centigrade when I have it running custom prrime 95. Any feedback would be great Guys
  5. Oh god. i guess it may work but I am not sure it is recommended.
  6. Go into network and sharing centre and right click on the wifi card and go down to properties. Then go to the sharing section and select "allows other computers to use this computers network connection" and then just clcik on and plug a lan cable into both the laptop and the pc and it should work. I have done it before and it works.
  7. what apple products are flimsy as hell, my ipod fell about 1 foot onto the floor one time and smashed. My nexus has been accidentally dropped about 4 feet onto the floor which was concrete and was fine. You hear about more smashed apple products than all of the other brands put together
  8. The Nexus also has a better screen. I mean retina is not a thing it is just a marketing word. Ips however is a thing and is what the nexus has.
  9. Just the Nexus man. I mean firstly it runs android. A much better option for someone who likes a quality os with no gimmicks like windows over osx. I mean it has just such a nice design and packs a punch and you will be getting a quality product. Also it will not be overpriced and flimsy like an apple product would be.
  10. You can tapes that are more than 1tb. Where I work we backup to another location on site and then to an offsite location. We also do 1.2tb tapes for some stuff.