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  1. Thats it, Thats all LMAO. Basically how it stacks up right now, If I were to sell this combo for 350$, I could upgrade to a 10700kf on a Z490-e for 150$ but I wanna get a price check on it all
  2. found a deal on a 10700kf combo, wanted to get a price check on these parts if anyone had an opinion as to how much theyre worth X99 SOC Champion(no io shield), 5820K and a 4X8 kit of CL15 3000mghz adata Rgb ram and an NZXT H500
  3. What are using to change fan speed? I've used Argus monitor, they are fairly loud but nothing to control them from my experiences via PWM but software is capable of it? AIOs baller, keeps my 5820K Chilly all the time OCed when its like 200w+ so No worries there
  4. I do enjoy OCing my 5820K, but 4.4 is what I maxed out at, I know X299 got a lot better for clocks but Im not sure im gonna OC too far out of the box
  5. Eisbaer 280 in a p500A not too worried about temps
  6. I know X264 can effect certain games based because of clock speed but, eh. What do you think of a 10700k, and a Z490 Aorus Gaming X for 420$?
  7. Tbf, I did snag a 9700KF, 32GB of CL16 Trident Z, NH-D15, an EVGA 750W NEX Psu, and a Z390 aorus pro wifi for 320$, but those are once a few months kind of deals
  8. Yea, I could, Microcenter is local to me im in the chicagoland area, but that might be closer to like 480~ish. Depending on the board post tax
  9. yea I do run it using NVenc, but I've heard others praising X264 if you have the ability to use extra cores that games wont utilize
  10. I can easily snag a used B550 Pro4 and 3700x combo for 320$Ish of a guy, but not certain how I feel.
  11. Trust me, I'm certain I won't notice a difference, but availability is also what Im curious about, RN locally what im finding is 7920x X299 FTWK for 435, or 450 used for a 3900x..Not a fantastic deal on the 3900x if im not mistaken. I do have aspirations for things larger than that, So wouldnt mind a 10c/20t or a 12c/24t, but availability is the only issue
  12. 5900X = 550, 3900-500$~ new, This CPU and mobo costs me 435$ together, So it's not an EXCEPTIONAL deal in comparison but its not bad by any means, from what I'm seeing locally I'm only able to find a 3900X for 450 and 500, on any of my usual routes Also might be harder to find that a 7920X, but they're all hard to find, Yea I'm only seeing like 450 on a 3900X alone looking in my usual spots
  13. Only thing is I really run local deals using Cash. Prefer to avoid Ebay to get the best pricing
  14. yea and I figured if need be I can overclock it since they're pretty consistent
  15. I failed to mention this, but streaming, content creation using Premiere, and being able to find a 3900X alongside price are whats affecting my X299 VS AM4 decision