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    Web Developer, IT Consultant, Photographer, Spotify Addict
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    Vancouver Island
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    Web Developer & IT Consultant // @Spotify Community RockStar // Vancouver Island Photographer


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    MSI Z97M Gaming
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    24GB DDR3-2133 G.SKILL RipjawsX (2x8GB & 2x4GB)
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    EVGA GTX 950 SSC Edition
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    Corsair Air 240 Red & White Custom Edition
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    2x 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD // 2x 3TB Toshiba DT01ACA HDD // 2x 2TB Western Digital HDD
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650GS 80+
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    2x ASUS PA238QR IPS 1080p
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    Phanteks PH-TC12LS
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    Logitech G710+ (MX-Brown)
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    Logitech G500
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    Logitech UE9000 Headphones
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. kirashi

    Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs...

    My thoughts (not combative statements, just thoughts / counterpoints to your thoughts) are above in red. Bear in mind that there's no way to please everyone, so neither yourself or myself are any more "right" or "wrong" about the overall design of a product. People just need to realize that you can either design a "perfect" product for function OR design a "perfect" product for looks - but designing a "perfect" product for both function AND looks is nearly impossible, since looks are 100% subjective and functionality is 100% objective.
  2. Any form of encryption or security with a backdoor is not actually encrypted or Secure by Design™ at all. Or in other words, I do not want to use a service or product with a backdoor option, period. Properly setup recovery methods consisting of multiple pieces of information that only I know or have access to is fine, since it still requires the user (or attacker) to fork over information to recover their account. Recovery methods are no different than choosing a hiding spot for a spare key to your house - the only difference is that a user can choose to enable or disable the use and complexity of a recovery method, where as they cannot choose to remove the backdoor from a system they don't control.
  3. kirashi

    What do you think of Pub G

    Without using the same language, I can agree that PUBG is unfinished despite being "out of beta" (meanwhile Fortnite is still beta and performs much better) and is indeed full of cheaters / hackers / cross-country contamination because BattleEye couldn't prevent someone from taking candy out of a babies hands no matter how deeply they locked said baby into a maximum security prison to attempt to prevent this. However.... I agree with it being fun, but it's most definitely not a fully released product, no matter what version they're calling it. You get a LOT more replay value for $30 than most multiplayer shooters / survival games provide (looking at you, CoD series after MW2/3...) even if you're lacking a polished UI / lobby system. At least it's actually got something substantial to show for itself, unlike certain other titles with Citizens and Stars. Also, I must ask, what is an ass game? Actually, please don't answer that.
  4. kirashi

    how to get fortnite running on my specs

    In order to provide an answer to your question "how to get fortnite running on my specs" it is most helpful to actually provide such specifications that are inside the PC of your ownership so that we know what "my specs" means in this instance. That being said, most games have an "automatically detect best settings for hardware (that may or may not set things to ULTRA for no apparent reason on hardware that definitely CANNOT run the game on ULTRA - oh wait, nevermind, that's PUBG)" mode or button you can click inside the options menu.
  5. kirashi

    I think I know how to view PS4 system files.

    Plot twist: the drive is heavily encrypted. Oh wait, it actually is. Welp, there goes that plan.
  6. I know; I was more referencing how some boutique builders will sell PC's with only $1500 worth of hardware in them for $3000 depending on the level of support chosen, or the perks of buying from that specific builder.
  7. kirashi

    Static IP setup

    You first install firmware that isn't absolute garbage onto the router, as per the instructions below. https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Linksys_WRT150N_%26_WRT160N Once you have DD-WRT installed, you can then follow their Wiki to learn about Static DHCP setup. https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Static_DHCP Bear in mind that networking is a complicated beast no matter what hardware or firmware you're running, but if you have enough time and perseverance to learn the ins and outs you'll be able to configure things like port forwarding, wireless or wired bridging, and even VLAN setup should you need it.
  8. DigitalStorm is a boutique PC builder, offering a pre-built system with tested and fitted components designed to work together with minimal bottlenecking. Boutique builders usually charge a premium for this because 1) they can get away with it, 2) they provide direct support like Dell or HP, and 3) some people genuinely don't care about the cost and don't want to build a gaming PC or do the work themselves. Is it wrong? Well, that's up to the individual - personally I'd rather pre-built business series PC from Dell or HP over a boutique builder's PC because Dell and HP's business lineup offer quality PC's for business use at a cheaper price than custom building, in most cases. For anything higher performing, I'd custom build. On the other hand, people who don't want to do the work themselves and have sacks of money lying around will be totally OK with "overpaying" a boutique builder.
  9. Because manufacturers would rather encourage planned obsolescence than support the longevity of a device for those who maybe couldn't afford the larger capacity model at time of purchase. If you had asked prior to eMMC storage being 1) much cheaper and 2) UHS3 SD cards being widely available, then I'd have said they don't support expandable storage because it was much slower. Now a days, even external storage is fast enough to run basic apps on, but manufacturers still don't provide the user a choice to even try out expandable storage options to see if they'll suit their needs based on the apps they use.
  10. kirashi

    2 port ethernet Switch?

    DO NOT USE ONE OF THESE - ethernet does NOT split like an audio signal or power bar. I'm far too tired to go into detail, so if someone else wants to, that would be great. Get a 5 port gigabit switch for $20 on sale and call it a day. https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Ethernet-Optimization-Unmanaged-TL-SG105/dp/B00A128S24/
  11. Neither; I'd recommend DaVinci Resolve if you want a free video editor, and I'd recommend <NOTHING> if you want to pay, since both Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas have far too many cons to be worth paying for, if this is for home / hobby / casual use. If you're getting paid by clients, then by all means, trial both Premiere and Vegas before buying.
  12. kirashi

    Is USB SuperSpeed same as USB 3.0?

    Yuppers, the only thing to be aware of is what type of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 a device supports. They're all intercompatible, however, you'll see devices labeling the technical specifications as USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C or Gen 2 Type A (those are examples, may not be exactly like that) depending on what speeds are supported by the chipset in the device. In fact, USB 3.2 is supposedly carrying over the SuperSpeed nomenclature, probably because they're not going to USB 4.x yet... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_3.0
  13. kirashi

    Windows 10 force shutdown pop up

    Can you screenshot your desktop when this popup appears? It will go a long way into helping us identify what it could be. You can, of course, blur out any part of your desktop that contains private information.
  14. kirashi

    How to check the max resolution of a cable

    Some where in the monitor's on screen display you can check the actual resolution & Hz being delivered to the monitor. Consult your user manual if unsure.
  15. kirashi

    How to check the max resolution of a cable

    In theory, HDMI cables themselves are capable of a few different resolutions, depending on the cable construction itself. EDIT: To clarify, as @Ryan_Vickersnotes below, it's more about the bandwidth the cable can deliver that determines the supported resolution and refresh rate you can achieve with it, and not that certain cables support only certain resolutions. Wikipedia has a page going over the options for cables, but without the packaging or just doing trial and error, it's kinda hard to say what an unbranded, unlabelled cable is good for. Most, if not all, should handle 1080p@60Hz no problem, or even 4K@30Hz, but some shoddy cables may complain with certain devices, either not handshaking at all, or only working at lower resolutions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Cables