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  1. So most Windows software can be emulated on the Mac? Will i be able to use all Windows software including saving files and whatnot if i use parallels? Sorry for the dumb and repetitive questions haha Ive listed the different courses, their names are in Norwegian but ill attempt to translate their names as accurately as possible to give you an idea of what were going to be doing First Semester: -Databases -Digital Technology -Introduction to Programming -Creative Project Second Semeseter: -Computer Security (Cyber Security) -
  2. I did some research since you asked about the type of school haha Its not a trade school, we have those in Norway aswell. After youve finished 10 years of mandatory school in Norway you can go onto either "Specialized Studies" or "Trade School". Trade Schools do not offer Bachelors Degrees and you have to choose "Specialized Studies" to be eligible to enter either a University or a "Høyskole" which in the US is known as "University College" apperantly. Both "Trade Schools" & "Specialized Studies" require 3 years after the 10 years that are mandatory and once those are finished you can ap
  3. So ive talked to my guidance councelor and he did not specify which software will be used exactly because he said theres "alot of it". Which i feel like is a poor reply but whatever... He said that the only software that is required to have MacOS for is IOS programming, but that other courses may require MacOS based on the individual teachers pick of software. And considering bootcamp is not a thing with Mac anymore i might have to get both machines wont i?
  4. Im from Norway and no, Universitys do not directly give courses in these exact subjects. Its a different type of institution in Norway thats not really comparable to College, but not either comparable to University. Its kind of lodged between the two, and is very common here because University in Norway are usually theory and not practice based, atleast moreso. Theyre common for people getting Bachelors degrees and Masters degrees in specific subjects like Economics and whatnot.
  5. Im not certain of the exact software ill be using. I have an appointment with my guidance councelor scheduled for the day after tomorrow. Would it be okay if i messaged you back then when i know more? Do you personally recommend getting a Macbook?
  6. Im starting my Bachelors degree in IT and im doing Front-End/Back-End developement alongside software developement for Android and IOS. The school says both Windows and MacOS are needed. Windows for basically everything and then MacOS for IOS developement. So i was wondering what my best option buying a laptop would be cause id rather not buy an expensive Windows laptop and then an expensive Macbook aswell They recommend a Mac with a partition of Windows on the drive, but is that even possible with M1? Can i partition MacOS on a Windows laptop instead? I know Windo
  7. One more question if you dont mind haha Does it use a 3.5" or 2.5" HDD originally? Because if its a 3.5" ill probably also have to purchase some sort of bracket to make it fit correct?
  8. Thank you so much for all the in-depth help Actually im not replacing the drive, the store is. Because he has a "service agreement" that he was stupid enough to pay 900 Euros for they will replace it for him provided he has the hardware free of charge. I preferred to have them do it as i heard you need suction cups and whatnot to get the screen off which sounds like a hassle if i can avoid it haha (Yes they will perform the replacement even though they told him to buy a new one and when i came in told me they didnt recommend replacing the HDD because it may cause issues) but they will per
  9. Yes, it does have an Optical Drive on the right hand side.
  10. Yes im sorry. They PURCHASED it in 2012 i should have specified, i just assumed its a 2012 model i guess. I cannot log onto the computer so i cannot verify, but its a thick model i would assume as its not very slim imo.
  11. So my buddys 2012 iMac had the Hard Drive fail. The store which he bought it at told him Apple doesent supply parts to that machine anymore so its pretty much dead, which i find wierd because it just uses a standard HDD. So i went into the store and asked them if i couldnt just buy a new HDD from any company and throw that in there, and they say that MIGHT work, but that it might not "work correctly" and its not something they would recommend. To me this sounds wierd, its just a standard HDD in there so why wouldnt a replacement one work just fine? So my question is: Is what they a
  12. The camera is detected, i checked and it gives me the Model ID and Unique ID of the camera. What can i check under privacy? Ive attempted to use online services also such as omegle and the camera is black even if i give the website permission. How can i check if drivers are corrupt?
  13. When i attempt to use any app with the built in camera the green light goes on but the screen remains black. I booted into safe mode and attempted the same apps (facetime, photobooth, microsoft teams) but this time the green light does not appear and it tells me the camera is not connected. Its a 2016 model Intel Macbook Pro. Might this be a hardware error? Or are there any other steps i may attempt to resolve the issue? Edit ive also tried: sudo killall VDCAssistant command in Terminal and no "processes were found".
  14. Completely agree, imo the difference in resolutions on small monitors is not really noticable to myself atleast so i prefer to target high frame rates. Much smoother experience all the way!
  15. So, a friend of mine recently invested in a Macbook Air (the Intel one the M1 hadnt come out yet) because at school she needed to use software only availible on MacOS. I told her to just go Hackintosh with a Windows laptop as i feel they offer far more bang for the buck. Realizing that alot of editing softwares are Mac exclusives, will this make them even more exclusive in the future when the software cuts support for older x86 Macs? Do you think that these developers will start making x86 Windows compatible versions of the software to not have it locked on the Mac or do you think people will