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  1. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XKT4MZ Something like this would be much better suited to gaming. The SSD will speed up the computer a lot and adding a bigger HDD later is simple. The 1050ti will also perform much better.
  2. What is your budget and use of the computer? This is important when deciding if it is a good computer.
  3. (Sorry for my lack of knowlege. I've been out of this game for a while.) Currently I've got: i5 - 2400 Horrible Asus mATX board 6GB DDR3 rx 460 120gb SSD Bunch of HDDs Budget: 300 GBP I'm looking for an upgrade currently. I plan on doing some highish end games at high details like GTA5 but I feel that my GPU is too weak currently. My cpu and Motherboard are also getting quite old and in need of new features like USB 3 and Sata 3. I feel a bit lost in all this new hardware that has come out in the last little bit. Any help would
  4. If your desktop computer has the avaliable PCIE slots and lanes something like this because it will just take the PCIE slot and turn it into an m.2 slot
  5. This is the start of my project to put a full gaming PC inside an Original Xbox. This is something I have not seen done much so I thought I would have a go at it. Come along for the ride to see how things go. Sorry if the Working pictures aren't that great but the final photos should be much better. I already took the xbox to bits:
  6. http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/751197-Prime-95-v28-5-Haswell-CPU-s-and-you-is-it-bad-for-the-CPU-s-health
  7. Prime95 is actually really bad for haswell based CPUs. I'd avoid it.
  8. Yeah this is so dumb. A soon as someone cracks the encryption it's came over for all these crap.
  9. Personally modding a Micro HDMI cable wouldn't be an issue. For other people I think a box like this would be great. +1 to buy one, once they are released though.
  10. Like this is cool I guess. Shame about the, not over abundance of PCIE slots like on most z170 boards even when they can't make use of them because 20 lane CPUS.
  11. Finally getting an RX 460 after 8 months because my r9 285 died.

  12. So on amazon this 1050ti is said to come in frustration free packaging. Looking at other videos cards this is the only one I can find like this. Does anyone have experience with this or know what box it will be delivered it?
  13. Well the best way is to get all the important data off and nuke windows. Beyond that Malwarebytes then set them up with an adblocker.
  14. http://www.avg.com/gb-en/homepage That should be it.