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  • CPU
    Ryzen 9 5900x
  • Motherboard
    MSI X570-A Pro
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill Trident Z
  • GPU
    Asus RX 5700XT watercooled
  • Case
    Thermaltake Level 20 RS Mid-Tower
  • Storage
    Intel M.2 500gb
  • PSU
    Corsair RM 850 gold
  • Display(s)
    150 inch projector
  • Cooling
    Custom water loops
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  1. i don't think I've ever removed a heatsink without removing the CPU at the same time. I have been building AMD systems for the last 15 years and the dam thing always stays stuck but it has never caused an issue with ripping the processor out of the socket. I've heard getting it warm can help it not stick but I've done cinibench for like 15 min loops before removal and it didn't help anything with removal. For paste u use whatever i have lying around from EK to alphacool or some noname crap sitting in my cabinet same results when its time to pop off the cooler it gets stuck.
  2. so you currently have a 12v fan lying around correct? PWM for a solder fan is unnecessary just have it going full tilt and it will work just fine. then you are overthinking this, just power that thing off any old 12v power source. be it an old wall wort from an external HDD or old router or any old random plug. 12v is the most common voltage for stuff so finding 12v that you can hook up to for a short period of time should be super easy. You could also use your computer PSU just shove the bare ends of the fan power into a empty MOLEX plug for power. You can also use the 12v car battery, t
  3. since you have a Nvidia card use phoenix miner or trex. for what pool to use either ethermine.org or 2miners.com for what to mine dealers choice, i am currently mining Raven and ETH on 2 separate rigs. check out coinwarz or whattomine for estimated profits, but I've found coinwarz more accurate other people say the opposite also if you do 2miners pool your speeds will show up in about 1 min and it updates every time you find a share so after about 3-4 hours you can see your average vs ethermine it updates about every 15 min and takes about 24 hr to get a solid accurate aver
  4. If you want to build a rig for the sole purpose of mining then you should not use nicehash, actually you should never use nicehash anyway because they suck, but i digress. For a mining rig you can run old processors just fine and minimum memory is fine too i got 8gb for my mining rig basically just enough to let windows work fine for a hard drive you'll want an SSD but not an m.2 because those soak a PCI lane and for mining you don't need a high end drive just some SSD with like 500gb for the riser cards get the style that use PCI power plugs instead of the MOLEX or SATA plugs becaus
  5. I remember that video and was thinking of building one originally but buying a 95% ready to go one was a better option for the price. Glad i went with the kWeld because it works amazing
  6. just answer and when you get a real person calmly say "this is a business line please don't call this number again" that has knocked down my spam calls greatly. I also blacklist them once i hang up. but since they use a new number every call that really is a waste of time.
  7. Can honestly say I've never heard of either of these definitions but i don't keep up on zoomer talk Based to me means something is based in a certain location or based in reality having a specified type of base or basis a soundly based argument I realized that his technique was psychoanalytically based. oil-based paints a fact-based narrative
  8. So first off check the store website the night prior to when you want to drive down there it lists stock but says unavailable online. if they happen to have the card you want then go drive down there and get in line. Now i dono about your local micro center but my local one (Tustin, CA 2.5hr drive each way) they will put out QR codes about 30 min prior to opening and the order you scan and sign in is the order you are allowed to enter the store. So i got there at 0915 one day and as the signs were being brought out my camera snagged the read of the QR code and i was literally number 1 to
  9. That thing screams crap, I've seen a few reviews on nearly identical products from amazon and if you want to weld more than like 10 welds it is useless and the welds aren't very good anyway. Lipos for an eskate are not ideal, i am looking for range not power, (although i can do 38 mph on my board and it has plenty of bottom torque). i can also do 14 miles of range which is very important. If i used lipos they would cost a fortune compared to liion (i paid $0.90 each battery from alibaba) and the size is not ideal because lipos are bigger and you don't get the mAh for range needed in th
  10. Alphacool always has blocks for every and all cards here is the one for the XFX RX 5700XT thicc https://www.alphacool.com/shop/gpu-water-cooler/amd-fullsize/25912/alphacool-eisblock-aurora-acryl-gpx-a-radeon-rx-5700-xt-thicc-ii/iii
  11. i always recommend front as intake and top as exhaust. although i just looked up that case and damn they are all about blocking the air. the front side vent area doesnt look too bad but to make sure your case keeps a positive pressure youll prob have to keep the front fans spinning faster than the top fans instead of having them equal.
  12. when i make my loops i do the first bend then hold it in the approximate location it needs to go then make a mark with an arrow so i know what direction to bend the next bit because while its rotating over the heat gun you can easily lose track of what direction to go with the bend, plenty of times i went the wrong way. having extra tubing lying around is always helpful. its cheap but it is still annoying to screw it up especially when you have like 5 bends and its the last one that you mess up. As you can see in my pic i am still working on figuring out how to make those rounded b
  13. if you want a 3090 eventually you're better off just saving your time and money till you can score one at MSRP the get a block for that. WC a 3060 is a waste of money, yes you'll get better performance with any WC card over its air variant but when a waterblock is about the same price for a 3060 and a 3090 you should just wait till you can get the card you want instead of settling for a crappy version now. Hell put eh money you have for a 3060 and invest it till you can get a 3090 then pull it out and you'll have made a few bucks in the meantime *I'm not a financial advisor this is just m
  14. they do a shuffle every couple days its random'ish. Also i already said the same thing about the stupid bundles its really annoying, but I'm starting to think its to discourage scalpers because now you have to sell a GPU which is easy but also another item that is pretty common and not very high spec so it is harder to justify the wasted time in selling the second item.
  15. next time you throw it in the freezer don't close the top leave it open, it'll freeze in no time. i work with insolated food containers for the last 18 years and sometimes i get bored. put 2x 5 gallon ones in the freezer with boiling water one closed and one lid off. 3 days later i check them lid on was still quite warm just below hot, lid off was frozen down about 7 inches with super cold water below it.