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    I work on computers for a living.
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    Computer work (various things).


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    Core i3-4130
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    4GB DDR3
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    Intel HD Graphics 4400
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre
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    250GB WD Blue
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    1x Samsung 1080p 24"
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    Windows 7 Professional

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  1. On my ThinkPad Edge, the BIOS won't allow any internal wireless cards other than the one that the machine shipped with to work. I don't know why, but if I change it the system will complain about it on the next boot and won't start.
  2. Lenovo1984

    240GB SSD Cache with 1TB HDD with PrimoCache

    Why not use the SSD as a boot drive and HDD for storage?
  3. Lenovo1984

    Single Expensive router or dual "mesh" router.

    I use a single RT-AC68R for about 185mt2 and it works fine. I'd say a single AP.
  4. Lenovo1984

    built computer incorrectly (probably)

    If you connected the HDMI cable to the motherboard, you'll need to remove your GPU. Otherwise connect the cable to the graphics card.
  5. If I were you, I'd just pull the board out. Do you want to use it? What is your end goal with the system?
  6. Lenovo1984

    want to remove windows 10 and put linux on. But

    You can dual boot Linux and Windows.
  7. Lenovo1984

    Possible to revive my external portable backup drive?

    As far as getting the data off without specialized equipment and stuff? Yes. That click is referred to as "the click of death".
  8. Lenovo1984

    Possible to revive my external portable backup drive?

    I'm not trying to say that you won't ever be able to get your data back. I'm simply saying that mechanical hard drives are designed to be sealed, and by opening it you reduce your chances of recovering data. Also, a hospital room wouldn't be the place to go. If you don't know much about HDDs and data recovery from them, I'd send it to a professional company.
  9. Lenovo1984

    Possible to revive my external portable backup drive?

    I'd recommend reading something like the article I've linked below. You seem to be an expert on HDD recovery, so you should be good to go and perform your data recovery. http://hddsurgery.com/blog/opening-the-hard-drive–regular-vs-clean-room-environment
  10. Lenovo1984

    Possible to revive my external portable backup drive?

    @Speed Weed Even if your room is clean, there is dust. That's why hard drive repair isn't done in a clean office, it's done in complex rooms designed to filter out particles you can't see. That's also the reason that the label on the drive should specifically say not to open it. Unless you have important documents on it, I wouldn't pay to have the data recovered.
  11. Lenovo1984

    Looking for a budget recommendation

    Not primarily though. I'm just looking for something that would be good all around.
  12. Lenovo1984

    Looking for a budget recommendation

    Just to clarify, I'm not really looking to game much. I don't own many games to begin with.
  13. Lenovo1984

    Possible to revive my external portable backup drive?

    You probably would have had a better chance of data recovery if you didn't open it. They're sealed for a reason. Mechanical drives shouldn't be opened unless in a clean room.
  14. Lenovo1984

    Possible to revive my external portable backup drive?

    You dropped the drive and proceeded to open it up?
  15. Lenovo1984

    Windows 7 cannot detect ethernet

    Looks like you don't have any drivers installed. Your graphics driver doesn't seem to be installed either, given that the system doesn't have Aero enabled.