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    Professional PotatoSpammer™
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    Science and technology
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    study, ltt, study, ltt...


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    Intel Core i7 4710HQ
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M
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    750 HDD + 250GB MX100 SSD
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    Random mouse + Laptop touchpad
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    Windows 10

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  1. hey, its been a while, just saw you on my recent visitors list. How are you doing? you good?

    1. antoainb


      Heyyy! Long time no see indeed... Replying to this super late, I know, but school has been a bit chaotic, so I only really come here every once in the bluest moon just to check if anyone's still alive... I am good though, a bit perpetually tired, but apart from that life's alright. What about you?


      p.s.: potato

      (i had to, i'm sorry)

  2. Why do 119 people follow a giveaway topic... Do they just like getting absurd amounts of notifications?

    1. minibois


      probably people that have following topics on when they reply to it

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      noobs deserve their punishment & they walked right into it,



  3. My current setup is a €25 Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo... Not exactly amazing.
  4. I found something that's cheaper on a big-name Portuguese retailer (Worten) than on amazon... I was not expecting that, it normally only happens with smaller retailers.

  5. Suggestions anyone?



  6. Hi! I need a new pair of earbuds since my current pair is half-dead (only the left one works). My budget is €30 max, I'm not really that picky regarding the sound signature, just not too much bass, I don't find that pleasant. I'm probably going to buy from amazon, but any EU store will do, as long as they ship to Portugal. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  7. You know what I love? When you search for "Best [insert product type] under [insert amount of money]" and some website's top pick is something almost double the max price you set... They were under the price I set one time on one crazy deal, but they still put it there with an amazing description that seems to fit all my expectations and then I am crushed when I check amazon to see the price is way, way higher than what they said it would be. Thx so much! -_-

  8. I did clean it on Tuesday, right after I got it. It's completely clean and still performs quite poorly, so thermal paste must be the thing that's causing the issues. The owner also told me that the laptop wasn't used for almost a year, so that might have dried the thermal paste. PS.: I'm probably getting the deepcool stuff from the second link on my other post because that store offers price matching and another store that they match has it for €2.
  9. I tried opening two browser tabs and having a text processor open and after 10 minutes it shut down again. This time, it reached 94C for a decent 10secs before shutting down, while watching a 1080p video on YouTube, browsing twitter and writing a document on WordPad, with 2 medium def images downloaded and inserted into the same document. CPU loads were around 100% when loading pages, refreshing twitter and inserting images and ~75% when having the video open, twitter static and typing into WordPad. I'm going to pick up the thermal paste and see if it fixes it. Right now, the only one I can pi
  10. I'll try that, thanks. I'm also thinking of doing a lighter test, just like playing a YouTube video and having a couple other programs open to see if it shuts down then. I'll also monitor the temps.
  11. It's running on AC only, I removed the battery. I have replaced the power connector on this same laptop before and the connector itself is almost brand new. As for the connection, I did try to take it off and plug it back in when I opened the laptop but it wouldn't even come off, so I think it's not an issue with that connection. I might pick up a tube of thermal paste and apply it to see if that fixes it, it makes sense, since this laptop is quite old and I'm guessing has never had new thermal paste applied. Same voltage, more amperage. Also no battery installed since the
  12. I did clean the fan/cooler, haven't tried replacing thermal paste because I don't have any available and I don't want to spend money if that won't fix it. If you think it might be responsible for this, I could pick up a tube and do it.
  13. Hey there! So I got this laptop to be fixed because it wouldn't turn on. It turned out it had a faulty power adapter, so I used another one and it seemed to work just fine. However, I also decided to try to get Windows 10 on the thing, and while it was downloading the update it would randomly shut down. I suspected it was the 2nd power adapters fault, but then even with an adapter more powerful than the OEM one that had came with the laptop it would still shut down every so often. I decided to run memtest86 to see if it was a RAM problem, and it would still shut down either right b
  14. Just installed Cyanogenmod 13 on my Moto G. So far I'm really digging it, feels faster than the stock ROM so far. Let's see if it lasts.