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  1. To be fair this is a problem unique to Apple. I've never heard of an android phone or a windows PC crashing because of a character. I've heard it multiple times about Apple and have experienced it once. As to not experiencing it that kinda makes sense. You would have to have someone send you a specific indian character. Unless you're Indian that chance seem low that someone would even know about that character let alone use it. That doesn't mean it's not a serious issue. Something as simple as a character shouldn't crash 3 different OSs and pretty much brick parts of apps.
  2. There’s 90 days and also 14 extra days so the patch can line up with a patch Tuesday.
  3. The character is in the linked source if you still want it.
  4. AI and Humans.

    Cold is one of the easiest things to fix. Parts of Antarctica average -55C in winter and the coldest temps recorded are -89.2C with a thermometer and -93.2C from a satellite measurement. cities in Canada and Russia deal with those (not the lasts two) temps with wind chill most winters. Besides this -60C isn't a new finding. We've known Mars is cold for years.
  5. Then your Phone isn't affected Actually are you sure your using the right character? The one in the banner looks different then the one in the source and the video.
  6. I believe it has to be sent to you. If you watch the end of the video you can see how he crashes the iOS 10 phone.
  7. iOS 10 might be vulnerable in different ways. He was able to crash Messenger on iOS 10. That might be the only vulnerable app.
  8. Then I will edit out the character
  9. I thought about that after I posted this. Kinda want to visit the site on my iPhone. I don't think it will because he's able to use iMessage again after sending another text yet the indian character is still there. Trying to copy it does crash the phone again though.
  10. I think it has to do with how the whole OS is coded. I've never heard of any android phones crashing because of a character but it's a common story for iOS.
  11. An indian character can crash the current version of iOS, 11.2.5 as well as macOS and iOS 10.x. This also doesn't just affect Messenger. it seems any app with crash to varying degrees if this character is pasted into it. The only permanent fix is upgrading to iOS 11.3 which is in beta still. The only other way to fix it it seems is to restore the phone. Apple really isn't having a good time with iOS 11. Source UPDOOT: Fix has been sent out to mainstream devices.
  12. However I will never say "Bing it". Sounds terrible.
  13. Exploding Apple Airpods

    I personally had my AirPods go though the wash and come out fine. Took a few charges before the case would hold a charge again was the only issue. I would assume some physical damage to the battery would be needed to get one to pop.
  14. Please don't do ads like this.

    Of all the videos linked have been CES videos which are usually shorter making the ads a larger percent of the video. Use a non trade show video which better represents LTT videos for your examples.
  15. He had sex with her three times while only filming parts of the last one. Seems like they are both guilty of prostitution. The underage thing seems seems questionable becuse it seems she never stated her age or actual age. Plus being on a prostitution site would lead others to believe she was of age. Either way it seems like he’s guilty of hiring someone for sex but we’ll have to wait for the courts to decide to know for sure.