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  1. Well they didn't. And nobody asked for it. Then the minimum requirements for older processor could've also been to have a graphic card Okay, somehow in a hurry I didn't read the full quote but just the opinion and comments which didn't directly refer to the security features microsoft is claiming. Now, here's my thoughts about that. Who asked for this? None of these security features I believe would stop someone from downloading a virus or malware from mail attachements and links. And these features are honestly mostly irrelevent to regular home users. These features could'
  2. WTF? Did you even read the whole paragraph I wrote? Can you please go up and read again. I am asking Microsoft on what justification they have that Windows 11 can run on 8th gen U and Y processors compared to my 3rd gen 3770k. It is certainly not performance because my 3rd gen is still more powerful than the new low powererd processor. And if say it's features of newer processors, what feature exactly? What features would not allow an operating system similar to Windows 10 suddenly make older processors choke? Mandating something like an SSD boot drive makes more sense
  3. This is so stupid. What does Windows 11 have that exclusively requires 7th gen Intel and later? For a "better" expereince, they should mandate something meaningful like SSDs on OEM laptops. Most people are still fine with dual core processors from Sandy bridge era for their needs and Microsoft is basically forcing fragmentation onto their eco system. Also my 3770K is certainly faster than than a modern U or a Y series chip, so this makes even less sense Why has Microsoft always been run by such dumb dumbs? They're only relevent today because of their early market grappl
  4. Lol, what a shitshow I still don't understand in any capacity why my 3770K and Z77 platform wouldn't be able to run Windows 11. Forget TPM requirement, now there's a processor label requirement as well, even though 8th gen U/Y series is still slower than my overclocked 3770k So why in the world did Microsoft put "Dual core 64 bit processor" on their website? Like are they still having internal debates about how to artificailly make Windows 11 not run on most computers. Especially given the worldwide PC component shortage, this seems so far out of touch with reality.
  5. Sigh I asked a different question. Not "What is DMCA or what is the point of DMCA existence?" Let me quote myselt, the part you convinently left. I'm not sure if you know this, but context is important This DMCA takedown isn't going to change anything. If Windows 12 leaks, it will find its way to interwebs somehow and the precendence of DMCA takedown for 11 isn't going to stop anyone or anything. Rather than spending time and money on this, they could've just ignored it and the leaked ISO would pretty much fizzle out as soon as Microsoft releases the beta. Sure, they ca
  6. I said this DMCA. Implying this DMCA requests for takedown. Don't jump the gun and comment is a condacending way I know what a DMCA is. I just said that there's no point in doing so
  7. Hmm maybe. But still, when something huge like this leaks, it's bound to at least end up available as a torrent to download.
  8. Yeah, it doesn't make sense for Microsoft to leak it. If anything they would lose a lot of wow factor from the June 24th event. Besides, what is the point of this DMCA? Even if they take down the website the Windows 11 ISO will still exist in the interwebs until Microsoft officially releases out actual version. Seems like a complete time waste IMO
  9. Apple is a buisness. They're not international human rights and non-profit organisation, my god. I don't understand why people on this forum seem to be incapable of thinking more critically and rather just write comments behind the safety behind anonymity and privledge They can't just pull out of countries who's policies they don't agree with. And this extends to literally everything else. China is ruled by corrupt communist party. I'm sure most mega corps like Apple don't really like that but they have to suck it and deal with it. I'm sure most companies don't like captial punishm
  10. I think even the 3D scan with Lidar can potentially be a game changer for engineers and designers. Being able to change real world props and items to virtual can be even really useful for game developement
  11. That is what they implied it does. Even I'm not sure how they do it, especially without UWB in Macs and iPads. Well, it's just a matter of time before the beta testers report on how things work
  12. You missed one of the coolest demo shown, universal mouse thing
  13. Okay, I understand that there was some flaw in my understanding or didnt think deep enough when I first made my original comment. I would assume that whenever a electric signal gets blocked in a system it would invariably result in heat. So no heat is not possible. But where does the heat get generated when electricity does pass? What if all the interconnects was made of a hypothetical superconductor causing pretty much no resistive heat generation? And for the example you presented, it got me thinking more. Wouldn't a 99% efficient light bulb be converting 99% of energy to pu
  14. I did say clearly to an external observer. And yes, I meant 4 years, not 4 light years. You could've just said that and I would've understood what you are talking about. As for my interpretation of teleportation, I intetionally interpreted about something that is more closer to reality with our current laws of physics (I assumed so because he was talking about time dialtion - involving something to do with speed or acceleration). Teleportation in the conventional definition cannot work and whatever we do right now we will be bound by the speed of causality. At shorter dista
  15. You seem to not know about objects traveling faster experiences slower time ? Aka time dialtion The faster you travel the slower the time is. There is a time dilation equation that you play around with. Subsitute V^2 for C^2, meaning you're travelling at the speed of light, then t' becomes 0 (dilated time the traveller experiances equals to 0 = teleportation) If you travel at the speed of light, you experiance 0 time, meaning whatever you intend to do, you will do it in an instant. If you want to travel to the end of the universe, you will do it