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  1. So, recently after my buddy installed Geforce Experience to update his drivers, his framerate in Fortnite has been capped at wierd numbers: When he launches the game the framerate is always capped at some arbitrary number like 80-95-115 etc. Weve tried the following: Uninstall and re-installing the game Disabling V-sync in Nvidia control panel aswell as in-game Uncapping the framerate in geforce experience, nvidia control panel and ingame Re-rolling to older drivers Uninstalling geforce experience Yet it has all been to no avail, any recommendatio
  2. Got a 1080p screen, so not going 4K in the near future, im more concerned with framerate. I usually do 1080p Max Settings, and id like to try Ray Tracing. So essentially id like to run newer games at 1080p, Max Settings w/ Ray Tracing @60fps
  3. Correct, im not into Overclocking and dont know much about it, so the CPU only goes as far as the stock settings will allow it to boost (which i believe is 4.5Ghz on all cores?) And another thing, will i be bottlenecking a 3070 with a 10600k?
  4. Im considering upgrading to a 3070 (if im able to get my hands on one :P) once they launch. Im however wondering if i need to upgrade my PSU, ive found other threads about this, some say you dont need a very powerful one if its a good model, others say you need 750W. My current specs: CPU: Core i5 10600k GPU: ASUS 1660 Super ROG Strix CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition Ram: 2x8GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2666Mhz MB: ASUS ROG Strix B460-F Gaming Storage: Kingston A2000 Nvme SSD 500GB PSU: Corsair RM550x 550W Any help would be great
  5. I recently sold my old computer but forgot to log out of my microsoft account on the computer. I was wondering if there is a way for me or for the new owner to disconnect my microsoft account from the computer? Is there a way i can "log out of all devices"? Or something like that? Any help is greatly appriciated
  6. Will the system support 2 M.2 ssds? Im planning on getting another 1TB in the future, i hate hard drives Duly noted on the PSU though
  7. Will a 10th gen i5 bottleneck a 2060 in gaming? Im planning GPU upgrades in the future so i would like the CPU to last a bit.
  8. Other than streaming hardcore hentai porn in 16k? No.
  9. Perhaps because you are using daymode? Im using nightmode. I might have done something wrong i have no idea
  10. I hate swapping CPUs so just wanted to future proof it as much as possible.
  11. Default text? Everything appears normal on my end. Sorry if theres something wrong with it but im unable to see anything on my screen.
  12. Planning a new build. It will be used for gaming. Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z490-P Ram: Corsair Vengaence RGB Pro DDR4 2x8GB @ 3200Mhz PSU: Corsair RM 750x Graphics Card: ASUS Geforce RTX 2060 Dual EVO OC CPU Cooler: CM Masterliquid ML240L CPU: Intel Core i5-10600K Case: Fractal Design Define S2 (Black) Storage: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB SSD Id like to know if everything is compatible and if it is a good choice. Any advice would be most appriciated :)
  13. Thanks for the great advice I especially like the second recommendation. When thats said however, they seem to be sold in the US, and warranty is a bitch when it comes to ordering things from overseas
  14. I have a gaming PC and im used to both OS's so that doesent really make a difference, how is the build quality of the Dell?
  15. So, ive had my Macbook Air 13" model 2015 for about 4 years now, and i think its time to upgrade, its been in some rough weather and both the USB ports are busted, so im thinking its time to look for a new one. Im looking for recommendations based on my needs listed below. Portable - I will be using it exclusively for watching Netflix and browsing the web as well as school work, i will carry it almost daily around with me in a PC bag. Durable - Ive been quite satisfied with the Macbooks build quality, most of my former laptops have snapped at the hinges long before this one, a