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  1. 780 is definitely long in the tooth now a days. 100% time for an upgrade. 2060 Super would pair well with that CPU. Might be interested in snagging that 780 off you if/when you upgrade.
  2. Just had my first SATA cable failure in ages, scared me something different because its on my archive drive :/

    1. SenKa


      @NZgamer This *is* my backup solution, but it is nowhere near as robust as i'm comfortable with. Just a single drive.


      Dream would be 4 8TB drives, 2 of which are parity, but I am holding off since WD seems to be slipping out some SMR drives out of late and I want to make SURE I dont get stuck with those.

    2. Pascal...


      @SenKa It's only SMR on the "low end" 1 to 4 TB drives but not on 8 to 16TB ones:


    3. SenKa


      @Pascal... I thought I had read that WD had slipped some SMR 8TB drives in to their Red family. I was wrong.



      Seagate reached out to TechSpot and clarified that it does not market SMR-based hard drives as NAS drives. "Seagate confirms that we do not utilize Shingled Magnetic Recording technology (SMR) in any IronWolf or IronWolf Pro drives." The company's Barracuda 8TB (ST8000DM004) and 5TB Desktop (ST500DM000) were previously called out for using SMR without specifying the tech, however, the drives are not aimed at NAS consumers and should be treated as such.

      Similarly, Toshiba's P300 4TB (HDWD240UZSVA) and 6TB (HDWD260UZSVA) desktop drives aren't directly aimed at the NAS market but they also use SMR without specifying it. In its documentation for the P300, the company says that the drive "delivers high performance for professionals," so buyers should know what they're getting before making a purchase.

      This leaves Western Digital, which notes that its 2TB-6TB Red drives, aimed at NAS consumers, have device-managed SMR (DMSMR), while remaining models in the 8TB-14TB capacities use CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording).



