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  1. Wifi issue

    By not installing Minecraft mods from shady sites that infect the PC. I would test the connection from other devices / PC's in the house, both on wired connections and over wireless from both the 2.4G and 5G networks. This will rule out the connection / modem / router itself being the problem, and help narrow things down to being only this PC. If you narrow it down to being just this PC and MBAM isn't detecting any malware, the next steps would be to nuke and reinstall Windows, because this will be faster than playing cat and mouse to find out what settings have been altered / affected causing the slowdowns. Sounds dumb, but honestly, this is what most PC technicians do, unless their client has an unlimited budget for unlimited troubleshooting time. If I have no way of knowing what's been done to a computer prior to my hands touching it, I'll take a quick look to see if anything obvious stands out, but usually end up reinstalling Windows if it's some weird issue and I see nothing wrong with the computer during a quick once-over because again, most clients would rather pay a flat rate to backup and reinstall Windows than my hourly rate to troubleshoot something I might end up having to do a reinstall of Windows to fix anyway.
  2. Adata 960GB SSD 140$

    I know right? When I click on a deal missing location and currency I get my hopes up that it'll be a Canadian deal, but once again, I have been disappointed. Exactly - and rules should always be followed, no exceptions. Otherwise why bother having them at all? Lead by example, and others will [usually] follow.
  3. Creating a table in HTML

    Boom, here's a codepen I wrote for you: https://codepen.io/kirashi/pen/ajrrZo Right now the table is 100% width and resizes with the page, but you can change that. You'll also note it's a table created without table tags. This is intentional, as table tags are from the days of XHTML. (table tags are still usable, but for best compatibility with current browsers, I'd recommend divs)
  4. Im new to this, i need some advice.

    Absolutely something like a QNAP or Synology NAS would probably work best if you're not looking to spend a ton, or are just getting started with storage servers. You can buy both brands from Amazon.de but be sure to research the features you need as both QNAP and Synology offer different NAS models.
  5. NVME M.2 can i fit

    I always recommend researching the specifications for any products you buy, which you can do by going to the manufacturer's website or searching Google for the product model number / name. https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Motherboards/PRIME-B350-PLUS/specifications/
  6. Voluntary - companies decline to hand over the data. Fine for non-compliance - companies provide fully encrypted data. Backdoors - Society overthrows the government for attempting to create a Brave New World. I can't possibly see how this could go wrong. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. 4g not working

    Depends on how the phone is damaged. If it's a defect that the terms of the warranty cover, then it will be covered. Otherwise it won't be. To know for sure you'd have to check with LG's warranty terms and/or the place you purchased it from.
  8. 4g not working

    Gotcha, and yes, the phone can certainly be damaged. If you can take the phone to your carrier and have them test it with another SIM card, this will quickly rule out if the phone is the problem. While you're there, they can input / verify that their APN settings are correct for 4G / LTE service too.
  9. Do you need Windows 10?

    Providing it for free does not negate the fact that the EULA requires one to buy a key after the grace period expires. However, Microsoft doesn't really care to go after home users for this because it's more profitable to go after businesses running 100 unlicensed copies of Windows instead since they can fine them much more for not buying enough copies to cover the number of licenses in use.
  10. 4g not working

    Great, that eliminates the SIM card as being physically damaged. Now you'll want to confirm that your APN settings for your service provider are correct, and/or factory reset the phone to wipe potentially problematic apps from it.
  11. Android Emulator

    Gotcha, then I totally understand the need to put these videos on your phone. (or in this case, find an emulator.) If you continue with your phone though, you can skip the email and download step by simply installing Google Drive on both your phone and computer so it can sync between the 2 devices.
  12. Android Emulator

    I don't make memes; in fact, I detest them for fueling our ever-developing ADHD attention spans due to misuse of the internet as a functional tool. But I digress, as this is not the time nor place for that argument. My question is why are you exporting videos to Google Drive, then emailing them to yourself to download to your phone? Just install the Google Drive app on your phone and bam! access to your Google Drive files. Also, is there a reason you export them to your phone? Unless you're posting them to Instagram, I don't understand the need to export to phone since you can post to literally all other online social media platforms from PC, except Instagram.
  13. The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act prohibits this, as does it prohibit manufacturer's from voiding your warranty if you decide to unglue your phone to replace the battery yourself. That being said, obviously things like waterproofing are negated when doing such a repair, but the onus is on the manufacturer to prove that the disassembly and/or rooting of your phone caused the hardware failure. Unfortunately, in practice it's whomever has more money and lawyers that wins.
  14. 1060/1070 or 1080

    Absolutely, actually you might be fine to squeak by with a 6GB 1060 even, but for sake of streaming and possibly getting into newer games, a 1070 Ti makes more sense. Streaming will be more CPU dependent for good quality encoding, which your 8600k should do just fine at. Also note that you can use the PLUS + icon to multi-quote your replies to more than one person so that the thread isn't littered with double and triple posts in the future.
  15. 1060/1070 or 1080

    Personally I'd never recommend ever buying the top end model in any component lineup, unless you have bags of money lying around are haven't found a viable cruise or vacation to spend them on yet. Why? Because the price to performance curve drops off when comparing the top end model CPU or GPU to one model lower. In the case of GPUs, you'd be better off getting a 1070 Ti and overclocking it to perform the same or better than a stock 1080. However, we really need to know what kinds of games you play and what resolution you're running them at first.