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    Web Developer, IT Consultant, Photographer, Spotify Addict
  • Birthday 1992-10-26

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    Vancouver Island
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    Web Developer & IT Consultant // @Spotify Community RockStar // Vancouver Island Photographer


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    MSI Z97M Gaming
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    24GB DDR3-2133 G.SKILL RipjawsX (2x8GB & 2x4GB)
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    EVGA GTX 950 2GB SSC Edition
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    Corsair Air 240 Red & White Custom Edition
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    2x 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD // 2x 3TB Toshiba DT01ACA HDD // 2x 2TB Western Digital HDD
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 650GS 80+
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    2x Dell UltraSharp U2715H 1440p Monitors
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    Phanteks PH-TC12LS
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    Logitech G710+ (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Logitech G500
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    Logitech UE9000 Headphons // AntLion ModMic 5
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. kirashi

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Oh how much I miss MCR - those were the good old days of highschool angst. Yeah... don't get me wrong - I love Avril's early couple albums, but I agree that the stuff Kruger co-wrote is just... no. Not sure if I'm diggin' the vibes, but these music videos look like they're straight from the 1980's with their retro flair. Yas, ATC is a-mei-zing! Lots of Laszlo's stuff is like this - I especially enjoy Home featuring Richard Caddock... Mind you that's because I absolutely loved the way Puppet & Murtagh fit his voice into Killing Giants. And now for what I'm listening to... I'm a huge fan of continuous megamixes (when done right) and recently started listening to International Departures by Shane 54 to get my fix of Trance, House, and Progressive music blended together. Normally I'd link to the YouTube video but it unfortunately had its' audio muted because the music industry is still living under a rock from 1985 where they don't believe in collaboration unless they're on the receiving end of the sack of money.
  2. kirashi

    Wifi down - modem flashing

    If you're the downstream or upstream lights (the 2nd and 3rd lights under power, respectively) are not solid, this means the modem is not receiving downstream or upstream connectivity via the Drop Cable feeding your house, or via your household coax wiring. Contact your ISP to go through their standard RF troubleshooting procedures, which may include the below suggestions or may result in booking a technician to come physically check your wiring. In the meantime, you can try moving the modem to a different coax cable outlet in your home (just for testing - it doesn't have to stay there) to determine if just that outlet is bad, or if there may be an outage / issue with the modem itself. Additionally, try swapping coax cables, bypassing coax splitters, and/or checking other equipment provided by your ISP to see if anything else is not fully online.
  3. kirashi

    HP Omen Vesa Mount Adapter Replacment

    OK great! Use the flag at the top of the page to make sure you're on HP's USA site, then search for the part number. Looks like you can order it in the USA.
  4. kirashi

    HP Omen Vesa Mount Adapter Replacment

    Ah, yeah it might be because you have to set your country using the thingy at the top of the page - are you locate in the USA? Oh actually I just noticed that here in Canada, it lists the part and price, but says it's not orderable - I would have to contact a reseller to get the part, because apparently HP doesn't want my money up front.
  5. kirashi

    HP Omen Vesa Mount Adapter Replacment

    Boom, headshot -- http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?type=PROD&SearchText=Z7Y57A9 Part Number: 928435-001 -- VESA MOUNT ADAPTER-OMEN by HP 25 https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.aspx?mscssid=6E936C3AA0974B6181CFE664F1CCDDBE&SearchIn=PartNumber&SearchPN=928435-001 You may also be able to find it on Amazon or eBay, but otherwise it might be a tough find according to this reddit thread:
  6. kirashi

    HP Omen Vesa Mount Adapter Replacment

    If you get me the exact product or serial number of your monitor, I can find you the part number of the VESA adapter so you at least have something to search for. The SN or PN will be on a sticker somewhere on the back of the monitor and usually has a # hashtag in it somewhere.
  7. kirashi

    Best method to archive 12 years of Media

    No, zipping media files does very little to compress them since they're already compressed using whatever codec they currently reside in. You can totally give it a try, but the less then 1% gain you'd achieve is not worth the hours you'd spend compressing them. If you want media files to take up less space, you can choose a more efficient codec, such as H.265 vs H.264, reduce the resolution of the files, or reduce the bitrate, all of which will require re-encoding either manually or by way of an automated program.
  8. kirashi

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    When dealing with VHS? As long as the length of the program, because again, VCR's record video in real-time -- they are NOT digital, therefore cannot just "copy" a file over. This means if you have a 2 hour concert recorded to DVD that you'd like to clone to VHS, it will take 2 hours because you effectively have to play back the 2 hour concert for the entire length while the VCR records the video + audio to tape.
  9. kirashi

    Applications running slow.

    Check Task Manager to see if you're hitting 100% disk usage during boot or when opening applications - If you are, upgrade your boot drive to an SSD.
  10. kirashi

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    There are DVD/VCR players that have 2 way recording, yes - this means you can record an unprotected DVD (read: not a feature movie because copy protection) to VHS, and vice versa. However, VHS tapes are NOT digital, therefore the way they record is by essentially playing the tape in record mode for the length of the recording. If they did make a device to record video from PC onto VHS tape, you'd have to let the video playback in real-time for it to "record" to the VHS tape.
  11. kirashi

    Applications running slow.

    Please post the rest of your computer's specs, and elaborate on what you mean by "slow" - is it slow to boot up? Slow to respond after it boots up?
  12. kirashi

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    There are many converters that will essentially take an RCA (red/white/yellow) output from any video device and allow you to record this to a digital file on the computer, but I'm not aware of anything that will do the reverse since that'd be going backward. I understand that VHS tapes may be easier for your grandma to use since she's used to them, and I really do feel for the older generations who are at an age where they can't learn new things due to deteriorating health (or other issues) but unfortunately this is the way technology goes these days. I love tech, but also fear for the day that I too lose the ability to keep up, as I'll fall behind current tech and be in the same boat.
  13. kirashi

    Router for VPN

    Any router capable of running OpenWRT, DD-WRT, or another custom firmware variant such as AdvancedTomato have built-in VPN settings that allow you to configure all connections through the router to go straight to a compatible VPN, as long as said VPN supports such a setup. I'd choose whatever router best meets your needs based on the compatibility list here: https://advancedtomato.com/downloads
  14. kirashi

    Good and cheap ssd!

    Crucial's MX500 or Samsung's Evo 960 (or whatever number they're up to now) are my recommendations for inexpensive but reliable SSD's from reputable companies. The 250GB can be had for $50, and the 500GB version for $17 more. 250GB - https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-MX500-NAND-SATA-Internal/dp/B0764WCXCV/ 500GB - https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-MX500-NAND-SATA-Internal/dp/B0784SLQM6/