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  • CPU
    Ryzen 9 5900x
  • Motherboard
    MSI X570-A Pro
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill Trident Z
  • GPU
    Asus RX 5700XT watercooled
  • Case
    Thermaltake Level 20 RS Mid-Tower
  • Storage
    Intel M.2 500gb
  • PSU
    Corsair RM 850 gold
  • Display(s)
    150 inch projector
  • Cooling
    Custom water loops
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  1. damn thanks for the reminder i totally forgot. I just turned on my program now so the folds are folding
  2. Peanuts used to be part of making dynamite. well the oil at least, was processed to glycerin which was part of the process to make Nitroglycerin. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. mister Rodgers was an ordained Minister. A jiffy is 1 trillionth of a second or 33.4 picoseconds A giraffe has a 21-inch tongue and can clean its own ears with it. I got a crapload more but that's enough for now. Back when I had a 56k modem the local radio station posted useless facts out for a contest, and I save them all on a notepad document tha
  3. Summary Basically Amazon wants to have their space internet to have a fighting chance because they are so far behind spaceX. So they made a filimg with the FCC to slow/temp-hault spaceX's current starlink internet. Quotes My thoughts This really pisses me off, a big corporation out here trying to hinder the operation of another company just because someone else thought of it first and now they won't be able to get a super monopoly on internet like they do for online shopping. Sources https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/09/spacex-sla
  4. its not like computer hardware is milk and it'll go bad if you leave it too long. Just store your stuff in a room temp area and avoid large swings in temps, (although even from 50f to 100f isn't much a swing for stuff that is just sitting on a shelf not in use).
  5. testing different things is always helpful to see if there is any tangible gains to be had. Technically yes because there is less heat going into the loop. But with watercooled VRM's you get better performance and a little extra heat going into a loop like that should be negligible. Also FYSA instead of making 5 different comments you can just hit the multi-quote button and then reply to multiple people in one single comment like I have done above. It makes for a cleaner read of the thread.
  6. seems about right that is a lot of heat you are trying to dissipate. perhaps try 1 intake and 2 exhaust instead of 2 intake and 1 exhaust you're blowing a lot of hot air into the computer that way, yes you're pulling the coldest air in but it might be something to try.
  7. Yup it sucks to suck. I live in a lease and part of the lease is free utilities and they cant do anything about it no matter how much power I use. But don't feel sorry for them its a government contracted corporation, they get paid way too much, don't do shit, and the house sucks ass. So this is my way of sticking it to them.
  8. i currently have 3x Antminer S9 and 3x Antminer S15 running. During the summer i have them in the garage and they are all sitting in an unused doorjamb exhausting outside and it still is usually 10f hotter in the garage than it is outside. during the winter i will usually take 2x of the S9's and put them in my laundry room and point them to the hallway to warm the house and that sometimes is too hot so i just put them back in the garage. Also it gets so hot in the garage during summer i have to turn the S15's down from 30 th/s to 16 th/s because they overheat all the time at full power which s
  9. I'm not trying to get around the block! This is a curiousioity discussion. Apologies for formatting, mobile is being difficult on font adjustments. So for the last like forever I've been able to surf this forum on my work computer without issue. It's been helpful in both passing time and educational. Today there was a new update, and bam blocked. What's weird about the block is I can go to the home page and login still. But if I try to click on any thread it is denied. Which is odd, for example trying to go to Bitcointalk.org it won't even go to the home page just blocke
  10. Damn do you just dig up old news for the lol's? This happened back in the 70's FFS also the wikipedia article is incorrect (I know big surprise) but after his unsuccessful attempt of stealing smoke detectors he was able to get a shitload of them donated by a company simply by acting like a teacher over the phone and saying he needed them for experiments and they sent him a shitload of them for free. There is a good today I found out video about it and he does a good job describing just how insanely easy it was fro him to get all the stuff he needed and how he worked in
  11. yes, the screen will not come on by any means due to low battery, but it still records steps for a while
  12. Tesla Forum, Tesla motors club Harley Forum, hdforums Reddit, although I mostly just read here I never post shit.
  13. my fitbit still works after the screen stops working. i get the low battery for a while then nothing comes up but several times I've made a note of when i noticed the screen would no longer come on and it usually records my steps for several hours before finally stopping due to the battery being finally dead. but it charges up just fine every time. i have a charge 2, had it for about 5 years now and its still going strong even with a big ass crack in the plastic screen its still water resistant too.
  14. Don't state that as the reason for a return or else you will have to pay the shipping fee for the return. If you say its broken or pretty much any other reason amazon eats the return cost. Amazon has one of the most comprehensive return policies only getting bested by Costco
  15. I was walking by my computer today and noticed a dark spot in my res. Thought it was like a dark spot where light was just not hitting it and looked closer and bam funky ball of nastyness. The water is 34c, CPU idling at 50c, GPU mining, core at 49c and VRAM at 43c All the blocks are clean so it's not impeadimg the cooling or anything and it's only growing up at the top it seems. I'm 99% sure I used swiftech HydrX mixed with distilled water. But I can't really remember but the bottle looks familiar online. So now I won't buy EK fluid because that