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    Bensemus reacted to grg994 in Rare Earth Metal Pricing Skyrockets, May Result in Higher Electronics Pricing   
    So it is already misleading in the articles (not your bad) but these are not the rare earth metals. Rare earth metals are neodymium, praseodymium, holmium, terbium, etc. Just there is a similar market situation that applies to copper and lithium.
    From a mining and metallurgy perspective there are vast differences between copper - lithium - and rare earth metals. Their mining and metallurgy industry are completely different and distinct. This is always a thing to consider in a discussion about electronics raw materials.
    From these  metals, the lithium price is different for being primarily demand driven in my opinion. Current production capacity is just unable to cover the demand of the electric vehicle market growing in an insane pace. It is also less related to consumer electronics because even at really high lithium prices the amount of lithium that goes in a laptop's battery does not make up a significant cost. (Just look at the price tags on 30000 mAh power banks: $30)
    For China: It is possible that Chinese policies affect the market of all these metals the same way, but this is not like "one (non-steel) metal industry".
    About that, I find it so hypocritical when western politicians stand before their people and say things like "It's China's fault".
    There is still a communist dictatorship in China! Leaders should properly organize our mining and metallurgy industries instead of just complaining about it in the front of people to get votes and then do nothing to get alternative supply options.
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    Bensemus reacted to XWAUForceflow in Epic appeals Apple verdict, ponders meaning of the word 'button'   
    There was no reason for Apple to appeal, they won on all accounts against Epic and while the only part that they lost (having to allow other payments systems) is the biggest part for Apple, I think they gave up on it. I think they know that there is no undoing that and appealing the case on that count have a high chance of backfiring on them making things worse.
    Epic on the other hand, of course they would appeal. They did not gain anything from the case. While third party payments will now be allowed they themselves are still banned from Apple and they have to pay the money that Apple thinks they owe them.
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    Bensemus reacted to Roswell in Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple   
    They didn’t go to bat for the consumer, this was never about consumers. It was about getting the entire slice of the pie.
    Nobody will lower prices for their apps. If anything, Apple (and inevitably everyone else, including console makers if this sets precedent) will start jacking up hardware prices to compensate for the loss in revenue.
    This is bad for consumers and the people that got blindly co-opted into rooting for these huge publishers based on some childish dislike of Apple will soon feel very foolish when they’re forced to spend more than they were previously.
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    Bensemus reacted to hishnash in Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple   
    Key in this is that Epic will not be able to make use of this rule change, the judge clearly said that apple was correct to ban them and is also permitted to continue to do so for ever and can even ban other Epic subsidiaries, shell companies etc such as the Epic that makes Unreal engine.  

    This will decimate Unreal as many developer will not want to use an engine if that limits their ability in the future to create an iOS port of their game.  A large % of epics revenue is lost with this ruling and furthermore epic backer (Tencent/Chinese gov) who want to have code running on every child's machine will be pissed off as well. 

    In addition the judge said that Epic had not shown apple was monopolistic, and that apples app store review etc was good and that side loading would be bad and was not required.  

    Apple will likely build a solution for `linking out` that the judge will be ok with but will not just be a `link` that you put in your app.  It will likely be a button you can put in the app that will present a system UI asking you if you want to buy with Appel IAP our buy on the develops website (with a load of scary text about that fact that develop is `may steal your data... and apple is not liable ...`) in addition this will provide parental controls protections as well as the parent will be promoted (on their phone) before the child can select either of these options. I expect apple will propose this to the judge sometimes soon (they likely have been working this for the last year already to have it ready to ship soon).  
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    Bensemus reacted to RedRound2 in Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple   
    @soundsYou should probably add the response from both sides in your original posts. And modify that Apple won 9/10 counts, so effectively Apple won. The one count they lost is in the anti steering policy, which they had already announced for reader apps, and they had a ruling for that in south korea. Apart from that Epic has to pay Apple for damages
    This is Apple's full repsonse below
    And Epic's response 
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    Bensemus reacted to RedRound2 in Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple   
    Apple won. Apple won 9 counts out 10 in the case.
    Apple is extremely happy with the verdict while epic plans to appeal
    Reponse from Apple
    The only thing Apple has to do is avoid anti steering policies (which is good imo) but Epic has to pay Apple 30% of whatever revenue they made duirng the period they had the external in app purchase. And it's completely up to Apple if they want to allow Epic back in the App Store
    Epic wanted to get third party stores into iOS. And they lost.
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    Bensemus reacted to harryk in Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple   
    Here is the text from the actual legal ruling:
    The tldr is Apple must allow developers to includes links to payment options outside the app (e.g. a website). Epic loses on everything else. 

