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  1. The law doesn’t require this. It was just about providing legal cover to bypass drm and such to repair your devices. A parts catalog isn’t related to that. Thats why companies like Apple and John Deere haven’t released similar catalogs.
  2. Bensemus

    Tesla Finally Profitable

    What does that have to do with permanent profits? That investigation is over production numbers.
  3. Bensemus

    Tesla Finally Profitable

    They’ve never claimed to achieve permanent profitability. They achieved a quarter of profitability after the S and a larger one after the X which happened after a quicker ramp up in production. The model 3 is just following in that trend.
  4. Bensemus

    Tesla Finally Profitable

    Elon Musk has said that unlike the last two time they posted a profit for a quarter they are going to hold off on big expenditures to be able to post two quarters of profit. After that it’s onto the model Y and more factories I believe.
  5. Off tapioca but in false rape claims it’s always seeems to be reported that the person who made the false claim won’t face punishment unless it can be proven that the claim was made maliciously. What you’ve said seems to contradict that. If your right it seems false rape claims should be quite easy to deal with.
  6. Bensemus

    CSDeath - Apples' CSS Conundrum

    Seems like the specific site had been blocked. I also got a 403 error when trying to visit it on my iPhone and iPad. I wanted to crash my stuff
  7. The article linked on the sub reddit I read this on mentioned that Belgium plans to amend their gambling laws to specifically cover loot boxes if EA is successful in arguing their case under the current laws.
  8. https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/accidentreports/pages/HWY18FH014-preliminary.aspx The car didn’t explode and the fire fighters were able to extinguish the fire. The batteries are designed to prevent runaway failure of every cell in the battery. https://www.inquisitr.com/4987033/teslas-are-not-more-prone-to-fire-than-other-cars-says-ntsb-investigator/ the NTSB feels that Tesla’s aren’t a fire waiting to happen. So far in the US Tesla’s are at 5 fires per billion miles driven while ICE cars are at 55 fires per billion miles traveled. We just don’t hear about ICE cars catching fire because it happens about once every few minutes. Obviously Tesla’s aren’t the only electric cars but I think it’s safe to assume other EV makers will have similar or even better records then Tesla.
  9. I’m kinda confused when Nissas would sell a battery manufacturer when electric cars seem to either be the future of have a very large part in it for personal transportation and maybe more.
  10. I don’t see how this isn’t asking for a back door. Using Apple, the police could ask for all the iMessage data but it will be encrypted if it’s just pulled from the storage and useless I’m assumng. The only way to use it would be to decrypt it which requires access to the Secure Enclave I would assume as that’s the only place the key(s) are stored. How is this any different then what the FBI asked?
  11. Bensemus

    Elon taking Tesla private?

    Not at all. Recently someone put that to a vote and they voted to keep Elon. He was also recently approved for large payouts if the company hits certain milestones. Elon has stated in the past that he disliked/hated taking Tesla public. He regrets that PayPal went public. He kept SpaceX private. Elon is the one pushing for Tesla to go private not shareholders.
  12. I’m not saying it was wrong to bail out those companies. Ford actually never risked bankruptcy and instead took out a loan so it didn’t have to compete with subsidized companies. My point was that Tesla isn’t being propped up with subsidies. The actual money they have borrowed from the government has been payed back. They do have tax deals but so does every company.
  13. They didn't get a bailout. They got a ~$465 million loan that they paid back years ago with interest. The bailout of GM and Chrysler lost the government $10 billion. Ford still owes a few billion from the loan it took from the government. I think Tesla is a better investment then the other american automakers based on the government's past dealings with them. https://www.thebalance.com/auto-industry-bailout-gm-ford-chrysler-3305670 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-05-22/tesla-pays-off-its-465-million-loser-loan
  14. This is a terrible solution that Tesla actually worked on with the S and dropped it. Batteries are massive and expensive. You would have to have huge facilities to store enough batteries to handle the volume of traffic a current gas station handles. I believe the battery in a Tesla costs around $10,000. Just ten stored batteries is $100k. They will come down in price but I can't see how companies would want to store large numbers such valuable items at hundreds of locations.
  15. They knew where the kids were when he died. He was on his way back after dropping of oxygen I believe. The water levels were higher though.