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  1. Yeah I know there will be other boards based on this, but would've been nice to have gotten it from the get go, especially when IoT is the big thing right now I haven't gone too deep into it. I was actually quite busy making the launch video for the Pico for my company. And the whole SDKs weren't available to us prior launch, so I could only work with the uf2 files they provided us with. But theoretically it should, since its ARM Cortex M0 based Yeah, I saw the annoucement yesterday. Pretty nice actually
  2. My company had recieved the Pico before launch. Got to play around with it for a week. Pretty neat device actually. Definitely better than Nano, but the lack of WiFi or BT is bit of a bummer, especially since the ESP32 is a very neat little device, albeit more expensive
  3. But Google search also contains snippets of the website below. I doubt google would throw such an issue if it only affected Google News.
  4. Congrats on 17,000 posts! Unless Im understanding something wrong, wouldn't it pan out as below If google has to pay articles for linking them in their search engine, wouldn't they simply just remove it. And if that happens, is there even a point to search engine. We all will likely have to go directly to website and for the websites themselves, there will be 0 discoverability. Plus im sure some paid search engines would pop up, that allows us, consumers, to pay for having the privelege to search for things.
  5. What is the reason for this legislation? That article makers aren't getting enough money? It seems like a dumb attempt to break things that were never broken to begin with
  6. What rising prices? The prices are falling compared to 1-2 years ago, for smartphones It is meaningless. It was a feature used by very very few, so it makes sense to ax it. Doesn't mean that next gen they will remove the screen or battery, etc. As for chargers also, most people have a decent one. If they don't, I don't think spending another $30 for high quality multi port charger that can be used with many devices for years to come isn't such an earth shattering thing. In fact I've always preferred getting those as I don't have to carry around multiple charge bricks. A
  7. Ugh, I absolutely hate these sort of comments that just extrapolates something into meningless domains in attempt to try and give some false validity to the point Samsung S series is a mass market phone. They've probaby done their research and realized not many people use microSDCard slots (I mean why even when you have minimum a 128GB phone). Also literally every other brand has no microSDCard slot and Samsung wasn't appreciably getting more sales just becasue they had one
  8. I dont know why people are crying about MST. I get the appeal, but most PoS terminals have NFC built in, even if the retailer might not know about it (I see that US seems to be a bad example - but rest of the world has moved on) MicroSD card, sure. I get why people are mad. It's not an option anymore to expand your storage. But do you really need more than 128 GB storage on your phone, when most people these days stream music and movies. And your photos and videos you take on your camera (if you do really care about) should never be stored on a single device and most people should
  9. Ideally we want all energy to be converted to useful energy, that is work. Heat is wasted energy. Hence if there was ever a possibility of 100 percent efficiency, the chip would only ever be at ambient temperature. The fact that M1 chips are extremely performing and output very little heat to basically operate without any cooling speaks volumes about Apple's chip engineering team
  10. They should've delayed it. But I presume the management wanted it out asap, since there was a couple of nutjobs going as far as giing death threats to the developers for delaying it. Not that Im saying they released it out of fear, but the management probably assumed that delying it again for a year wouldn't be worth pissing off the diehard and vocal fans. But obviously they should've known better or at least instead do a limited release in PC and then eventually others
  11. Honestly, this is as pathetic as Epic v Apple, where Epic lost all it's credibility for the stunt they pulled off. Here, to the basic premise is that, given a user has a choice on whether a corporation gets to know all their personal details and sell it for massive amounts of money - the user would disagree. The fact that Facebook's buisness model relies on intentionally on tricking users with convoluted jargain is the wrongdoing in the first place. I don't expect Android to ever have this feature - but at least there is one competitve platform that you can trust a lot
  12. What? Since when? In my place, WhatsApp became dominant just because it was fully compatible cross platform when the only competition back then was Apple only iMessage and whatever of the 25 different messaging apps google had at the time. IMO Telegram is better, but WhatsApp has become just too dominant, and besides I think Zuckerberg would've bought Telegram if it was as popular as WhatsApp. So I guess it wouldn't make any difference
  13. Exactly. To add to the last point, there is potentially a lot of efficieny gains to be had from integrating the modem with the SoC - an advantage currently all newer and upcoming qualcomm powered devices have
  14. How is Apple making their own chips a move to kill right to repair? When did Android phones have the ability to replace their modems? This is the kind BS mindless iHateApple bandwagon going on online and in this forum
  15. Uhm, they re-use rockets. Something no one else has managed to do till now in a viable and practical scale (The shuttle wasn't viable at all - hence why it was sun-setted) Plus yes, most, if not all rocket companies make their own rockets - so it's mostly the reusability that plays the advantage in SpaceX's case Back on topic, Why is anyone suprised at this? They didn't buy Intel's modem division to improve their employee diversity. I hope Apple makes their own chips and I hope it actually performs better than Qualcomm's. And recent rumours have suggested th