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  3. Sounds like a GPU thermal issue then. Has the card ever been taken apart and had new thermal paste applied?
  4. Nah, power delivery design matters. It varies WILDLY between boards, which is why we have some AMD boards that can hardly power up a 1300x and others that are commonly used for LN2 overclocking with 3950x's. Im not sure if you have any brand loyalty or preference but pick your poison between brands in anything S-, or A tier. S tier (the highest one) is plain overkill. Again, asus gets my vote, but thats up to opinion.
  5. Its a very popular stress testing tool, it calculates immensely high prime numbers (which takes more CPU power than really any reasonable workload) in order to work your system to its fullest. Here is where you can download it from, if it crashes under this as well I am going to blame the motherboard: https://www.mersenne.org/download/
  6. It's *only* high GPU usage? Does something insanely current hungry like prime 95 small FFT's not trigger the issue?
  7. I cant speak to the accuracy of the motherboard tier list exactly, but i trust it. I've also had enough experience with my 3900x to tell you that a 100A safe-cap wont be enough for a 3950x. You'll have VRM thermal issues and/or current delivery issues. Both could/likely would lead to system instability. I personally wouldn't buy a board lower than B tier, and for such a nice chip I'd recommend an A or higher tier board per the linked above tier list. I'd hope if you are spending for a 3950x you have the money to spend on a good board. Personal recommendation goes to the Asus range of Tier A (or higher) X570 boards as I have had *very* good luck with them as a company and like their BIOS and software. The Tier A boards in question are as follows- X570-F, TUF Plus, Prime Pro, Crosshair VIII Impact, X570-I, X570-P. That recommendation is highly empirical in nature, any will do really.
  8. it will *not* safely work. My 3900x can EASILY pull over the 100A "breaking point" the board seems to have been rated, the 3950x is a more current hungry chip.
  9. My concern would be getting drivers working for 5 1/4 and 8" on Windows 10. 3.5" is easy. In theory it shouldnt be that hard if you have the background in coding, you could make logic converters from 8", 5 1/4", and 3 1/2" to USB. The former two would require quite a bit of work. Pinouts are thankfully quite easy to find. 8"- https://old.pinouts.ru/HD/8InchDisk_pinout.shtml 5 1/4"- https://old.pinouts.ru/HD/5_12_floppy_pinout.shtml 3 1/2"- http://www.interfacebus.com/PC_Floppy_Drive_PinOut.html The way *I* would do it, personally, is have something like an arduino for each of the 3 drives outputting USB, and have them on a switch to avoid driver conflicts. If you actually make this in to a product you will undoubtedly make a decent amount of money. ESPECIALLY for 5 1/4" -> USB adapters, as they have existed in the past but people have quit making them.
  10. The general concensus ive heard is that if you mostly use your tablet as a tablet, the 11" is much easier in size and weight to handle. Though, if you primarily rest it on a desk or some other surface, the larger screen of the 12.9" is preferable. I would personally by the latter, as when i use a tablet it is resting on me or on a desk.
  11. Ah... I had one of those, ended up throwing it in a prebuilt that only needed the few cables i had for it. The only feesable solution would be to make your own PSU cables, which though isnt hard takes a lot of time as you really need to make sure you get it right the first time. I found a seller in Germany that is the 12 and 18pin connectors (the ones you need for your 24 pin). But, the 9 pins are out of stock through that seller. I found another, but theyre $10 a piece. This COULD be feesable cost wise, but is a big time investment and probably not worth it unless you got an absolute STEAL on that PSU. Which, i'd hope you did if it didnt come with any cables... EDIT: Of course you need the bullet terminals as well. I dont know what size they are. 18 pin- https://blacktec-designs.com/de/cablepc-modding/connectors/special/201/18-pin-superflower-psu-connector-transparent 12 pin- https://blacktec-designs.com/de/cablepc-modding/connectors/special/200/12-pin-superflower-psu-connector-transparent 9 pin (out of stock as of right now)- https://blacktec-designs.com/cablepc-modding/connectors/special/199/9-pin-superflower-psu-connector-transparent 9 pin (overpriced)- https://www.moddiy.com/products/Super-Flower-Kingwin-Crystal-9-Pin-Modular-Connector.html
  12. Leadex I, II, or III? It matters here. But i should be able to point you in the right direction with that information
  13. 100% these are keys from people buying java edition. Java edition comes with a free copy of "bedrock", or the Windows 10 version.
  14. Of course its all about perspective, but i think it adds to it. Reminds me of the surface studio to an extent.
  15. I use the DRP4, holds my 3900X a little over base clock under Prime 95 small FFT's with PBO enabled. But, that is near the TDP of the cooler and I have a very aggressive "critical temperature" (the temp it will begin to throttle) set. Overall VERY happy with it, since under a more realistic workload it turbos right up while staying incredibly quiet. To be perfectly honest, I leave the fans on full blast and it is more than acceptable. I personally think the DRP4 looks better than the NHD15 Chromax, but the NHD15 does cool SLIGHTLY better.
  16. Yeah, didnt bug me much at all and clearly didnt bother how i played one bit. He ended up leaving a couple seconds before the game even ended.
  17. Ahhh.... So you have 2 PC's and are connecting the NIC of one to the ethernet of the other PC?
  18. Ah... Why arent you using the onboard ethernet?
  19. Are you running windows 10? Seems there arent any up to date drivers for that board on W10, so even if it shows that its working it might not be. I'd recommend getting a cheap ethernet card and put it in the bottom most PCI-E slot. (The black one) or moving your GPU to the black one and putting the ethernet card in any of the blue ones. I used this card when the ethernet port on my old X58 build got killed in a thunder storm. Worked great. https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-1000Mbps-Gigabit-Ethernet-supported/dp/B003CFATNI
  20. Uhh, most toxic... Probably some kid in For Honor using an open mic (keep in mind, on my team). Claimed he was rich and one of the best players in the game, and that i was trash, getting carried, ect... Then out of nowhere pulled out a race card and said "you're probably a n**** the way you play". Im mixed, and told him that. He responded with "I hate n***" and continued calling me that word and telling me how much he hated them. Just kept my cool and replied to him in text chat whenever i could without affecting my team. He was playing like trash as well... think he managed to go 1-10 or something stupid. The mode i was playing has games that normally last under 10 minutes and has a 20-ish second respawn delay. You can do the math as to how incompetent he was. I played a flawless game, and ended up with the best score on my team
  21. What motherboard? Does the ethernet controller show up in device manager with no errors with and without a cable plugged in?
  22. Supposedly Sidecar is a bit finnicky with pre-bluetooth 5.0 devices at times, as mentioned I only have an iPad mini 2 which did not get iPad OS. Did you try it using a USB-C to Lightning cable to directly connect them? If the lag persists there, reboot both devices and give the Macbook an SMC reset. Yep! It seems quite useful for quick edits from quickly cutting up a basic recording and exporting it. The one stupid thing is that "Save video" is exporting as normal people know it and "Export video" is exporting the iMovie project to copy it over to another device... Facepalm Update, iMovie for iOS does have 3 presets for exporting and compressing video. Though, they are VERY basic with 0 configurability. 360p, 720p, and 1080p, refresh rate isn't changeable and I believe it stays with the native rate of the clip. Would 100% work though, and something i'd quickly adjust to.
  23. Just for reference: I run F@H on my 3900x with the stock cooler for 14 days straight. With PBO enabled, I was sitting at 82c under load. I *would* pick up some thermal paste to replace the old stuff, as the stock paste is a bit thin and didn't hold up to the heat well by the end of the 14 days.
  24. The A12X roughly matches a 6700 if i recall, so it would be a power upgrade from your 7360U. I personally use Affinity Photo, which has an iOS build. It works VERY similar to Photoshop, which I was certified in and am very accustomed to. I could never quite get in to the swing of it with GIMP. Handbrake is a very good point, as there aren't any video compression apps on iOS that match just how good it is. I am currently testing the iMovie app to see if that has a good way of handling it, as I was honestly unaware it existed until just now... will report back. There ARE browser based solutions to this as well, but again, no where near as robust as handbrake
  25. While I do some mobile video editing as well, it is quite rare and I could easily pick up a cheap couple year old mac mini to handle that. I also have nitro, so the upload limit never occurred to me. Thats basically how I feel. I would still need *something* with me to do video editing, but I also have my desktop for that which is MORE than capable and what i use 95% of the time anyways. The way I see it, is apple has effectively removed the *need* for 3 devices to do everything you need unless you do mobile video editing as your profession. Instead of me needing a beefy desktop, Laptop, AND Tablet in order to have all bases covered, I now only need the desktop and the tablet. I have a feeling most Macbook Air customers will agree.