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  1. what gpu should i pair with a xeon x5670 , i was thinking of buying a 2060 but it might be to overkill? suggestions
  2. that just fixed it ! TYSM. i put the fanspeed at 60 % and temp limit at 90. could i lower the power limit for better temps??
  3. Thanks ! il go and play a game to test it for a bout an hour or so. il be back !
  4. i did try and put it at 90c temp limit in afterburner but then the temps go above 85, 86c and im worried
  5. didnt expect such a quick reply, ty. could i just run at 75% fan speed to keep it under 80c? and whats the max temp it can run at?
  6. aight so i think i figured it out why it freezes. my temp limit on my gpu is set to 80 and while playing it goes over that. to like 81-85c could that be the problem?
  7. Is there a way to install nvidia control panel without the microsoft store? i have disabled the store and cant install the nvidia control panel
  8. okay, il do that and get back to you in few hours. wish me luck
  9. i have replaced the cpu thermal paste. not the gpu since i dont know how to open and do it . i havent really dusted that much just a little bit .
  10. ive taken alot of ur time and i really appreciate u still trying to help me
  11. yep , fullscreen. and while im playing i have nothing on my 2nd monitor. i have a 144hz monitor and a 60hz one,.
  12. ok, i checked again it doesent go up past 1.5, 1.6 and i have 2 monitors could that be the problem=?
  13. its not exceeding 2gb vram it mostly stays under 1.5gb edit: il check again really quick. im not sure
  14. im running at competitive settings which is all low settings. i mostly play fortnite which is cpu intensive.