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  1. While the process and options used by 8-bit Guy's brother in the video below are not exactly free, they're about as close to a low-cost solution as you can get.
  2. I think they might have let you check the "Let me manage my music" checkbox on some models of iPods, but am guessing this changed at some point. I can't remember cause the last time I used my iPod Classic before selling it was around 2012 ish? But yeah, the most recent updates to iOS for the iPod Touch and iPhone appear to prevent syncing music from multiple computers, if you ever could do that in the past. Not quite sure as I never had an iPhone. You'd think they'd take into account those with multiple computers, but no... or rather, they have - it's easy, just sign up for iTunes Match or Apple Music and you won't have to worry about syncing music anymore! sigh It's a great concept... if you don't mind the subscription fee, but otherwise is frustrating.
  3. You can't sync music to iOS devices from multiple computers by any official means. It's the dumbest thing ever, but I believe Apple put this restriction in place way back when the first iPods were released to prevent you & a group of friends from dumping each other's music libraries onto everyone's iPods. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8268505
  4. While I understand the desire to push everyone to gestures, it should not come at a cost of removing functionality users have come to expect, both from a familiarity and an accessibility point of view. While I do use some gestures on my iPad Mini 5 to navigate back/forward in Chrome, I still prefer pressing the home button once to return home, or double pressing it to bring up multitasking because my OnePlus 5T operates similarly when double tapping the task switching menu icon. Both connectors are plenty durable enough if you take care of your devices. You know what drives me nuts? This idea of fragmenting connectivity among my devices for the sake of it. That's how you end up with consumers frustrated over carrying multiple cables around. Apple & Digital Camera manufacturers everywhere: "USB-C is the future, it will interconnect everything... except for all the devices released today that we still haven't designed to use a USB-C port. For those, we're gonna need you to buy & carry around a bag of dongles."
  5. Attempt to contact them on Facebook more, or resort to Twitter, as many companies offer better support if you politely tweet a picture showing you won claiming you never received anything yet. Um, so like, don't be rude about it, but outing them on Twitter in a polite but firm way creates bad PR so they may be more receptive to getting you your prize that way.
  6. Replace the HDD with an SSD and your problem will mostly go away.
  7. Unless you live in a country where Consumer Protection Laws stipulate that you're legally entitled to run software without a license for a certain number of days in order to evaluate it, there is no trial or evaluation period stipulated in the EULA for Windows 10 Home / Pro Retail versions. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/Useterms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm The only legal way to run Windows without a valid license (backed up by proof of purchase) is to acquire Windows 10 Enterprise edition from Microsoft's own software evaluation website, after which you can run it for up to 90 days before you need to purchase a license. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows https://ameliorated.info/faq.html#legal
  8. @Crunchy Dragon... I'd apologize for tagging and quoting you so many times but like... can we just create a shared Spotify playlist and toss shit back and forth until we run out of metal & pop punk bangers to share? Because I can't remember the last time I didn't like one of the tracks you've shared. I can't quite put my finger on what bands this [currently] quintet reminds me of, and none of the "Fans Also Like" artists on Spotify are ringing a bell either, but they be good-sounding to my ears, albeit a little harsher than I like at times. I seem to recall hearing them once before last summer on the constantly rotating Heavy Queens playlist that consists mostly of female-fronted metal bands. I'm sure they'll grow on me though. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWXDJDWnzE39E Who doesn't love a Poop Deck Party hosted by Captain Yarrface? Explicit Content Warni - awe shit, who am I kidding. You know what you're in for from the title alone. Thanks a lot Youtube recommendations - the fact that I discovered these guys are all Alestorm's fault. I blame the hurdy gurdy. These Aussies are still a little too fresh in my mind to formulate words beyond "mmm good" for me. I'll probably bring them up without thinking in a later reply to this thread once they've had more time to brew in me brain. Chrissy & Co.'s cover of The 1975's Chocolate still does it for me every time, but they've done Hayley & Co. justice with their rendition of Ain't It Fun. I've still got their In Our Bones album in my car, but haven't been in the mood to listen to it in a few years now. Don't get me wrong; their albums are decent, but something about the way they've done their covers just resonates more with me. Marissa! ...And those other guys in that band they did that one time! These Canadians were on FIRE back in 2014-2016 and managed to shoot more videos than some bands with larger fanbases over a similar period of time. That, and their videos were quite creatively shot and of very high production quality, too. Although... my opening sentence was a kind of jab at the fact that they went radio silent as a band about 3 years ago. I still see posts from Marissa from time to time, but far less frequently from Josh, Scott, and Justin. I just hope they're all doing OK these days. Yikes, this video is from 2011... I never realized how long these Kitchener locals had been around for. Definitely nothing shady about buying comics from a pop punk rocker wearing a trench coat in a public park. Nope. Totally safe. More seriously though, Brandon and the Arn-Horn's alt-rock roots stand out against a crowd for me, showcasing a band that knows how to both rock it hard whilst also having a vulnerable side. I was going to end with my thoughts on Crystalyne, but I can't after I remembered that Courage My Love wrote this acoustic track containing lyrics that get me every time. That, and I appreciate the time they've taken to talk about their own anxiety troubles, as it's an encouragement to others that one's mental health is just as important as their physical health too. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to sleep peacefully because this song is just about over.
