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About OnyxArmos

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    Bara Kitty

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    United Kingdom
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    Gaming | Cooking | Camping | Fishing | Hiking
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    20 | Male | United Kingdom
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    Undergraduate Student


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    GTX 1060 (6GB)
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    Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256GB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2, 80+ GOLD 650W
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    Das Keyboard 4 Professional (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Windows 10

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  1. Anyone here do livestreams on Twitch or Youtube? I'm kinda bored and want something to watch

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TopHatProductions115
    3. Jtalk4456


      i will be starting a channel in march 2019 XD Gotta wait for tax return to spend money on a camera

    4. SupremeGOAT


      i have a friend who streams league of legends... 


  2. OnyxArmos

    Steam Friend MegaThread

    Hey all, This thread is for finding people to add as friends on Steam. Sometimes it can be really hard to find people to play with, especially on the lobbies of some games where most people are quitters or trolls (Civilization VI ) You can use this thread just for general conversation about Steam and PC gaming too if you like. Steam Name: OnyxArmos Discord: OnyxArmos#4627 Games: CS:GO; Civ6; GTA V; Rainbow Six Siege Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OnyxArmos
  3. Add me on Discord ( My username is OnyxArmos#4627 ), or join Linus' Discord Server and talk to me on there. Sometimes it can be kinda slow talking through the forum xP

  4. Pokémon Let's Go comes out on Friday 16th November, if any of you guys are getting it, tell me your Switch friend code so I can add you :^)

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    2. OnyxArmos


      Oh snap, have you thought about getting an M.2 SSD? I've heard those ones are even faster than the ones we have (I've got a Samsung 850Pro)

    3. Cyberspirit


      I have but, I'm perfectly fine with a SATA SSD. If you want to get another bigger SSD I'd get one now.

    4. OnyxArmos


      Thanks man I might consider it tbh, it would be nice being able to have everything on an SSD xP

  5. It's soooo cold here right now 😩 Kill me now

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    2. LukeSavenije


      It isn't. Im 16 so its even above it

    3. OnyxArmos
    4. LukeSavenije


      @OnyxArmos not really. In the 3 years I worked there I bought a 1500 euro game pc, a tv, a new phone, a smartwatch, a ps4, ps3, psvita, a laptop, a football shirt, a camera and some other stuff. I mean, nothing to worry about here.

  6. OnyxArmos

    Who is your waifu / husbando?

    What about Windows Vista?
  7. OnyxArmos

    Who is your waifu / husbando?

    Lol what a charmer..
  8. Remember, Steam Maintanance is on a Tuesday. The servers just came back online like 15 minutes ago. You might wanna switch the download server to somewhere else and see if that works
  9. OnyxArmos

    Discord For All Games!

    NOooooooooo never It baffles me as to why that stuff even exists in the first place
  10. OnyxArmos

    Discord For All Games!

    But yeah @AirSocial you might wanna improve the server, and, like, not advertise it on Linus' forum. Use something like discord.me or DiscordLists for that
  11. OnyxArmos

    Discord For All Games!

    Oh god it has a NSFW channel, but the Owner has a roblox profile picture.. ye I'm outta there
  12. OnyxArmos

    Discord For All Games!

  13. OnyxArmos

    Discord For All Games!

    IKR I just went on to see what it's like and
  14. OnyxArmos

    Who is your waifu / husbando?

    WHEEZE I can't believe he made a video like that He has a wife and kid now