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    Somewhere between here and there.
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    Somewhere in Oregon.
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    Custom builds, turbine design, 3D modeling
    DCS A-10C, Battlefield 3, Space engineers, Garry's Mod
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    Helping people since '07!
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    Freelance computer diagnostics and repair.


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    Core i7 6700k
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    Asus Maximus VIII Impact
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    Corsair Vengance LED 16GB
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    AMD R9 390 XFX
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    Corsair Air 540 black
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    Crucial BX100 240GB SSD, WD Black 4TB x2 in RAID1
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    EVGA G2 750 Watt
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    Asus 27" VE278Q. Five years and still going.
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    Corsair H105
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    Corsair K30
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    Logitech G502
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    Razer Kraken 7.1 (The mic doesnt sound like crap despite Linus's review.)
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    Windows 10

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  1. If the two partitions are part of the same drive, then there is nil risk of losing data when combining the two volumes. Coming from someone who had to shrink a W8.1 install on a 500GB WD Blue to fit on a BX100 250GB SSD, I had to re-expand the partition so Windows had access to all 250GB. Didn't lose any data. The situation is different if you're expanding the partition across multiple physical drives.
  2. Nope! It'll just connect the two areas of the disk into one.
  3. Right-click (C:) and hit "Extend Volume". From there you'll be able to allocate the rest of the unused space that's still on the drive and assign it to the active boot partition.
  4. Is there a specific reason why you must use hamachi? In my experience, it's a pretty finnicky software.
  5. Considering that the encryption key is stored on the housing's controller and not on your PC, no. Personally, I wouldn't get an auto-encrypting solution.
  6. Personally, I'm a tad biased, but I like the Corsair K30. It's non-mechanical, but has a nice feel to it, plus has red LED backlighting. A mouse is a little more personal. You'd have to experiment like i had to do.
  7. No. Most modern power supplies have short-circuit protection. As in, as soon as it detects a short, it flips a switch and shuts itself off. Much like an auto-resetting circuit breaker or a GFCI outlet.
  8. Are people really getting updates that frequently that it's interfering with their work flow? I'm on W10 and I get an update once every three weeks. Even then it's set to restart at midnight.
  9. Hello you wonderful people! I've been feeling fairly creative the last few days, so I thought I would try my hand at designing a case. I'd like to know what kind of features you'd like. This would be a full metal chassis, no plastic, although aluminum exterior panels could be a possibility. Of course the color scheme would follow the iconic LTT orange/black in tasteful ways, but again, I'll leave the accent areas up to you. I'll try and put out an example and upload it here by the end of tomorrow.
  10. I... would not go from powercolor. I've heard some raunchy things about their QC.
  11. I'd go with a 500GB boot SSD for most-used applications and frequently used games. As for storage, if budget isn't a concern, I'd do two 2TB WD Red's in RAID-1. 8GB on a system that's going to be doing photoshop and Vegas? I'd go at LEAST 16GB as a minimal. I mean if we're gonna go all-out, a GTX980Ti.
  12. 4GB model. Can't beat having more Vram.