    This is and always was the most likely outcome of this trial. A solid middle of road ruling in which neither side totally wins. Though IMO this ruling far favors Apple, as barring links to outside payment options was always a dumb rule and this is fairly minor change does nothing to change the App Store business model (which the court essentially affirmed is not a monopoly). I predict most developers will elect to continue to use Apple's in-app payment system because throwing users to an external website is clunky and less tech-savvy users will fail to complete the purchase. This change will most benefit the largest entities like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify etc. who already have external systems with user accounts and subscriptions. 
    On another note, I wonder if this will increase scams and phishing schemes. The App Store security is Apple's main talking point. Taking payment through an external website seems to open the door for a variety of scams either via overcharging, website spoofing, phising for account logins or credit card numbers etc. Allowing other vetted payment options inside the app would likely be better from a security stand point.
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    Bensemus reacted to WaggishOhio383 in Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple   
    I'd agree with this statement if it weren't for the fact that there's no other way to install apps on an iPhone. Apple could basically ask for whatever cut of the sales they want and the only other choice developers would have is to not make their app available on iPhones at all.
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    Bensemus reacted to Zodiark1593 in Apple and motorcycles going through a bumpy breakup - hearts and cameras broken   
    Being strapped to the handlebars of a motorcycle isn’t a use case that often comes up for smartphones. Even with solud-state components, excessive vibrations and inertia can overcome the supporting underfill, and cause damage to solder joints and the like. 
    Additionally, optical image stabilization is a moving component that can also be damaged from excessive motion. 
    Simply put, use a device that is specifically built to withstand the conditions you intend to use it with. Smartphones are not intended to be used as action cameras. They’re a digital swiss-army knife, but a specialist tool they are not. There are GoPros and other such cameras for this purpose. 
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    Bensemus reacted to RejZoR in Apple September 2021 Event - iPad, iPhone 13, and Apple Watch Series 7   
    It's funny how everyone perpetually bitches over FaceID not working with masks for only 2 years now, but fingerprint scanners not working with gloves for what, 10 years, every single winter of the year, that doesn't bother anyone.
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    Bensemus reacted to cj09beira in First steel made without fossil fuels   
    seems like a pretty hard process, as they have to heat the hydrogen to 1000ºC (1800ºF) in addition to heating up the iron, using electrical arc furnaces, i am guessing here but this seems to imply they now need a hydrogen tight gas container that also can handle 1000ºC (1800ºF), impressive if they pull it off.
    Over all seems pretty electricity intensive for both heating the hydrogen and iron, as well as making the hydrogen in the first place, if we keep moving things to electric we are going to need to move to nuclear and leave the fear mongering at the door (pipe dreams i know).
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    Bensemus reacted to poochyena in First steel made without fossil fuels   
    According to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UmsfXWzvEA since wind power is constant, wind electricity is actually used to make hydrogen gas during non-peak hours since otherwise, the electricity would go to waste as there is little other energy storage or ways to utilize the energy during non-peak hours.
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    Bensemus reacted to duncannah in Switching from Microsoft Edge gets more annoying in Windows 11   
    Well, the same company that planned to hijack browser installers would do something like this... Some parts of the OS still don't respect your browser choice, and instead open Edge (and use Bing if you were searching something)..!
    Meanwhile, on macOS...

