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    Computers, Music, Photography, Website design
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    Chubby computer nerd that loves learning about computers and photography and more. Love karaoke too.
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    Rideshare driver


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    Intel Core i5-6600k
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170mx-Gaming 5
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    Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz 16gb
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    Asus Turbo NVIDIA 970
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    Thermaltake v21
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    Intel NVME and Samsung 850 EVO
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    Corsair 750W
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    Corsair h100i

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  1. thank you for the suggestion. that is the first thing i tried. i just started doing this.
  2. So my computer has been acting weird after updating to bios 4.30 for my ASRock B450m Pro 4. My XMP settings keep resetting after i turn off the computer, and also the splash screen settings and the bootup beep setting keep resetting. Anyone have any ideas. It's like the bios crashed from a failed overclock, but I'm not overclocking and it didn't do this before bios 4.20 and up. I haven't tried downgrading yet to bios 4.10. System Specs AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 32gb Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz ddr4 Intel 660p NVME Samsung 850 Evo SSD WD 3tb Blue WD 4TB Blue Nvidia Gtx 1660 750W
  3. 1st) Remove the mods, 2nd) Uninstall the game, 3rd) Reinstall the game. Also, for those that are going to ask, I said uninstall and reinstall because there may be traces of the mods that the game still has issues with. Better to just start fresh.
  4. There is a little bit longer boot time, and if you go to remove linux, it can make windows NOT boot until you fix the BootRec.
  5. This is what looks like replaced it. https://www.sonnettech.com/product/allegro-pro-usb31-pcie.html they also have a USB c only option https://www.sonnettech.com/product/allegro-usbc-4port-pcie.html
  6. It's not on the QVL, but that doesn't mean it won't possibly work. they have other CMW sets that are faster speed that are on the QVL. I would check their QVL though. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-XI-HERO-WI-FI/HelpDesk_QVL/
  7. here you go https://ssd.toshiba-memory.com/en-amer/download/acronis
  8. Just because you had a bad experience with AMD doesn't mean everything they make is bad or will be bad. If you want bad, try the Cyrix MMX II cpu. Those things melt down. Anyway, 3700x vs a 9700k doesn't matter. 6600k vs anything newer than that, and the newer cpu will beat it. The point is whether the New CPU will last a long time or not. My 6600k was still going when it was pulled from service. I needed something with more cores and threads for what I do. So for the OP's situation, I would say it really depends on what he's doing, if anything, besides games. If he does AMD, I personally
  9. What is your CURRENT HDD? If it's western digital or seagate, you can go to their websites, and download their version of acronis It actually works great.
  10. The right. that's why I didn't connect anything to the Sata 3 port, or the m2_2 slot yet. My boot drive is the m2_1. so i should be good to use the pcie1 slot for a sata addon card then. cool. thank you
  11. While that would be ideal, unless he is wanting to swap out the mother board, Intel doesn't have anything that I can find in that CPU generation that has 6 cores. I was running the Gigabyte GA-Z170mx-Gaming 5 motherboard and the Intel Core-i5 6600k. I got a really good deal from micro center, and upgraded to an Asrock B450m Pro, Like the one Anthony features here: I used the AMD Ryzen 3700x with my B450m PRO build though. I WILL SAY THIS: download bios 3.90 first, and then flash it. If not, even though my board game with bios 3.40 to support Ryzen 3000 series, I had multi
  12. Hey guys and gals, Recently completed my homemade police scanner. Would anyone be interested in me showing how this works?
  13. Hey guy, I know that Anthony has already made a video on building a system on this motherboard. Here is my question. My gtx 1660 overlaps the pcie3 expansion card slot. Video card is in pcie2 expansion slot. I'm trying to figure out if the pcie1 slot, is shared with the NVME m.2 slot next to it. If not, I'd like to put in a sata 6gb card so i can add more drives to my computer. I can't seem to find anything in the motherboard manual that indicates if it's shared or not. Can someone help me figure this out?
  14. I haven't tried to do that yet. I just wanted to be able to dual boot the system