  9. Absolutely love the chords, lyrics, and stories told through Five for Fighting's songs. Cousin introduced me to more of his stuff beyond 100 Years when we were building a mix-CD on his old G4 iMac PC, which I thought was wicked cool at the time due to the form factor. ANNIE ARE YOU OK ANNIE ARE YOU O- oh. um. Sorry, got carried away there. Seriously though, though I enjoy Michael's original, this version has it's own reasons for living into the notoriety it earned in 2001. Though I wasn't into the 80's & 90's rap scene growing up, I look back on artists like Run DMC, Biggie, and D12 as being the talented players in the rap game. Today we've got ... who left? While I won't knock anyone who likes mumble rap, it's just not the roots from whence good rap came from. Brehm me up scotty! Er. Wait. Not like that. Or maybe like that? IDK. You tell me. I'm lost in dreams after listening to both the above songs because these EDM artists combined with Laura's vocals creates such a sleepy atmosphere at times. She's also released her own acoustic EP titled Breath with a track by the same name. Does anyone remember t.A.T.u. ? Hello me, listening to nothing but 200km/h in the Wrong Lane for most of summer 2008? 2009? I can't remember. Whilst most people only know All the Things She Said, I quite enjoyed the album as a whole. I don't have a favorite song off the album per sey, but particulaly favor the slower tempo of Stars with Russian rap interspersed among the English. Oh my, I won't hedge my bets on anything, but I really hope Daron and Serj can put their differences aside and release a new SOAD album. There are rumors of the band having a back catalogue of ideas and allegedly enough songs to make an album, but for now I'll just have to relive the band I spent hours listening to back when I was questing for the Horde playing WoW Burning Crusade many years ago. I can't remember if it was yourself or another user who shared their mashup cover of Metallica's Harvester of Sorrow and Soggy Bottom Boys' Man of Constant Sorrow from the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou - I love that rendition for its' mix of thrashy bluegrassin' goodness. This quarantine playthrough of Thunderhead is great too, mostly because so few bands I listen to use a banjo in their tracks. I'm not sorry. You're welcome. Gee thanks, now I'm all sticky from the adhesive. No but really, I absolutely LOVE how the groovy bass plucks play right up there with the lead synth throughout the entire song in such a complimentary way. Can't remember exactly how I first heard the track back in 2015, but as soon as it began playing it reminded me of extremely intense versions of some of the tracks by BC's own JPOD The Beat Chef. I'ma start by saying I absolutely hated everything about artists like Ke$ha for the fan-service, marketing tactics, and weak production qualities. Then I was selected to be the "DJ" at a couple of work parties. After DJing (and knocking back a few beers), I came to understand why people craved catchy earworm songs performed by artists like her, Katy Perry, and Charlie XCX - they're great to sing along to when you're having a damn good time because they use predictable hooks and simplistic repeatable lyrics, which coincidentally make them really fun to create DJ mixes with. You win music industry, you win. At least Katy Perry writes (or at least co-writes) most of her songs, which is something I favor in an artist, regardless of how manufactured their style might be. Oh right, and we can't forget Adam. Sweet, sweet, insomniac Adam. I haven't looked in years, but I hope he's doing well these days, because years of insomnia will kill you. Now that that's out of the way, let's get onto my treat for everyone... synthwave duo PRIZM released a new album 4 days ago on September 4th that I can't put down. Though it's heavily edited to meet SynthWave™ standards (I joke I joke, what standards?), I absolutely love the highs in the vocals on Can't Bring Me Down. The entire album makes me want to hop in my car with 3 friends, windows rolled down on a hot summer night, and just drive around the city until the sun comes up.
  10. THIS. ^^^ I would strongly caution against exposing SAMBA/SMB over the internet due to security implications and inconvenience compared to using a more secure platform like NextCloud on your Raspberry Pi. There are quite a few guides out there if you search "Raspberry Pi NextCloud server" - I've linked the one that looks fairly straightforward below for you to get started. https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-nextcloud-server/
  11. Then you will have no graphics card? Is there more to the question? Is this a practical joke? Sorry, I don't want to come off as rude, but I don't quite understand the purpose of your question.
  12. Wait, so law enforcement is concerned about the very thing they do to citizens on a regular basis? HA. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHA. That's rich. That's hilariously ironic. To be clear, the dangerous and covert missions that law enforcement sometimes put themselves in front of are not easy work, but you can't have it both ways. Double standards are how you create an us vs. them situation, which is exactly the opposite of what our law enforcement & society need. (Remember, they work for us, not the other way around.)
  13. As far as I know, there's no way to export as the Windows 10 Mail app is a limited client. That being said, if your accounts are setup as IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync, you can just set them up in another email client and emails should sync up as long as they're still on the server. https://www.tenforums.com/browsers-email/110506-how-do-i-export-messages-accouns-windows-10-mail.html
  14. Because the AMD E1-7010 CPU is an extremely low powered laptop processor. Some low-end desktops are actually just laptops in a big box. How to fix? Replace computer.
  15. I go back... a long time. Really long time. Can't recall which video was the first one I watched (as YouTube play history doesn't go back that far) but I did end up buying a Patriot Box Office media player (thanks to aasoror for all the custom firmware), Panasonic Eneloop battery set, and a couple Picquic screwdrivers.