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  1. Granted, but only your posts were closed. I wish more people knew about Gamer Supps energy drink, and ironic gimmicky naming aside it tastes really fucking good.
  2. Granted, but it was 40c so I could not enjoy it. I wish for exactly 5 sheckles.
  3. I have had nothing but issues with moto phones, and ive used plenty in my life as have my folks.
  4. Try changing to the USB port above/below the keyboard. Its possible it's only certain ports. It should be labled on the IO shield.
  5. ErP is a common one. It should be *disabled* for powered USB to be enabled. I believe on Gigabyte boards it is under "Power management"
  6. I personally have the dock plugged in to the USB hub on my monitor, which can be configured to always output power. Some vendors also allow this setting in the BIOS to some or all USB ports.
  7. Youd have to thicken up the phone quite a bit to make room for the battery, or lose battery capacity. The regained space isnt really there by moving it as the camera already is traditionally on top of other components.
  8. I responded while taking a very quick break, and couldnt quickly find the answer... apologies.
  9. Uhhh, any of those options *should* work. as far as im aware HDD's dont use 3.3v for anything, but it is specifically pin 3 that causes issues. It does not shock me that an external enclosure doesnt have the issue, it probably doesn't supply 3.3v at all since its only made for hard drives. Removing the 3.3v plug out of a modular cable would also work, yes, as it effectively does the same thing as taping the 3.3v pins off. As I said, I literally cut the pin out on my 8TB drive, and have had 0 issues. I do understand that not everybody would be on board with that. I have written and read a LOT of data to this drive at once (roughly its full capacity each way), which I am assuming is your concern with SMR? Ive had zero issues whatsoever, and would not be concerned.
  10. I can tell you I shucked an 8TB easystore and got one of those spun-down ultrastars. Though, in the case of the 8TB there are a couple different models of drives used and not all are infact ultrastars. I have tortured the hell out of this drive and its yet to care, spun up every day for 2 years and spent roughly half of that with no active airflow. 100% recommend shucking easystores. Do yourself a favor and cut off pin 3, don't try and mess around with tape. A sharp pocket knife and a steady hand is all you need.
  11. I feel like the 3900x's higher clock really would have helped here. Also, yall forgot to fill out your sponsor links again.
  12. Wow, first "meh" review of the arctis 7 ive seen in a while. I can say, with an EQ i am very happy with them. Also, have gotten nothing but compliments from long time online friends who had to listen to me through my corsair void pro's prior. The issue with headband tension hasnt really been one with me, and i have a fairly large head.
  13. macOS, even now, is the target of much fewer virus' than Windows is. Personally, I find gatekeeper to be more than fine with an adblocker. Never gotten a virus in all my time on macOS.
  14. Wonder if KO is just a name this time, or if they have done something weird with GPU dies like they did with the 2060.
  15. You probably wont make much money at consumer pricing for selling prebuilts, just a word of wisdom. The prime X470-pro has 8, and is quite cheap now atleast in the US.
  16. Short Circut also hosts unboxings for review products they *will* be reviewing on LTT. I was more talking threads for SC uploads, so that we dont get 4+ threads per video discussing the OP's opinion of the video.
  17. *note that intels TDP is taken at base clock, at the i5 has a lower base clock at an (honestly quite impressive given its boost clock) 800MHz base clock, while the i3 is at 1.1GHz.
  18. My online accounting course requires the midterm and final exams to be screen recorded and uploaded via Tegrity. I did this on my Macbook Air, and noticed no real performance issues in chrome (though i only had one tab open, admittedly), doing okay sized excel worksheets with lots of formulas, and doing (im assuming native res) recordings of my screen and webcam. Mind you, the upload process (which included re-encoding and compressing the clips) easily took an hour for the ~2 hour recording. I find people underestimate the power of software optimization, as my 2014 macbook air still goes along just fine as my main laptop. On it I do light video editing, and lots of multitasking with Apple Music open, ~10 chrome tabs, discord, and word open while writing research paper. I am ONLY upgrading because of RAM limitations, as 4GB of RAM is finally becoming not enough on the macOS side of things on catalina.
  19. It seems the channel is taking off quite well, so is there a reason I'm not thinking of that there arent posts dedicated to the videos for discussion as there are with the more major channels?
  20. Thats still a MASSIVE range in core temps... If you have thermal paste laying around, try to re-mount the pump/block.
  21. That wide variation in temps tells me your thermal paste application might have been bad. Also, the pump goes in to CPU_PUMP. Not CPU_FAN. The former is rated for the higher amperage of a pump.