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  1. SenKa

    Apple Watch Series 2 was put through the ringer…

    All true points. i have a 12 pro max and 2020 ipad pro so it would match up pretty well. I would be pretty worried about the watch digging in to me, especially since i wear it at work.
  2. SenKa

    Apple Watch Series 2 was put through the ringer…

    I was super mixed on a square bodied watch. on one hand it made it look like one of those knockoff nano's that came w/ a watch strap from the early 2000's and on the other it was entirely cohesive w/ apples other pro devices (including rumored 14 and 16" pros)
  3. SenKa

    well, small update, both of my macbooks are out…

    Is the 2012 one of the models you can disable the dGPU through software? Have you tried that to fix the random freezes?
  4. SenKa

    I have a Series 2 Apple Watch. It works fine. I…

    Where is your ipad upgrade so cheap? Through your carrier?
  5. I said *may be needed* as I have had issues with it in the past and have found other examples of the same issue. Not specifically with mining, mind you (with other GPU compute workloads), but nowhere did I affirm OP *will* need a dongle.
  6. Yep. You may need a dongle on the 1070 to trick it in to thinking it's hooked up to a display (these can be had very cheap), but basically you just point the mining software to one GPU and tell it to leave the other alone.
  7. SenKa

    what if Apple made a MacBook Pro SE? like imagi…

    While definately an ideal macbook, probably would never happen. However, i'd also buy one in a second
  8. Better performance per dollar I can't speak to, but 580x's and their derivatives are fantastic for their price.
  9. Correct, second hand on Ebay. I got mine for $150, normal going rate is closer to $200.
  10. Sennheiser HD600's and a Fiio BTR-5 can be had for that easily. fantastic combo, it's what I use. Don't forget to buy a replacement cable for the sennheisers so that you can use the 3.5mm jack, or get a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter. Other misc advice if you pick that combo: Apparently HD600's sound like trash with anything but the factory pads. So, if you need to replace them (like I did) buy those. They are easy to find and not very expensive. The cable only plugs in to the headphones one way, dont force it. If you read the spec sheet for the BTR-5, they do not rate it for the
  11. Looks like your GPU requires 2 x 8 Pin, so you would need either a 6 to 8 pin adapter (which is totally fine) or to find an 8 pin. As for where to get them, SlashedM's reply should lead you in the right direction.
  12. i hate it when companies release a product with the identical name and only change a revision numbee...
    i ordered 4 x 4TB drives for my storage box, which is a Netgear Readynas NV+ turns out there is a rev 1 and 2, which are wildly different in terms of drive support. i have a rev 1, which means the 4 x 4TB drives are reading as 4 x 2TB, because the rev 1 only supports drives up to 2TB per disk, where the rev 2 supports GPT and thus can read much higher :)
  13. quiet PSU fans and SFF dont tend to mix, unless you get a larger SFF case that supports a full ATX power supply (which doesn't seem to apply here). A smaller PSU means a smaller fan, smaller fans have to move faster (louder) to move enough air. Fanless ATX PSU's are not hard to find, ITX and smaller are not on the market. My school as a bunch of HP micro PC's, they are very quiet and decently quick.
  14. not sure what you mean by drivers. it doesn't have any special software, just windows' default keyboard drivers and no LED control software.
  15. i suspect not. the 9900k probably pulls too much power and is blacklisted in the BIOS. However, the worst thing you can do by trying is kill the board, In my experience with HP, it will just fail to boot and nothing will happen.
  16. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/history-of-the-swastika A mix between here, and what my history professors have taught me over the years
  17. Ive seen a bunch of those dumped with bad motherboards. I would guess thats why that one got tossed. Board died and the previous owner just pulled all the good stuff to put in a new system
  18. IIRC this is correct. I am almost certain you will get in big trouble in Germany. Mind you, in some countries and religions the swastika is a symbol of religion and peace. This was its original meaning. Spoilered is a brief history of the swastika and its history in germany, I suggest if you don't know it to read it.
  19. Relevant article https://mspoweruser.com/dbrand-challenges-sony-to-sue-them-ps5-faceplates/
  20. oop. dont offer tech support right after a 10 mile bike ride with 100lbs of groceries i guess. I have the SF-600 gold, which is what i MEANT to recommend. I will actually be selling mine eventually, as i need the 750w version once they are back in stock.
  21. corsair sf-650 gold gets my vote
  22. I would not expect any chips other than those listed on the supported CPU list to boot. ESPECIALLY those with more cores. however, 4 sockets at 10 cores a pop should be plenty for anything you plan to do.