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  1. see, this was one of my concerns, if the OS drive would be the bottleneck for games or if they would "cache" it on the RAM, the problem is that I don't want to buy a 1Tb high performance SSD just to waste 25% of it just for Windows and System files garbage! of course the jump from HDD to SSD is so high that you won't notice the one from Sata SSD to Nvme. now I'm going to bed, tomorrow I'll study more into it, I'm still confused because I'm reading all sort of things, like disks using SLC as a first-step write to improve speed, or those that drops the speed by A LOT after
  2. Hi, I already have a 10sec cold boot time with my 1Tb Sabrent Rocket (pcie 3.0) Nvme SSD, and I'm still reading reviews about SSDs and how they work, but so far it seems that for the OS there isn't much difference at all (like maybe 2seconds AT BEST if I get a gen 4.0 nvme drive) while there's much speculation on the future of gaming and direct access to storage. so I was thinking, should I migrate my OS to a smaller Sata SSD like an MX500 of 250/500Gb and use the full 1Tb Nvme (and maybe in the future buy a 2Tb model with a newer controller or a 4.0) for games and application
  3. what??? you contacted Crucial support or the Amazon Seller? it's weird because they are virtually the same drive but the BX performs worst on many benchmarks exactly on par of cacheless SSD... uhhh
  4. funnily enough, an HDD vs SSD does not make that MUCH of a difference in modern to past titles as well in gaming. maybe 2-3 years from now they’ll build games that can take advantage of fast storage
  5. I usually re-install my Windows every 1-2 years to keep it fresh, This year I have a 1Tb nvme as boot drive and I gave 200Gb to windows and the other 700~ to Games and bigger software like Blender/Unity with lots of assets. taking into consideration all your everyday programs (browsers, clients, media players and such) + desktop junk, Trash bin and download buffer (ie: downloading onto the ssd and then moving them to my hdd storage) I feel that 200 is a good size, even if it’s Overkill I THINK* it might help leaving more empty space for the overhead operations and cache of the SSD
  6. Maybe we can pull some sheet on this forum like they do for the Motherboard tier list with all the vrms and specs, but for Sata and m.2 SSDs it sure would help a lot to clear the confusion when you compare by price and some good drives are on discount vs a cache-less cheaper ones idk
  7. How do I know if an ssd or nvme ssd has (and how much) SLC cache? On Amazon it’s hard to find in the specs, other sites don’t let you filter for cache let alone cache size
  8. I mean anyone who would have done his research would have found out what the 2000 series was all about, if they had the money to splurge on what were at the time experimental features like RTX (remember physx? tressfx?) and a 10% gain in performance rather than going for a 1080 they had it coming but in the end it all depends what they are gaming on, if they are 1080p they are set for life unless they need 240fps vsync IMO
  9. any youtuber that has coverage for VR performance? the only thing I found was 4 lines from this article speculating on performance in 2 games https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/nvidia-rtx-3080-review-4k-greatness-at-699-and-good-news-for-cheaper-gpus/
  10. was the vertical GPU for looks or performance? I have the same case and I notice how how the glass gets in the exaust of the GPU: I wonder if a vertical config might help move air away faster. also how easy was to install the holder?
  11. I was planning to get 2 fans (140mm maybe..) for the front intake and 1 for the exaust, but For now I will lower the front fan since I think the cpu can get plenty of air from the top mesh anyway thanks!
  12. Hi all, this time around I'm helping a friend building a computer to update his old system. and since I am not skilled on the lower end of the components I have some questions. but first: Budget: 300-350€ (400max if amazon is out of stock and prices are inflated) Country: Italy (Amazon .it mainly) Scope: Office use, light retro gaming (pre 2010) PCPartPicker Part List: https://it.pcpartpicker.com/list/gZFzRk CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor (€97.48 @ Amazon Italia) CPU cooler: *No idea, must consider if PBO will be enab
  13. Tomorrow with better light! as for the pc, wew. What a odyssey it was, I started studying for the components since February! The TUF was the best x570 motherboard in terms of price/performance with an optical audio connector, while the Ram with that specific serial are due to the Rev-e die on them for OC tweaking. if you can find my previous posts before I got this one (I think 2 weeks ago in my profile activity) you will see all the components and the “reason” why I pick them, after weeks of studying each components like watching hours and hours of Buildzoid video and Game
  14. I’m going to trust your profile pic as an expert in the field. Haha I was working on 2 swiffer duster pads sewed in a loop, where half of the loop is in a plastic tube, and coming out will charge it enough to dust the external mesh filter. But I think I am leaving more dust as shredded swiffer material than actual dust
  15. My 3800x stock cooler is annoyingly loud