    Just a simple drop down menu. From the "walled-garden" company...
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    Bensemus got a reaction from CarlBar in Elon Musk and the AI Team introduce The Tesla Bot at AI day, talk about FSD and their DOJO AI supercomputer   
    You weren’t using the FSD beta which has all the advancements. Autopilot is just adaptive cruse control with steering. Navigate on autopilot adds automatic lane changes and can take exits and entrances for you. The FSD beta is only open to a few hundred people or less. AI Driver is a great YouTube channel that covers the FSD beta. 
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    Bensemus reacted to WolframaticAlpha in Firefox users down 50 million since 2018   
    Firefox is the only choice. Else you can use a chromium based browser, but FF is not that bad, and looks beautiful. It has many of the extensions I use(ublock origin, sponsorblock, grammarly etc) and works well-ish
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    Bensemus reacted to WolframaticAlpha in Firefox users down 50 million since 2018   
    Firefox has lost 50 million users since 2018, according to Mozilla's latest report. 
    My thoughts
    This is really concerning. I switched back to FF because of the 89 redesign. I will also never understand the acceptance by many of a Google controlled internet, when so many (rightfully) fought against MS back in the day with IE. I have been guilty of this earlier(talking trash about ff). 
    FF is a vital part of the net. Mozilla may not have been the best of the companies in recent times, but we need it to survive, else we might not see any more innovations in the web space, as well as in other places(rust etc)
    Firefox Lost Almost 50 million Users: Here's Why It is Concerning - It's FOSS News (itsfoss.com)
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    Bensemus reacted to Moonzy in Home Depot is now selling power tools that require activation at checkout for them to work   
    so, how hard can it be to bypass it with a soldering iron?
    power tools cant be too complicated right?
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    Bensemus reacted to CarlBar in In the US, life cycle emissions for EVs are 60-68% lower than gasoline.   
    Thats not the real issue with hydrogen. he real issues are, A) it can slowly seep through anything, this means it's hard to store long-term and it causes embrittlement of most materials over time. B) it's got an insanely low ignition energy and forms explosive mixtures with air over a relatively wide array of concentrations. This means small leaks are a huge explosion and/or fire hazard.
    Don't get me wrong, EV's aren't without new safety risks, but they don't scale to the same extremes. As a sort of worst case example i can conceive o off the tope of my ehad. A cab and trailer with hydrogen tankage on the trailer bed to extend endurance, slow leak into he trailer. Worst case your looking at around 7kg's/16lb's of TNT equivalent if you get a perfect ratio in an empty or mostly empty trailer. That kind of blast is going to rupture the hydrogen storage on the trailer and then you've got an expanding wave of hot hydrogen gas hitting air. instant fuel air bomb of at least a few hundred lb's TNT equivalent. Minimum thats going to total the trailer and cab, kill the driver, and put a big crater in your road. Worst case, well not good.
    Where is this "the graph doesn't include electricity use" coming from? It's right there in the key at the top.
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    Bensemus reacted to leadeater in In the US, life cycle emissions for EVs are 60-68% lower than gasoline.   
    Terribly, Hydrogen production is extremely high energy demand so in most cases is a lifecycle net loss of energy to produce it than you get from using it. So unless you use 100% renewable energy in it's production it's a self defeating energy sink hole.
    Better to improve fuel cell technology that doesn't need pure Hydrogen.
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    Bensemus reacted to BuckGup in In the US, life cycle emissions for EVs are 60-68% lower than gasoline.   
    INB4 I aint never drive no prius cuz it don't make the sound of my CUMMINS 12v dip dip feller 
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    Bensemus reacted to poochyena in In the US, life cycle emissions for EVs are 60-68% lower than gasoline.   
    Electric cars produce significant less green house emissions compared to gasoline cars when factoring in everything from building the car to its life time run time.

    My thoughts
    Finally a simple to understand article and graph that shows new electric cars are better than new gasoline cars that I can point to to people who think EVs are over-hyped. Even if EVs got all their electricity from coal power plants, it would be more efficient than gasoline cars. There is a reason everyone doesn't power their homes with gas generators. As we add more green power to the power grid, and as more people add solar to their homes, charging their cars at home, the fewer emissions there will be. Buying a new gas car in 2021, outside of very niche applications where you regularly drive 200+ miles a day, is a mistake.
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    Bensemus reacted to dizmo in iPhone 14 Pro Models to Feature Tough Titanium Alloy Chassis   
    Just because they are using a premium material that's resource intensive doesn't change the fact that not including the charger reduces some kind of "waste." That's a ridiculous stance to take. Also, they've been on a quest to get rid of all ports for ages, long before they said that it was better for the environment.
    I doubt Ti will be used in all models, and it'll either only be on the Pro ones, or they'll have an option to choose titanium just like you can choose a titanium watch. That'd actually be pretty cool; having an iPhone customizer just like the watch one.
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    Bensemus reacted to Roswell in Pegasus spyware used by governments targeted iOS by multiple weaponized zero-days recently   
    This exact situation with the same (albeit earlier) piece of malware played out a year ago and Apple patched it out as soon as they were made aware.
    They're not colluding with authoritarian regimes, lol. Hell, look how much shit (and refusals) they give their local governments over requests for access.
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    Bensemus reacted to WolframaticAlpha in Pegasus spyware used by governments targeted iOS by multiple weaponized zero-days recently   
    Edward Snowden is right. Cyberweapon trade shouldn't be allowed