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  1. that doesn´t answer my question a single bit. What CPU, what air cooler, what AIO, what workload, did you set up your fan curve? Maybe it is quieter just because it can take bursty load due to its higher thermal capacity.
  2. Hello guys. I have seen a lot of nonsense AIO applications where cooling costs more than the CPU itself. I get it, it is for fun, enthusiasm and so on, but I would like to know: 1. What CPU you can´t cool with an air cooler without throttling? 2. What CPU you can´t overclock with an air cooler to 98% of the frequency that you could reach with AIO or custom loop? I recently ran Ryzen 9 5900X on SilentiumPC Grandis 3 at 4350 MHz all core syntetic load and temps were around 80C. That is a 60 USD air cooler. If it can handle this, I believe some Noctua NH-D15 or whatever, can handle 595
  3. Not from my experience. 10+% frequency overclock only increases power draw of the GPU by some 1-3%. Sometimes 0%. I have never seen an increase of more than 5% on any laptop ever. Maybe you had a different laptop, I am not going to argue. But in terms of power, it is very OK from my experience. Video cards are usually limited to 84-90C unlike CPUs. At least the modern ones, I don´t recall how did the old ones behave. I have never seen a modern GPU run at above 90C without manipulating with maximum temperature - that is usually locked for laptops. Otherwise I agree, don´t overvolt (usua
  4. Laptops only very rarely allow you to increase the actual GPU power. Mnky313 has explained it in answer above.
  5. Here is my unpopular opinion. If you ask on this forum "How to overclock XXX GPU in YYY laptop", instead of a useful answer, you will only get answers such as: Don´t do it. Never overclock a laptop. Your cooling will not handle it. So I would like to introduce myself. I have overclocked every laptop I have ever owned and countless laptops of my friends. But I used my brain. And guess what, all but one of them live to this day (and that one had good 15 years in it when it died). 1. Measure your GPU temperature. If you can´t make it drop bellow 80C in a hot summer environment, fir
  6. I am "old" enough to remember the times when you could just load your page and it would be usable right away. But these days: - Load the webpage - Yes, I accept your stupid cookies, take them, just don´t bother me. - No, I don´t want to sign up for a newsletter. - No, I don´t want notifications from your webpage. Do you realize how my notifications would look if I turned this on on every webpage? This has become the routine of almost all webpage visits. Is there a way, some addon or plugin, to make this feel like the old times? I don´t care what cookies they get, I don´t wan
  7. Thank you, I will try the updates setting, but for that restart, I tried that very solution yesterday and it didn´t work. PC restarted probably for some other reason than updates? Or it worked just during the active hours? But the fact remains that it didn´t work and the only solution so far has been the anydesk connection.
  8. Thank you, I am really not looking for warnings, as I said, the only other option is going back to Windows 7 - some old version without updates. I don´t care about features, security holes, malware attacks, software support and anything else, I never had this before either. And it is not for my main machine, I can deal with it being updated, but I need this for another machine. It has to be windows, preferably 10, preferably 10 Pro as this is what I got license for and unfortunately no other OS works for me. So I need to shape the windows around my use case. Please, kindly stop warning me, it
  9. Guys, please if you read this, to keep this organized, please edit your answers so that I know which topic are you answering to - preventing restart or preventing updates.
  10. I specifically asked in two different threads because I have two questions for two different systems. One needs to not restart (including for restarts due to updates) but I don´t want to stop updates completely, just prevent the PC from restarting for any possible reason except for crash, for some prolonged time. Nobody will use the machine during that time, so the solution can be really funny, out of the box. The other one needs to stay on the same version on windows, I don´t care how many times it restarts. It actually has to restart time to time. That machine will be used, or machines.
  11. I don´t know the failure message, I can´t do a windows reinstall, I only have 2 kinds of access to the PC. First is via anydesk and second is that a PC can come and press the power button several times. No combination of these two will get PC reinstalled, unfortunately
  12. Because the update fails and ends up with a blue screen (not BSOD, just blue, not restarting or anything). So PC doesn´t start up after update, I can´t connect to it via anydesk and I have to call someone to get there and power it up for me. And that was OK first 10 times, now it is annoying for everyone involved.
  13. Double, triple and quadruple check if your power switch is connected properly. I know it sounds stupid but I consider myself a pretty experienced builder with dozens of PCs built and one mobo had the pins for case LEDs and buttons so badly placed and marked that I connected them to wrong pins and proceeded to RMA the bloody thing TWICE until I realised I was actually wrong. If you are abso-fking-lutely sure that you are connecting the correct pins to turn on the PC, best is to start swapping the parts. If PSU works, next is motherboard. Depending on the laws of your country, you may be be