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  1. ITT: Overwatch is apparetly a failure with 20 million players and apparently e-sports not a sport.
  2. I pay for Play Music so I supposedly have a Red membership... And yet I have no fucking clue what YouTube Red is.
  3. why is verizon buying all the old internet companies that no one seems to use these days(aol, yahoo). Whats next, myspace?
  4. Mods should just ban you for having that gif as your profile pic.
  5. Darn I guess I'll just have to pirate the shows and movies for my friends and I.
  6. What the flippity flippity fuck is going in in this comment section... People are attacking blizzard for trying to take a stand against hackers... Put your damned petty grievances aside for a minute and maybe you'll see that this might just be a good thing.
  7. Gonna need at least 90% more bias from you, OP.
  8. Between 56 and 60 depending on the night and who I play with.
  9. Freaking out a bit aren't we kiddies... It was only KOTH and it was equally broken for both wins and losses. It's a short season anyway... Jesus why does everyone flip out over the tiniest things.
  10. His old phone could only email... And only email people that worked at the White House. I know a guy.
  11. Blackberry finally shooting themselves in their last toe. They wanted to change their image to one of security and privacy for large corporations and governments... And now they're showing they can't even achieve that. Rest in pieces
  12. And you only have to worry about crossfire issues. I went for two 970s instead of a 980. Sli never again. One 1080 is still going to be objectively better than two of any cheaper card in sli for that reason alone. It's impressive that they're selling it at such a low price, but one card for me. Disclaimer: I am aware of the difference between sli and crossfire. Both have undeniably annoying issues in many titles.
  13. I may not buy AMD hardware, but goddamned if this didn't brighten my day.
  14. There is no in game economy being affected. It hurts no other players. Why is this even an issue... Punishment shouldn't be made on principle. It's their game let them do with it what they wish so long as other people aren't negatively affected
  15. What is it with you folks and being so opposed to investigating the contacts and correspondences of criminals? A back door to all devices is one thing, but requesting that a criminal's device is able to be unlocked by the manufacturer physically is not something I'm against in any capacity. Digitally accessing a device is a whole other cup of shit. Law enforcement has to keep up with technological advancements or they can't do their job in an ever increasingly digital world.
  16. To find possible connections and accomplices to the crime, I'd imagine.
  17. Now, I'm against governments being able to decrypt your information at will, but if you're attached directly to the murder of multiple people... You tossed that right to privacy away already. I get that people don't trust governments with their data, but I don't get this notion that murderers are entitled to the same level of privacy.
  18. We're complaining that ea is letting us test new games for almost nothing?
  19. That's both something you should not be at all proud of, and something you should look back on in disgust.
  20. Lock this thread and let us forget that something this fundamentally dumb was ever proposed
  21. Halo 5 really is bad, though. As, I believe it was Engadget, said... It's like they doubled down on all of the bad traits of Halo 4. The shooter elements are better... But the campaign is generally uninteresting and Buck was the only thing that got me through the bore fest that was the terribly written character dialogue and uninteresting story. They had so many opportunities to make connections to previous games and bridge that gap that their books and assorted media do... And while I'm sure that people who read the books and watched the other media understand and enjoy the story, most of us are just totally confused and bewildered by the lack of explanations given for many of the confusing and unfinished plot lines.
  22. Unfair comparison. That case was warranted. The coffee was twice or more the recommended temperature and the woman received extreme burns.
  23. I must have missed the other maps, then. Their underwhelming map design and the rebels getting camo... If you buy this game then so be it... You're just not worth my time to argue with if you can't see how you're wasting your money.